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I have like really good relationships with my doctors hello guys welcome back to our Channel I hope you guys enjoyed our last vti which was your guys assumptions about us as a couple if you haven't already watched it I'll link you down below the description you can go and watch it right now because it was pretty sick I'm gonna go get you back oh yeah boy now the video that I'm gonna be filming today is a story time you guys seem to absolutely enjoy this so much but the story time was my diction I'm gonna put a quick disclaimer I'm not some massive crack head I'm not I just it's nothing like that so I want to put a quick disclaimer there because I bet everyone's thinking oh my god but please stick around because you're gonna be like yeah I'm traumatized not to swear in my videos lately because I'm looking back at them I thinking you potty mouth just working anyway so I don't know what it is like my voice keeps breaking mouth wrong turning is two-putt let's start this story back in 2017 min I should went on a night out with a group people went to a gay bar it was I telling you now if you want to have a good night go to a gay bar go to a gay club and I promise you now you will have the best time of your life I got absolutely shit-faced so we ended up crashing at one of my mates houses well my maken I just got like 500 housing place and I woke up the next morning and I had the most stuffiest nose ever I like I couldn't even breathe out of it and oh my god bedbugs now when I have a prop nose my anxieties I through the roof my mind works like oh cool here's another way that you can't breathe and I'm not calm brain I put it down to my – because I get really really bad hay fever in the summer completely turn someone one fat gets hit sweat lick sweat my eyes Robin together I've got the high fever some walking-around of this or some are not so someone's not a good time to me so yeah I woke up with a stuffy nose I was um I was like 2h we need to go to the shop I need to get something just to sort this out she was like yeah cool fine anyway walk to town and I've got a nice bear which is specifically for hay fever or just like block sizes whatever I think what but Johnny work for like about five or six hours to me that was fine but I started waking up in the night with block nose and I was like I can't keep using this no spray I'm the type of person if I'm gonna use some it I'll google it and I'll Google the worst possible things that could happen if you constantly use it and I'll trip myself into thinking it I've got it and then just one big circle I'm literally know nothing using it every single day now at this point I was only buying like one but always just because it would get blocked but if I didn't use it unblock itself in like five to ten minutes or even an hour wow that's a big jump summer had gone completely and I was still my nose was still blocked and I was like I'm gonna put it down to be allergic to Marnie I kind of you don't know and I was thinking again maybe I'm allergic to Marnie like you know it can happen and I said to eesh I was like gee I reckon it could be legit Amani she was like allergies can just come on just like that so we tried to not like to let her on the bed just to see if it was to do with her fur we've got our own little bed afraid to sleep right next to us and my nurse was still blocked but I still using this no spray I was getting that really worried oh I remember this day like it was yesterday some get over time this is me a bit early I'm like blocked nose for three months search nose can't saw young brain shoo him off sweet I found down that's it tiger my time has arrived it's time for me to go and she was like Courtney you are so dramatic it comes up hey it says it on my phone good says I've got three weeks to live and I'm gonna go buy Google I'll be everything that Google says I don't know why by choice you she's like who that word Courtney coach to the doctors and I was like no I don't need greater jobs I'm fine we're gonna fast forward like a few months this trouble – January – was still but so this is six months using my nice spray every single day and he got to the point now where I was buying like two three bottles a week because the thought of having a plot and I was like it oh my god it really really did panic me some balls my god I know anyway it got to for my spy three balls and one knocked one out open up oh my god I've run out I think y'all get another one and she's like Courtney chill out I'm like you don't understand like I'm gonna wake up at fuckin hopple 3 tonight Brock knows like you don't understand us up because you don't wake up Brock knows and I'm sitting there whinging and she's like a baby's fine you know we'll go get you on tomorrow it's 4:00 in the basket you know just so they can last me just so I know they're there I'm probably not gonna use him I know that I was gonna use him it's just sure we're gonna fast forward to summer again so very mind in that whole spice stop still using that no spray comes back round to summer again and my nose is just still blocked i but it's at this point where it's blocked like all the time if you want to use a nice player don't block it for like 10 minutes and they've got to be unblocked and I've constantly use it each was saying back then so this was like 2018 summer time she was like Courtney I think you're addicted I was like excuse me I was like you think I'm addicted to no spray I thought is that what you think of many and she was like no corny but you've been using it everyday for a year now right we need to take to the doctors because it's not