The Woodlands, TX Family Medicine Physician Dr. Leonardo Espitia

– Hi, my name is Leonardo Espitia. I am a family medicine physician
here at Kelsey-Seybold. (upbeat, inspirational music) Behind every patient, there’s a story. Their fears, their
expectations, their dreams, and I like to think of
my patients as a whole. They have family members
that care for them and depend on them, and that, to me, is a huge responsibility, so that really motivates
me to do the best I can. I had a passion for science
when I was in grade school, and I was influenced by physicians that I knew at a young age, and I understood that medicine
went beyond medical knowledge and was also about compassion
and caring for people. And I try to implement those
concepts on daily basis. I’m what you call a home-grown. I did my residence at
Baylor College of Medicine with a Kelsey track, so
I had the opportunity to do my rotations from the
first year, second year, and third year of residency
with Kelsey doctors, and by the time I was
finished in my residence, I didn’t wanna look anywhere else. This was the place to be,
a multi-specialty group under one roof practicing
good medicine for patients. I like to think my practice as a partnership based on mutual respect. The best tool that I can use is education. I like to educate my patients
on the disease process, and get them involved in the plan of care. We’re a team and we
make decision together. The thing about family medicine is that you do get satisfaction every day. Almost with every patient
you’re making a difference.

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