The Truth about MSG Monosodium Glutamate Clinical Nutrition

new videos every day hi this is dr. Vince bollanzi this time I want to talk to you about excitotoxin z– now the exciting part is good because we're talking about your reward system you've got a lot of chemicals in your body that satisfy you and excite you and that's the good part the toxin part is what I want to talk about tonight now there are some substances in your body I'm going to talk about glutamate and aspartate these are two neurotransmitters or amino acids but they're part of your reward system you get them in your foods you manufacture them in your body and they do a lot of good things for you the problem starts when somebody isolates these particular things and gives them to you in concentration one thing in particular I want to talk about is MSG you probably know what that is it's been on the news it's very prevalent fact it's so prevalent that's why I'm talking to you about it now it's something that was discovered years ago and they found that it enhanced the taste of food so they got this great idea when babies weren't eating very well they would put the MSG in the food and the babies would be more excited about eating in a sense and then they started putting it in almost everything you can make dirt taste good with MSG the glutamate actually excites your reward system so you get this excitatory stimulus to your brain and you think whatever you're eating just is the best thing that you've ever had think about a soup or something that you had that had MSG that's why the restaurants put it in there it actually excites your brain the problem is it's also toxic in small amounts like you would get it naturally it's a good thing but in the large amounts that you get it in your foods and in all the different additives they're places where it's used as an add of additive it's going to cause damage to the neurons and even if it doesn't damage the neurons what we find in the clinic is it can cause a lot of mental problems especially with autistic kids or people that are having even as adults problems with control or focus the glutamate or the sbar take actually excite the brain and give you a loss of control because it's over exciting the nerve impulses and suddenly you can't even control your emotions if you're an autistic child it makes a bad situation worse you can no longer communicate so it's not a good thing in the high concentration that it comes in another problem is because is that people the way that they're eating these days they don't get the nutrients that they need well what gives you control are certain substances in your diet there are three order called branched chain amino acids so if you're not eating the correct amounts of protein you're not going to have anything else to compete with the absorption of the glutamate and it's going to be stronger acting if you're lacking things like magnesium or other nutrients you're not going to have control either because the glutamate is going to run wild one nutrient in particular that a lot of people are encouraged to take is calcium well calcium can actually potentiate or make the glutamate work even stronger so if I'm already out of control and I use glutamate things are going to be even more like control and I add calcium and it comes down to changing the balance of nutrients inside and outside the cell but what it means for you is you can't control your emotions had a number of patients that are severely affected by MSG we talked about chemical sensitivity in the past but glutamate and aspartate are two things that are very prevalent again you've probably seen MSG on the label aspartate when I'm talking about that how many of you have ever tried NutraSweet it's part of NutraSweet it's the reason that you get the good sensations from using that chemical sweetener so you're eating these things whether you know it or not I hope you'll pay attention and they're causing you to lose control so why do you think that the food industry uses msg the truth is like I told you you can make dirt taste good with MSG think about something like a Chicken McNugget do you think that if you just saw a Chicken McNugget there and it didn't have MSG in it you'd think there was much taste probably not it's the MSG that causes that McNugget to taste so good it's not that it's such good food it's that the excitatory neurotransmitter has hit your brain and told you that that McNugget was good the food industry loves that you'll eat more you'll buy more you'll do whatever they tell you to do because they've filled everything with msg the problem comes when the MSG starts affecting you like I said it can cause damage but the other thing it does is it upsets your balance of other neurotransmitters let's take an example do you know how they make mice to study diabetes and obesity they need fat mice right they overload them with MSG you feed the mice msg they not only overeat but it actually causes an imbalance that makes them fat mice and then you've got something that you can use to study obesity and diabetes so what do you think the MSG does to people the same thing why do you think the food industry wants to use it because they can get you to eat almost anything they can get you to eat things that have no nutrients that are cheap to manufacture and you'll keep on eating them you'll eat more than you really think that you should because you've lost the ability to think in a way so the glutamates exciting your reward system you're eating the junk that they can give you for almost no money it's depleting your nutrients you're becoming more malnourished and it just drives itself so be real more careful about what you eat start looking at those labels for the MSG and the same thing goes for the aspartate this Bartek acid that NutraSweet just because it has no calories doesn't mean it's good for you it's doing the same thing you put nutrasweet in something cheap and it'll make you eat it as an example we work with autistic children and we've had a number of these kids who are really having a problem now remember autism is a case where the child just can't communicate they don't have the correct sensations they can't talk and in many cases it's a communication problem you add MSG to that picture and you add a little bit of calcium and you make a bad situation worse for example we had a child who wasn't able to speak pretty severely autistic and everybody thought there was nothing that could be done we started cleaning up that child's diet in particular taking away chemicals like MSG and aspartic acid when we did that the child was able to speak again just that one factor made you huge difference in the child's ability to use their brain and that's where the breakdown is in autism I'll give you another example we had a woman suffering from everything from fibromyalgia to lupus a number of problems the main concern was though she had severe headaches and she had to take pretty strong medication to control those headaches her diet wasn't all that good we started by cleaning up her diet as soon as we got the MSG or the glutamate out of her diet in that high concentration her migraine headaches disappeared so did her lupus reaction so obviously those artificial chemicals that they put in your food can be reacted to in fact we all react to them we just tend to get accommodated to it watch kids for a while if you look at a child you'll see how they're affected even by high doses of sugar as you grow up you start ignoring some of these things but the kids react to it so watch the kids see how they react to stuff and maybe you'll think twice about eating yourself so let's talk about fast food I don't eat fast food I avoid it at all cost why because it's loaded with these chemicals because there's no nutrient density it's not good for you not saying you can never eat it that probably the best case but you want to avoid the glutamate and the aspartate and all the things that they add to that food and you want to get the nutrients that you're not going to get when you eat fast food so it's going to cause problems if you eat it it's going to cause obesity it will cause depression and other mental problems the fast food is not of any benefit to you so avoid it at all costs and take care of yourself ok so glutamate and aspartate are natural your body makes them but in the form of EV MSG or NutraSweet they're concentrated and they're dangerous you have to be wary of labels where you see MSG or hydrolyzed protein remember the soy especially soy products have a high amount of glutamate you may not be doing the best thing if your entire protein intake our soy products tofu and such you want be able to avoid the excitatory neurotransmitters that are coming in concentrated amounts in those foods so watch out for the junk food be careful with things like soy products and any place that you see any form of MSG or chemical sweeteners so this is dr. Vince Pallonji if you have any questions please check out my website WWE well rx comm it's been a pleasure to be with you