good it's not looking good I was like I'm sorry you said I'm dying is that what you're saying she's like no I corny but you've had a book notes every single day for a year we need to teach the doctors what's not fine whatever go saucers she was like oh just try and use it when you cannot lychee brave so I'd say that I used it in more more ice I used it more in the night so I'd be in a deep sleep and I would wake up in a night just not being able to breathe so I've reached my no spray come a little fix go back to sleep wake up again have my fix go back to sleep wake up again and it's like that all night because my nose was just so blocked I didn't think anything of it I really didn't I was just so blinded by its no spray like I was obsessed of it imagine that like me going to rehab sitting in the cycle so John why you say well I've had an addiction for about 11 years now I'm what's your addiction cocaine heroin weed comes to me so quickly why you his day well I'm here everybody else I have an addiction I'm not sure addiction today no sprite that's my addiction I'm no spray a sudafed no spray you just can't pitch that can you me sit in rehab and my reason is sudafed no Sparrow I could never put makeup on because my nose would be so blocked and it'd be running constantly but it'd be cliffs not no be like it'd be like clear water I didn't have bogies for a year I did not have a single booger because H always get bogeys I'm like how'd you feel I never get bogeys and she's like yeah of course not no well I was like you're just jealous because you get bogies nighttime she's like coming at you have you heard yourself like it that doesn't sound normal I'm like jealousy isn't ugly Troy and I say he got to my birthday November 2018 waffle no tellin I actually bullshit I went to the doctor's in October I actually put up the courage and I phoned the doctors and I said no I need an appointment is so serious and I've got an appointment like the next day this is a completely new doctor I have a childhood doctor that has now decided to leave so I hate you know talking to new doctors don't know why but I have like really good relationships with my doctors what does i61 what is that anyway and I'm going bye guys doctors and walk-in but some beforehand you know already had nose cancer brain tumor and cancer spread to my body three weeks to live might also plan the funeral the song the people that are invited the people are not invited and all this shit if you think I'm joking I'm being deadly serious when I start planning my funeral I was like planning it that's right this person is not coming if they even get to the door c'mon flaps hanging out so anyway walk in don't knock like this is me really hello he was like sitting in his chair I was like hi he was like hello company take a seat and I was like someone shot out the big man so I get in sit down he's like I don't hate this so tell me why you're here today you've got it on your computer corner you've got it there in front of you boy I'm here well I talked to Sierra explain myself I sauce making sauce a lot well basically I've had a block nose for a year and I've been using a no spray for over a year I said my government thinks I'm addicted but that's stupid I said I'm not addicted to a nose spray he was like a year you've been using a no spray for a year I said yeah why can you tell me like how this block nose kind of started I was like yeah sure he was like before I asked it like any other further questions have you done anything like recently before you had a block nose and I'm sitting there like not following cuz I'm so dumb I was like hmm what knee of me he was like have you done anything can always give yourself a block nose and I'm sitting there like what is he trying to imply here I don't understand and it clots in my brain he thinks I'm a massive druggie I don't we all sat out loud / are you like on anything cause like if you assume that I'm on drugs because I've got a proc no I said no I'm not on drugs I said it's a hay fever and I'm looking at my daughter she's still sitting there bumps in here I'm sitting there like no I'm not addicted to anything I haven't done drugs in my life but no I haven't done anything in order for me to get this pot nose I said hay fever animals you name it that could be it he was like I need to know how many times a day used to use your nose spray and I was like so put it this way my I went for about five maybe six bottles a week and he was like oh I was like okay you're telling me I know it's not good I know it's not good doctor anyway he was like and when I was home look at your nose so what I have a bogey ha ha ha once I get bogies I'm seen there and he's like could you tell you had but plays so tell me her back nose on my nose and he proper like gets this torture nut shoves it up my snell wrong oh shit ow so who's looking up there and he was like oh my god I was like yeah he was like this isn't good I was in a fuckin one do it I know I had nose cancer googles right oh my just tell me can you stop googling you'll stop this now I could fight it I'm going to all my doctors room since I told you Google's right told you and he was like sorry you think you have nose cancer I was like yeah I know I have he was like cool you've got chronic rhinitis what main what's that anyway he's sitting explain to me so it's late to you guys so clinic you got rhinitis like a normal kind of emotional you've got chronic and I had chronic rhinitis like severe chronic rhinitis it's best described as a set of symptoms that persist for months or even years these symptoms usually consist of runny nose and itchy nose oh my god – sorry change