The TRUTH About The American Health Care Act

hey everybody welcome to insurgency broadcast now I want to give you my opinion on the American Health Care Act now first of all my opinion is I think the federal government should be involved in any health care decisions and just let the private sector do its thing I think any time the federal government gets involved it turns anything they touch the crap doesn't turn it into gold there's the crap now my wish is for them to just repeal Obamacare and let the private sector naturally recover and let the people decide how they want to purchase their insurance and also let competition be our guiding light but apparently you know we always have to have the government interfere just like a 2008 after the crash we should have let the economy just naturally recover instead of pumping it up with all the fake money we should have let natural recovery occur I have faith in the private sector I have faith in American entrepreneurship that's why I believe that the federal government should just stay the hell out of it right but look a couple things that I do like about the American Health Care Act first of all it gets rid of some of the taxes that's an Obamacare like taxes on prescription drugs premiums met Medicare I'm sorry medical devices things of that nature that's good and also the big kahuna for me was the mandate so we all know that Obamacare requires you and companies to provide insurance for you or for your employees now say I'm 22 I'm not old man i'm 22 years old and i'm working my butt off i'm trying to create something out of my life i am trying to advance my career and any money that i do make it's a couple of jobs that i do work at i'm not trying to buy health insurance because hey I'm 22 I'm healthy I take care of myself and I want to create something out of my life so I'd rather invest the money that way well guess what if you don't pay for your insurance the IRS is going to penalize you the federal government is going to come after you the federal government will then take away your tax return then after that if time keeps going on then you're going to start owing the IRS beyond them taking your tax return so this is bait so Obamacare in that mandate was just a policy meant okay the secretly prevents the federal government for having to give back any taxes that you're paying that was Obamacare they're so freaking greedy the federal government were like how can we get rid of having to give back tax returns to people huh let's make them my health care and if they don't we'll take the tax returns away and that's exactly what happened so the American Health Care Act gets rid of the mandate to the government that's awesome I am a hundred percent of that now will Rand Paul and a lot of these conservatives in the house are saying that you still have fees that you have to pay the insurance company but it's different only a private insurance company is a lot different than owing the federal government the private insurance company can't come after your tax return alright so the federal government can't so that is a good thing that right there I'm with one hundred percent but again what I rather the federal government you stay the hell out of it of course of course it would be better if we just get rid of the state lines like Trump was saying in his debates because when you're able to buy across state lines the competition grows the private sector works and that's where my faith lies so Donald Trump he's telling Congress he's telling IRL he told people you don't vote for this you're going to lose your sheep now I'd rather get rid of Obamacare then keeping Obamacare so this is the only freakin option and you know what let's go with it because anything that the freedom caucus or the Conservatives do there's such a tiny minority in the house it's not going to pass you have all these globalist Republicans and these big government Republicans this is the only route and Paul Ryan got them in the pocket so it's either Obamacare or this I hate that fact I hate that it's always just the lesser of two evils i just do that you know I can't stand that can't stand that at all but you know what let's repeal Obamacare let's push this through but the only thing is you know how they're saying is going to be phase 1 and phase 2 that's all bs there's not going to be any fit ages in the same crap look I've been watching this stuff for too long the fall for these dumb tricks because they don't need a phase 1 phase 2 and phase 3 they could just do it now thank you just do it right now why are they doing it oh because there's no this is more manipulation this is more propaganda coming out and you know what the more I talk about it the more gives a bad taste in my mouth the more I don't even like it more I don't even like it but again the only thing that I like about it is the mandate being taken away give especially young people and young companies trying to grow in this country an opportunity to make it before delving in to the wonderful world of communism which with that mandate absolutely is but guys I want to hear what you think about it leave your comments let me know how you think should trump support it the way he is do you guys feel like this health care bill is going to help Donald Trump Health America Patriots help this country altogether leave some comments let me know and I'll be back with another insurgency broadcast we all



  2. I think that they should run this bill past the American people first. It seems to me that these people that are there to represent our interest have completely forgotten that fact. No one even polling what the American people think? Well we need to tell them and Paul Ryan needs to stop pushing his little baby around so he can take the credit. In the beginning President Trump didn't like his healthcare bill, it fell short of what he wanted to achieve, so why do we have to settle for less? Big mistake.

  3. The first minute of this video is what I tell everyone. It is a prime example of how government fucks it up no matter what.

  4. Let's go back to the drawing board and come up with a better plan now, not push something through right away so we said we did it. That's almost as bad as the original Obamacare. Taking away the mandate is huge, no doubt. But we need to do better.

  5. T he reason they can't just do it and change the complete thing is it would need a vote that they don't have the votes to win! So by doing it in phases they can get the same results without the vote!

  6. Trump said in his interview with Tucker Carlson that he's having to compromise a little with this bill or else it would never get passed because the Democrats and the Establishment Republicans wouldn't vote for exactly what he wants.

  7. The problem with younger people not having insurance is there are a few that will get severely ill. When they do they go to the hospital and they can't pay, so the hospital gets stuck with the bill! Then the hospital and doctor have to charge higher rates to cover their costs. Sometimes when people do not have health insurance, the government picks up the medical costs! So the taxpayers pay that cost. Society will not allow people to go without treatment just because they did not buy insurance! Then there are the welfare recipients who do not pay for anything and do not work or even try to work! Taxpayers cover all their costs!

  8. The Senate rules is a little bit weird. But basically if they put the repeal and the new rules all in one package, it'll take a 60 vote in the Senate to pass. The democrats would also be able to filibuster it. This is a smart move and I have faith in the process.

  9. This RyanCare bill is even worse than Obamacare. There are bailouts built in for the insurance companies, and premiums and deductibles will continue to go up. This bill is privatizing insurance companies' profits, and socializing their losses. We need to oppose this bill!

  10. First of all, I enjoy your videos very much Chad. Thanks! Consider what your views on this matter would be if you were an older, self-employed individual. Those of us in that situation need health care, and the fact of the matter is, it's unaffordable, even for those of us living a healthy lifestyle. How about we start by making it truly affordable? I'd love to see that happen sans government involvement.

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