The WinGate Difference | WinGate Wilderness Therapy

I think WinGate’s fairly different
from other wilderness programs. I’ve worked at a few wilderness companies. One of the things that sets WinGate apart
is just the attitude towards the clients. They actually treat the clients like people. I mean, for me, what made the difference
in my treatment was a particular staff who
I just connected with. And I find that a lot here at WinGate. Prior to my coming to WinGate
I worked 7 minutes away from my home. I now drive four and a half hours
to come to work at WinGate. I approached WinGate and said
‘I’d like to come work for you.’ And the reason I did that is because
I’m a big believer in the Arbinger Philosophy. I wanted to come and work for the wilderness program
that matched my values and matched my passion and that practiced the philosophies and
took care of their students the way I would as a parent, first, and then as a therapist, second. WinGate treats their students the way as a
parent I would want my children treated. I moved all the way across the country
because this was such a good program. There’s other places that I could have
worked at up in the Pacific Northwest and I came down here because it’s –
it’s a really a pretty phenomenal program. Once I stepped in here and once I started
meeting the administrators and the partners, I could just tell that they were in it with
their hearts, it wasn’t about the bottom line. It wasn’t like, you know,
it wasn’t about the money. That the people that are running this program really
are in it to help change these kids’ lives. They have this way of doing things
that invites people to really show up
and want to work here. They have a way of taking down
all the barriers that we give to each other. That takes us away from all of our humanity, and once those are gone you see incredible
changes start happening in students and I know that what we are doing here is based off the heart and it’s based off of truth and it’s based off of the things that are,
you know, really beautiful. And I just want to be a part of that.


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