sneezing I shit you not I sneeze 45 times once and it got to perfect if when I was like oh my god I'm gonna pass out in a minute like I was sneezing all the time like all day it was absolute banging it's so good I've got so many videos with me sneezing I sit there and I don't call them something I'd like to UM so sneezing congestion or post nasal drip depending on the route because of your own eyes it may be further classified as an allergic or non-allergic now up my nose have burned away completely like I was so close to losing my sense of smell my sense of taste because the nice brain was burning away up at my nose and he was like you've got to stop using these no surprise I was like but I Colin I was like before having a pot nose I said I can't deal with it I was like huh makes me so much he was like Courtney you need to go home and you need to chuck them I was like Chuck my baby pees away three ball and I was gonna be upset cuz it was obvious like I was addicted to him how embarrassing that I've got such an addictive nature though some give me a crack pipe I've been like I'd be addicted to it within not two hours he was like what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna prescribe you a steroid no spray and I'm sitting there thinking well you've just told me to get rid of my nose for supply you think of to describe the end of a nice break I don't freak that because I'm very quite when you go to the dog does not tend to go I'm mouth shut he was like just add this nice spray is not gonna unblock you what some of our side you both still have a lot nervous but it's gonna calm down the redness the soreness and swelling my nice was so swollen if you look back our old videos your notice that my nose was just so swollen and it looked like I had cauliflower on the end of my nose it was just sighs that so I was like so what do I do dating but this spot night she was like deal with it I was up mic sorry where's the sympathy so he prescribes me snow spray and I get home I had me bury my my nose was blocked from the morning until I got back so my doctor's point was about half past ten so I got back about half 11 12 and I hadn't had my nice spray in about two and a half three hours and I'm sitting there I'm like getting real anxious I'm like oh my god whatever we need to use it I'm sitting there acting like this and I'm FaceTime my butt my friend she was like whoa cool awesome pal I'm sorry thanks mate um yeah I'm addicted to an ice berry basically I've got chronic why not this and she said a lot so I'm sitting there to explain it to her I'm using my steroid dose spray and I'm getting so aggravated because I soda pop I was literally so dependent yeah I was so dependent on my nose spray so help me brave that it was more like it became more like a routine wakeup music going to bed use it for the day use it I could never leave the house without it with me and if I did I'd have to go out and buy one and they're like five pound a bottle but then I was like it's been a lot money only snows race so I went down and bought these up pound ones and I think that's the one that really did mess up my nose so anyway I'm about to mix on to using muscle word no spray and it was working slowly really reciting no I'd stop I'd stopped waking up in the night with a button eyes which was the best thing ever and I was finally getting a good night's sleep and then in the day I'd wake up of a little bit of a block nose and I was like knocking dealing with a knob to have it for two weeks now and three weeks like huh are you ready for this I think you're ready for this I got my buggies back that's right you had me I had a bogey I went into the bedroom I said eh she you ready for this you sitting down she's like couldn't send a lot no but sit down sit comfortably are you ready for this she was like what is here I was like I have a bogey I have bogies back and she was like really and this might sound like a big deal but from driving bogies for a year because of how them no sprays redid my cut my nose forgetting that that was like a scepter getting like everything back to normal I was like I'm so kind of got bogeys but now homesite it feels so weird I was like horrible I kind of liked it I had to use a store a nice spray for about two months I believe and I'm saying that to use two squirts per nostril in the morning and at night or is it just morning remember it helped me so much yeah I haven't used a no-strike Edden issue is makes indexing my gosh it's all theirs you know straight oh don't go get it I'm like that was my addiction video but you'll think I'll stick to to crack think again quick update my nose is completely back to normal this was not a serious video at all and I'll pay you guys a lot on damage to a class I drug no Hans you thought wrong ok so basically my camera decide to stop recording and then switch up on me because that's what everyone does in my life so the camera models are do it as well so anyway guys I hope you guys did enjoy the video if you did then please give this video a like subscribe if you haven't already a comment down below what other videos you'd like me and I should to do I see you guys very soon in the next video and it will be with my slow bye guys


  1. I literally remember constantly seeing videos of you sneezing to fuck thinking is this gal okay like 😂😂😂me and the girlfriend never miss a video and this is the funniest one ever, nose spray is NOT a joke 😂😂my ex was addicted to it too like wtf who would think you could get addicted to something so stupid 😂loved this court laughed my absolute gut out. Makeups on fLeEk ❤️

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