The Truth About Free Health Care

many people say the healthcare in countries like France Germany Britain and Canada is great because it's free government pays for everything no one has to worry and free is good right well not so fast thank you very much what happens when there's a free giveaway here it's ice cream cone people wait in line to get them here it's gasoline people waited line wasting gasoline just to get it it's the law of supply and demand lowering prices increases demand lowering it to nothing here it's beef being passed out pushes demand for the roof in countries where health care street governments deal with that increased demand for it by limiting what's available I guess I'm all brave some often it's why the British National Health Service made news by promising it would reduce wait times for hospital care to fewer than 18 weeks but that's still more than four months the nationwide shortage of NHS dentist these people are waiting for a dentist appointment hundreds of people queued around the block weights are so long some people do it themselves he used superglue people pull their own teeth dental tools pliers and vodka free British care even inspired one hospital to save money by not changing the bedsheets every day British papers report instead of washing them the staff was encouraged to just turn the sheets over and year after year so-called free health care leads to doctor protests in France and Germany because governments hold down health care costs by paying doctors less government rationing in Canada is why when Karen Jeff was about to give birth to quadruplets last month she was told all the neonatal units she could go to in Canada were too crowded she flew to Montana to have the babies people line up for care some of them died that's what happens Canadian doctor David greats or author of the cure thought the Canadian system was great until he started treating patients the more time I spend in the Canadian system the more I came across people waiting for radiation therapy waiting for the knee replacement so they could finally walk up to the second floor of their house people wait in line you want to see your neurologist because of your stress headache no problem you just have to wait six months you want an MRI no problem free is the air you just got to wait six months but fans of Canada's system like Michael war point to the fact that Canadians live longer isn't that proof that the Canadian system is better even if they have to wait in line that's the line where they live three years longer than we do that's the line I want to be in but Canadians live longer because of things unrelated to health care Americans are more likely to die in car accidents and five times more likely to be murdered take those factors into account not to mention obesity and Americans live longer than Canadian in America we kill each other more often we shoot each other we have more car accidents forgive me more of us look like illness and yeah that's the reason they're living longer in Canada I will say in part it's because they never have to worry about paying to go see the doctor most Canadians do like their free health care what the hell I'm better than safe don't know that's right and many Americans believe we should copy Canada I think Canada is a good model for where the 21st century world needs to go but many Canadian doctors tell us the Canadian system is cracking hey mr. bell yeah I'm dr. Lisowski nice to meet you this man's in this Toronto emergency room because he had a heart attack what did they tell you about when an ICU bed might become available waiting for the test that somebody may be in transferred so that I can only get that spot now in America people wait in emergency rooms to but not like in Kenya we can't send these patients to other hospitals that have a capacity because there is no other hospital in the area that has capacity every other emergency department in the country is just as packed as we are there's no bed for this little girl and she has no pediatrician that her parents can take her to to monitor the seizures she gets in fact more than a million Canadians say they can't find a regular family doctor some towns like this one hold a lottery once a week the town clerk gets this box out of the closet inside of the names of everyone in town who wants a family doctor she pulls out one slip and then calls the lucky winner this one let you know that your name hasn't drawn for dr. Keough station list oh you're quite welcome others in town wait the waiting has driven some Canadians to go to private clinics like this one here in such demand are springing up now at the rate of almost one per week even though if you read the law in most parts of Canada they're illegal many clinics all across Canada are illegal for profit everyone just ignores the law correct they know they can't get the health care they need from the legal system so they're complicit in creating an illegal system that'll give them what they need this private clinic was started by the president of the Canadian Medical Association he says his clinic is legal it will all be fought out in the courts and we can arrange that within two or three days businessman Rick Baker makes money from Canadian rationing people stuck on waiting lists like Shirley Healy pay him to get them to America for treatment Healey had a blocked artery that kept her from digesting her food she was starving to death she had lost 50 pounds she hired Rick to help her get to this hospital in Washington State where she saw an American doctor the doctor said that I would have only had a very few weeks to live yet the Canadian government calls her surgery elective the only thing elective about this surgery was I elected to live now I should say all of Canadian health care is not long lines there is one place where they do offer easy access to cutting-edge life-saving technology CT scan endoscopy thoracoscopy laparoscopy arthroscopic procedures to evaluate joints for cartilage abnormality available all the time 24 hours seven days a week patients rarely wait if I see a patient that's torn a crucial in that patients knee we can generally have that patient scheduled within probably a week but you have to bark or meow to get this kind of treatment want a CT scan in Canada vet clinic said they could get a dog in the next day for people the waiting list is a month many clients will come here with their pads and as they're leaving its when next time I get sick I want to come here I don't want to go to the regular hospitals


  1. Some years back I read something about the life-expectancy differences between the USA and Canada. It is true that the Canadians on average have 3 years over the Americans. However, there are ethnical differences. For example, persons of African descent tend to have shorter life spans that other ethnics. The USA has a larger percentage of African-Americans than African-Canadians which brought down the USA life-expectancy average. But the life expectancy of people of African decent were comparable in both nations (if you filter out the murders of black in America). Also, the Canadian statistics do not incorporate the short average life span of its Native American population which from other reports some get no benefits at all from the Canadian Health Care System and they have a much shorter life-expectancy than other Canadian ethnics. If this info were taken into their statistics the average life expectancy for Canadians would drop. However, I also read that the Native Americans in the USA have a much longer life-expectancy than the Native Americans in Canada. Also, there seems to be a higher percentage non-survival patients receiving heart surgery in Canada than in the USA.

