The Top 5 HAPPIEST Medical Specialties (Best Lifestyle)

as humans one of our major life goals is to be happy there have been movies about happiness books written about happiness and even speeches on how to be more happy whether this comes from a significant other work or a hobby we all seek to achieve it so let's talk about happiness at work okay so if you're watching this video then you're likely interested in the medical field and perhaps want to become a doctor the road to being a doctor is long and hard there are a lot of expenses there's a lot of schooling and it's really demanding it takes a lot out of your life but we chose medicine because we liked it and because it makes us personally fulfill there are certainly plenty of other great careers such as lawyer businessperson or engineer but we chose the wonderful field of medicine doctors often talk about how gratifying it is to help a patient and improve their health as a doctor myself I have noticed that physicians and certain specialties tend to be happier than other specialties in this video I don't want to talk about my personal opinion of what the happiest types of doctors are but rather present some hard evidence we are in fact science lovers after all so in case you don't know there is a website called Medscape that actually releases data on the happiest physicians every year this data is based on over 15,000 replies and physicians from various specialties as you guys can see from the title I'm gonna be talking about the top five happiest medical specialties but if the specialty that you're interested in is not in this list then do not worry the specialty you will be happy as then is the one you love the most it's all about passion guys passion I do want to point out that the Medscape survey asked the question who is happiest at work and did not account for who is happiest outside of work so with that information in mind let's begin at number five we have public health and preventative medicine with the happiness rate of 31% if you haven't heard of this specialty before do not worry I actually did it either and had to do some research in order to make this video what I found was that these types of doctors typically work with government or organizations advocating for better public health for example they would advocate for vaccinations and better treatment for certain diseases one interesting point is that this field of medicine is actually 2 years in length for residency training unlike all the other fields of medicine which are typically between 3 and 7 years so if you're looking to graduate medical school and complete as short a residency as possible definitely considered public health and preventive medicine at number 4 we have a three-way tie between dermatology psychiatry and gastroenterology these positions have a happiness rate of 33 percent it is no surprise to me that these three specialties made the list considering that they are all typically 9:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday with no weekends or call be accepted to this however is gastroenterology in which there are calls however those calls are not as bad as other specialties that are certainly quite manageable furthermore dermatology and psychiatry are only four years in length for residency while gastroenterology is six years I'm not going to go into detail about these specialties in this video because I actually talked about them in length in a previous video so if you want to know more about these specialties check out that video and I'm gonna put a link in the description below number three we have pathology with the happiness rate of 34 percent pathology is one of those hidden gems and actually has one of the best lifestyles out of any medical field that I know pathologist typically work 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday with no weekends or call I've even seen pathologists that show up to work put music in their ears and just spend all day reading slides and coming up with their pathological diagnosis another fun fact about pathology is that it actually has the highest match rate out of any specialty for international medical graduates so if you're an IMG you want to come to the United States and like reading slides definitely consider pathology to me the downside of pathology is that there is no significant patient interaction however some people prefer this number – we actually have a tie between orthopedic and plastic surgery with a happiness rate of 35 percent this makes sense to me because these are the two surgical fields with the best lifestyles orthopedic surgery has a residency length of five years while integrated plastic surgery residency as a length of six years however you can also match into plastic surgery if you do five years of general surgery residency and then apply for a plastic surgery fellowship which is typically between two to three years if you are a plastic surgeon and you performed a rhinoplasty on a patient and then after the surgery the patient feels much more confident and happy of course you're gonna feel happy too as far as orthopedic surgeons I have heard that patients who get knee replacements feel significantly better because they can actually walk again and if you're helping patients walk again of course they're gonna be happy and you're gonna feel happy too another interesting tidbit is that both plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery are in the top five highest paid medical specialties and without further ado let's get to number one done done it is ophthalmology a whopping thirty seven percent of ophthalmologists stated that they were happy at work ophthalmologists are physicians who take care of diseases and disorders of the eye furthermore the field of ophthalmology is a great combination of clinical medicine and surgery and the clinical setting ophthalmologist tend to treat patients for things like vision loss or dry eye need as far as surgery they typically do cataract surgeries these surgeries are exceedingly short with an average of about eight to ten minutes one ophthalmologist I shadowed did twenty cataract surgeries and half a day furthermore these doctors can administer veg f injections which are injections that go into the eye to prevent blood vessel growth treating macular degeneration they can even use lasers to treat macular degeneration what a cool specialty it combines clinical medicine surgery injections and even lasers one interesting thing about applying to ophthalmology residency is that you do not go through the n RMP match you go through a completely separate matching process called the San Francisco match and this match actually occurs earlier than the n RMP main match in March so as to why ophthalmologists are rated number one in this survey compared to our specialties I am not exactly sure so if you have any ideas please let me know in the comments below if you like this video please give me a thumbs up and if you loved it please subscribe until next time take care


  1. This seems about right. Easy surgery. High pay rate. Focus on one area….I wonder if Ophth are respected the same as other M.D.

  2. Hi:) can you please make a video how to get a residency as a nonUS IMG? Or at least about the most nonUS IMG friendly ones ? 😊

  3. Can a foreign-trained specialist work as a specialist in USA or do they have to do their training all over again there?

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  5. Hi Ajay! Could you tell me about the scope of MD Nuclear Medicine in the US? Is there any way of getting accredited under the American College of Radiology for an IMG? Here in India its still an upcoming branch but I hope they make a lot more use of Radio pharmaceuticals in the dx as well as Rx up there.

  6. PGI May 2017 Imp
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  7. I am in FM and couldn't be happier. I was gunning for ortho, got 265 on step 1, but then panicked last minute because I didn't want to spend my whole life in the OR and miss my kids growing up. One thing Primary care needs to advertise better is that most places, 4 days a week is full time!

    I was a bit older in medical school too(graduated at 30), so I wasn't too eager to live in the city. If you are willing to head to a rural area, you can make about $350,000/year with dirt cheap cost of living working 8-6 4 days a week no call, no weekends, nothing.

    Do I miss the OR? Oh god yes, but I can do plenty of procedures in the office because their aren't any specialists out here. Also, there is no overstating how great having a 3 day weekend every week is for your mental health. And a week off every other month if you negotiate 6 week pto.

    And if you are tied to the city, you can get a similar set up for ~190k, but at that point you are just a referral specialist lol. Wouldn't recommend.

  8. I love orthopedics…wanna become ortho surgeon…now I have completed my basic sciences and preparing for step 1…can u plz tell me how long it gonna take for me to become ortho surgeon…

  9. that's right hapiness & life style comes first .. I've started residency in general surgery 4 months ago but I did quit today …it is sooo hard especially for girls …. i am going To do my residency exam again wish me luck✌

  10. What about veterinary medicine ? Blows all of these away. Harder to get into. Harder to practice but the highest level of fulfillment. Been doing it for 27plus years

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