The World's Most Addictive Drug? (Betel Nut)

are you getting rid of that you like the fourth one today all across southern Asia and the Pacific Islands you'll see people chewing a big ball of something with red stains all over their teeth and spitting it on the ground you just get a bit of a it's called beetle nut or as the locals call it why I've seen people chew it in Myanmar Sri Lanka and Indonesia but not even close to the level that I'm seeing here in Papua New Guinea it's everywhere and it's extremely addicting it's just become this it's just spread throughout our country the locals on this island have a unique way of consuming it with a mustard stick and a powder made of seashells and lime and it has spread in recent years like wildfire boy is so dang popular that more than half of locals here to it daily from children to the elderly what feeling does boy give you how does it make you feel what I do boy I feel I'll put a wall in every way keeps us like didn't you know it'd be all the time to do it every day yeah yeah how many times a day how many different seeds viable it gives you what a good day energy give you energy give you strength stimulate your blood too you know maybe talk too much Saturday the epidemic is causing oral cancer numbers to skyrocket how many Guinea has the highest rates of mouth cancer in the world betelnut comes from the seed of the areca palm its main ingredient is called re colon which affects the brain like nicotine it's a stimulant that gives you euphoria alertness and happiness and it's highly highly addicting despite the health issues that it brings boy makes up a large part of Papua New Guinea's economy it offers jobs to tens of thousands of people who have stalls on street corners they rely on selling it to survive hooking up with a pack wife gonna put a funnel what's crazy is that this story is almost identical to the chat crisis in Somaliland which I explained a few months ago this is gonna shot this one new energy boosts your mind with your intelligence maybe it's just human nature for us people to find legal ways to be on drugs to make our days more productive it's really bizarre to me I don't ever see a solution to these drug epidemics people rely on them not only to make their days pass by easier but to put money in their pockets to survive a lot of money that is what we're gonna about to do is a true to Bill nut the process where you mix the inner part here the fruit with the mustard seed and this is called lime it's a sea shells crush with limestone sea shells from the earth and the ice is from the ocean crust legs under so basically what happens you gotta mix them all in your mouth together and then you get a chemical reaction which gives you a good overview for you it turns red you keep spitting it out like chewing tobacco and tea of the last bit amazing you spit it out all together we gotta be high but it's just the first time so let's see what happens with you I'm doing my first time cool question so this is it this is the boy okay now you put those in your mouth so you're gonna put a bit of them some some juices coming out to get the mustard see the message food to see just dip it in the lime then you put it back but you don't burn your gum you put the right word again or no go throughout and if you let it build in your mouth better sit down honest I'd just keep chewing through and don't follow it mm-hmm okay so shit mmm it starts getting red a bit like that it's supposed to get dark red if there was more you might get sweaty I feel alone you fit it out it's a bit yeah but you do the drug it's not any more than any of that is the city the palm tree that grows in mr. fruit that we got show myself cousin of the palm tree what else good room definitely feel a bit dizzy sweaty sounds a weird taste mom I can't explain him but it's because the mustard is quite strong so kind of counteracts was it tasted a bit not did you read the bill not alone but I don't need to bring our own because that makes me vomit I hate the taste of biddin how to make there with mustard but I mention muscle it tastes better like uninterested I'm drew pinsky and if you like my travel videos please click Subscribe and join me as I plan to visit every country in the world


  1. I tried plenty of chat in East Africa, don't like the look of betel nut though, saw people chewing it in Burma but wasn't tempted.

  2. There s another south eastern drug mostly elderly people love it but it’s bad for your gums it’s call gua you have it with paan

  3. In myanmar is not like that myanmar only chew the idk it is like Leaves im from myanmar and i dont chew

  4. I live in China, Hainan Island, where LOADS of the local people chew betel nuts all day every day. I tried it a couple times, was left disappointed each time. Didnt really feel anything

  5. I did try one from a PNG market stall in Cairns, Australia – I even accidentally swallowed some! At least it provided the shop owners some entertainment by watching a newbie trying it for the first time…

  6. Typical Jew. Always change laws to what they don't like or can't do. Passing judgement on Natives lik,e a MF at 2:00 minutes.

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