The Tomorrow Makers – Pharmaceutical Sciences

What attracted me
to the University
of Sunderland was, I came for an Open Day and all the labs were brand new, they’d all just been done out, and all the high tech equipment was in there, and it all just looked really really professional. On graduation, I’m hoping to get a job in a lab, or some kind of lab. Whether it’s a research and development lab, or an analytical lab. I’ve got a lot of experience within the pharmaceutical industry, how it works, what people do, the regulations, things like that. I did a placement in my third year, this was a year-long industrial placement. I was down in Middlesbrough, at a pharmaceutical company, working in a lab, pretty much doing similar things to what I was doing up in the lab in university. I was treated like a normal member of staff, I felt ready for the job. I’ve understood fully how the industry works, I can put everything that I’ve learnt within uni into practice. The lecturers have a lot of contacts within the industry, because they’ve worked in industry as well, so they know a lot of people out there. So yeah, it’s really good.

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  1. Hi, I like these The Tomorrow Makers video and wondering if your going to make one for the Physiological Sciences Course as you have hardly any information on this course apart from the website. There only like one or two videos for this course and the Healthcare Science, I have applied for Physiological Sciences so I can get onto the Audiology course but theirs like no information on this process or even any videos of Audiology/Cardiac Physiology/ Physiological sciences students sharing there experiences, but its mostly Pharmacy students on your youtube channel and the sunderland online vlogs

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