  1. High concentration, high dose, too much and is the same situation as sugar"too much can cause diabetes" as well as msg.

    Do you know' consume too much/overdose alcohol can cause headache, dizzy, heart damage, and dead, etc

  2. This is a true lesson about the nature of deception. This is literally a junk-science/cult-science lecture, but his little talk is totally devoid of actual scientific support. He states thing after thing without any reference to scientific proof. MSG is likely one of the most studied dietary substances in the world, and still no evidence the claims he makes. There are literally hundreds of double-blind studies debunking this MSG myth. Long-term, regular consumption? Again, no evidence of any ill effects. Cultural studies? Yet again, in countries like China and Japan where MSG is in practically everything, no evidence of ill effects. Can people have a bad reaction to MSG? In very rare cases, yes, but certain individuals have extreme reactions to hosts of different dietary substances. Do we demand that these substances be proclaimed unhealthy? Of course not! Who is demanding that peanuts be considered unhealthy because some people have extreme allergic reactions to peanuts? Yet this man sits here and gives this highly deceptive presentation on MSG in his best I'm-a-scientist monotone. We live in an age when many — even those with advanced degrees and credentials — are willing to deceive.

  3. They have taken the aspartame out of diet soda's and left in the msg. I'm pretty sure that a friend of mine killed herself by drinking diet soda and smoking cigarettes.

  4. I was raised in the 70s and MSG was the demon of sodium. I heard in the 90s that it was no demon. Now divorced, I am cooking for myself, and being hypertensive, I looked am looking into the truth. It turns out that MSG can lower your sodium intake if used properly in your cooking.

  5. How much is large? 1 kg a day or what? That's the real question. Because nowaday msg is almost use in every food. My average use is under three quarter of tea spoon.

