The Urine Addict | My Strange Criminal Addiction

I'm detective Piven where is this guy I received a call asking if I could come in and interview a suspect at the patrol division had just arrested no one could figure out what mr. wells was up to we were in total shock man I just happened as to what it turned out to be youth longevity vibrance their energy their well-being is all transferred over in that fluid Robert Wells believes he's found a fountain of youth by drinking the urine of young man I believe that urine has certain substances to it that actually give me what I lack in a Roberts case this is an anxiety disorder with delusional beliefs where he believes that drinking urine will actually prevent him from aging which is this irrational fear that he has Roberts delusional belief has created a decades-long addiction it began I think around seven or eight years old when I one of my friends urinated into a frying pan about where we were playing and it fascinated me and I became more and engrossed in it after my friend had left I smelled it and then I tasted it it started to become a more routine thing I read to find a way that they could urinate into something that I could later on come back and and pick up I was hiding it at all times none of my friends ever found out I never wanted anybody to know about it by high school Robert appears to have outgrown his strange compulsion he keeps it in check through college after college Robert starts a promising career as an interior design architect but he struggles socially I was feeling more alone after college I started to think about how the urine made me feel and I thought well why not go out and try to get that feeling and get that youthful blast of energy that I was looking for Robert begins to search for places to get his urine fix public restrooms where he knows there will be plenty of young men maybe 10 to 15 urinals that I could collect a lot of it Robert goes to great lengths to avoid contact with the unwitting urine donors I would lay everything out all the materials that I needed to do it correctly in every attempt to collect urine I always made sure I had some barriers so that there would be no connection or no physical contact or anything Roberts setup is simple he turns off the water to the urinals and uses styrofoam cups I would have set up cups in the urinals and can try to capture as much as I could hit away in a remote area you know and usually in a stall they would urinate they didn't know I was there as crude as it is it works the cups fill up Robert becomes so obsessed he begins collecting urine every day while trying to hold down a job it took over my life basically it would interfere with my duties and I've actually lost jobs over it I was addicted I was an addict Robert uses his design skills to create a new method to capture urine to implement his new scheme Robert poses as a maintenance worker in a theme park restroom I told him that the toilets were not working and instead of going to the toilet they would go through that plastic sheet in the back of my mind I knew you know going out and collecting urine is not morally correct but I ignored that in lieu of my desire to collect it and to consume it it doesn't take long for the plan to go completely awry when an impatient mother goes looking for her son his mother walked in and that's what she saw me behind the screen and I was just broken down to a point where I felt so bad about what I did I didn't say anything Robert is charged as a child sex offender when Robert is released from prison he's 48 years old and a registered sex offender and his fears of growing old resurfaced I gradually started to think I can I can get a little bit of urine to to rejuvenate me Robert settles in for a long night but he stays too long I received a call from the police department asking if I could come in and interview a suspect at the patrol division had just arrested they find in a stack of styrofoam cups they found a screwdriver like hand tools so no way this point knew exactly was going on since there's no state law against collecting or consuming urine Robert is charged only with criminal mischief I was probably arrested close to 20 times for this behavior in 2008 state lawmakers pass a new law specifically aimed at stopping Robert


  1. Urine is surprisingly very salty…

    No, I did not VOLUNTARILY drink urine. It’s a long story

    60 likes and I’ll tell you.

  2. If you want to stay young
    1. Go exercise and do sports
    2. Drinked alot of water
    3. Eat healthy foods
    4. No Alcohols and Smoking
    5. Vitamins pills, A, B, C, D
    6. Drink milk
    he steals young men's urine under 18

  3. Is this real? Or a parody/satire? Bc this dude is a sexual predator in my eyes. Covertly stealing urine from young boys with creepy contraptions? That's pedo behaviour. How is this not obvious to everyone from the very start? He's using the whole fountain-of-youth thing as a front.

  4. My parents barely let me use public restrooms when this guy was loose in our town… Can he join R. Kelly’s cult?

  5. This guy has to wear an ankle bracelet and be monitored 24/7 so he won't drink other people's piss, let that sink in a little bit haha.

  6. Im the most non judgmental individual there is long as people are not being harmed, especially women and children. By far, this is top 10 craziest thing I ever heard, no exaggeration. I mean…

  7. The hell? It's 2AM.
    I just noticed the Viewer Discretion screen at the beginning uses Half Life sound effects.

  8. So no one is going to mention the fact that the whole anti aging thing is bull and hes just a massive pedo??

  9. he can attempt some fetish clubs and drink it legally and enjoy it without causing problems for himself and others

  10. Jesus, Jesus, I know you died for me!
    Jesus, Jesus, I know you died for me!
    In your arms I'll always be,
    'Cuz I know that you love me.

    Jesus, Jesus, I know you died for me!

  11. Indeed this is “my strange criminal addiction “ 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🐣

  12. I feel bad for the guy, he should’ve sought the help of a psychologist long ago…he let this illness take over his life.

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