  2. Keep keeping Americans stupid. This is for them isnt it?…because no one in an advanced country…in the world would swap their universal healthcare with the shit you call healthcare in the US. Its sad that anyone believes this really…that is a sign of your education 🙁

  3. Why are private clinics and hospitals thriving business in Europe? Gee, I don't know … perhaps because "free healthcare" sucks ass, and people are willing to pay twice to get treatment before they fucking die.

  4. well, if you are not well off its way fucking better to wait in line for 3 months than to not get shit cause you can't afford it… (doesn't mean I think private hospitals should be illegal, if you have cash then sure spend them, that's why we should not have either a tageting welfare system nor a universal but a mix of the two where everyone gets basic security and then more or less depending on how well you are off economically etc…)

  5. What I Want

    Since the elected and well paid politicians of both parties, seem incapable of the intelligence to come up with a plan that addresses health care, infrastructure, jobs, taxes, or education, I thought, as a normal and thoughtful Citizen of the USA, I would present my own plan for consideration and modification by interested citizens.

    I want a newly built health clinic in each county in the whole USA (including all territories), offering conventional and helpful medicines and treatments, experimental and alternative modes of healing and public health which is responsible for the testing of individual persons (regardless of legal status), testing of food and water and the health of the environment.

    All labor and most of materials are to come from local sources. Expertise can come from anywhere.

    Finance will come from local sources and backed by the federal government, as it’s #1 priority, above all other spending.

    The opening would be attended by the Congressional Representative from that district, the Constitution of the USA shall be read (in full) and “Washington Post March” by John Philip Sousa, shall be played by a local band.

    .There is more, but, this is good for a start.

    Georgemarc Schevene

  6. Americans love to criticize countries with universal health care, because they cannot get it, Top of the list is Canada because it is closest and therefore the greatest discomfort. American healthcare has too many shareholders that need payment for it to ever be better, nor can it be cheaper. To attract shareholders the dividends must be good and increasing, therefore when ever an American parts with his money a percentage goes to the shareholder, then there is the insurance companies who also have hungry share holders wanting increasing returns for doing nothing. America can never compete when it has so many shareholder mouths to feed.

  7. Laughable nonsense ! Comparing the giving away of free ice cream to the provision of universal health care is ludicrous. This man is a total buffoon.

  8. This is propaganda. I lived there, Europe and Latin America and I am telling you, this is not true. The United States has the worst healthcare and most doctors are morons. There is no such thing as preventative medicine here. The medical establishment is a corrupt business and you are fed with their toxic drugs that just make you worse.

  9. STOP SAYING "in America" Canada is in AMERICA too fuck head! Know your Geography, they tought that in school.

  10. If you believe the Canadian health-care system is this bad you are f**** retarded it has an 86% approval with Canadian citizens this is just more b***** that the right is feeding you

  11. In Cuba people get pay 20 dolares al mes,es free el health care? waooooooooo what spence for the cuba people that the mass murders take there money and say healrh care and education is free.ah and your opinio is 0

  12. Come on, it doesn't have to be a 100% socialist single-payer system like in the UK… but it also doesn't have to be a 100% for-profit conglomerate of private insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and health care lobbyists whose only goal is profit and not helping people as it is in the USA. The solution is something in between. Something like in Switzerland, Norway, Japan, Singapore, Australia, etc. You know, there is a reason those countries do everything right: they do not take things to the extremes. This video is obviously propaganda. But again, I do not support a nationalized system either.

  13. This is the biggest pile of dung I have seen in a long time. I live in a country where healthcare is "free" ( through paid taxes). It's not like this…

  14. this is probably at least 20 years old. It was uploaded by somebody else in 2009.

    the only part I agree with is that some towns and cities don't have enough family doctors, partly because every single person in Canada does have access to universal health care. Personally I think the only way to fix that is to encourage more youth to do better in school and get into university, especially from the First Nations.

  15. Healthcare is not a right. I understand that. However, it's the job of the government to protect its people, because the taxpayers are their revenue stream. If we can afford to have the largest military budget in the world and pass out aid like candy, we should re allocate those funds to healthcare. Take care of your people.

  16. This is kind of how communism works: Tax the "rich," feed the "poor" — until there are no more rich.

    "They" were so proud of their plan that they even made a song about it, and now, their song is becoming your reality.

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