  6. Please post the Studies

    All I find in the dooblidoo is a link for a website for sale. A website advocating Holistics, Homeopathy, and something called Magnet Therapy?…. among a bunch of other things thrown around.
    Then there's a Myspace with a single picture that just says psychetruth….. and then there's this youtube channel with hot girls doing yoga and massages…..
    …….so…… not sure where this leaves us….

  7. Apparently MSG does not affect everybody the same way but he has a point when manufactures use msg in concentrate forms it can be addictive in Foods! Case in point: Like cocaine leaves in it self is not addictive but pure or near pure cocaine is! for a vast number of people!

  8. My mom's coworker told her to stop going to the Chinese food restaurant. He is Chinese and my mom said why do you talk bad about your own people???
    He said there is a lot of sugar and chemicals on that food so dont trust it too much and stop going there. We thought Chinese food is one of the most healthy fast food because they have a lot of vegetables and because the Chinese people themselves look very healthy. Little did we know that their food has lots of sauces that are used to enhanced the taste of the food. One time I went to eat out to a Chinese restaurant and then an hour later I tested my blood sugar. I was over 300!!!!! I was scared!!! So we try to limit going out to Chinese food and instead have come up with our own recipes. At least now we know for sure what is in our food.

  9. Its the salt of naturally occurring substances. I would have to eat a pound of it to die. Drink too much water, you die. MSG isn't a big deal, another "he said, she said" folklore.

  10. MSG has nothing to do with living longer its the things in their diet that offset the harmful effects of MSG. I work in Chinese restaurant and I see the harmful effects on the clients like anger, cancer and all the rest. Like the customer who has been coming to the restaurant for 15 years, he dropped down dead with a heart attack at the age of 60 and many with cancer.

  11. Actually it's our pleasure to here from u and ur valuable advices. Thank u so much and God bless you

  12. I been drinking Gatorade at my new job because we get a pack of powdered Gatorade everyday if we choose while out working in the field. And every since i noticed ive been getting migraines since i been drinking Gatorade… I wasnt aware this caused migraines…until i found out its in the ingredients of Gatorade…wow

  13. I just found out that ' Natural Flavorings' means…..most likely, MSG. ugh, I have been eating SO delicious cookies & cream ice cream made with cashew milk. And now I know why I kept buying more, eating more every night!!! This mistake can send one to the ER, from Diabetic shock or Heart Problems such as clogged arteries. Also the Sugar is not organic either. now I understand why I was consuming it so much. I had to have it, I don't even like ice cream that much but this SO Delicious became my main dish after a healthy organic dinner. Thank you for making this video it can and will save lives!!!

  14. I mean MSG NO GMO but I threw the containers out ( it's garbage day), so ….but it wouldn't surprise me if they also had GMO.

  15. oh so delicious cashew almond milk has sugar ( not organic, and natural flavors) I'd been eating plenty of it not knowing that ' Natural Flavoring' is GMO. This lesson teaches me to bring my glasses along with me when I shop for new I new kind of food. I'm also very suspicious of restaurants and try not to frequent them much. Thank you for this video it can & will save lives! Bravo!!!

  16. I can speak from a place of experience that some people do have dramatic cognitive malfunction when MSG is consumed and it is discovered after ACCIDENTALLY eating food containing MSG.. .
    My brain turns off for approximately 5-7 days and I can barely speak. I’m normally a chatty person and the MSG renders me only a “listener” in conversations as my memory recall virtually disappears…. it’s pretty scary.

  17. A small dose of paracetamol is curative, a large dose damages your liver.
    Watch you MSG intake, just like you watch your salt, sugar intake. Its everywhere.
    After a Chinese meal, you hang out with a bag of Doritos, and burgers and fries afterwards, you are going to feel uneasy. And usually the Chinese food gets the blame.
    Excessive MSG is toxic.
    A little, why not?
    Don't let the video spoil your enjoyment of food. Just be mindful of what you are eating.

  18. I've got some msg but its so salty that I couldn't add very much anyway after adding salt to the cooking, but how come takeaway food doesn't taste as salty.? or does it depend on the brand of msg you buy…

  19. Sir i m TRY TO DO A RESEARCH ON MSG i also had talk with my professors at my college.
    I want your help in understanding how msg works and want to know more about it from you.

    Your help will be highly appreciated

    Ankush Sharma (St Xavier's College )

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