The World’s Most Dangerous iPhone Case

drop your chin hard to try to buy the time so that you can apply the yellowjacket into their arms and then this is easily the craziest accessory for a smartphone that I’ve ever featured here so you can escape to safety I’m a little bit apprehensive in general because in front of me is a self defense iPhone case it’s called the Yellow Jacket and it is the only backup battery stun gun iPhone case like a currently this thing can put out seven million volts I don’t know what type of neighborhood you like to hang out in but you wear it on the phone and if anybody attacks you you hit them with the stun any a part of the face the neck or to the groin area down they go they leave you alone it has a secondary functionality of being a battery backup as well 3,800 milliamp hours of power that’s positive that’s what it looks like very rugged boys and girls this is a dangerous thing it is not a toy concealed inside the yellowjacket is a high-voltage stun gun dual safety mechanism an ambidextrous trigger so you can fire it off from the left or the right it’s not the battery case aspect it’s not the protection of the phone itself it’s the protection of you from some attacker oh man look at that warning this product can cause severe injury or potentially death never leave it unattended around minors only use if you are in serious danger mr. Willy new is getting nervous over there he’s sitting off-camera and he’s starting to get a little nervous this is interesting they have included a screen protector I guess if you’re into self-protection why not phone protection as well this is the teal color but it comes in a couple of different ones that’s some full juice right there mega stopping power oh I think I just armed it microUSB cable to charge it up a little wrist strap so you can keep it nearby another warning if misused oh man so there’s an outer case in an inner case so this is your stun gun portion and this is the inner case just goes in like that there you go it’s quite a large contraption when you’re holding it but again you want the 7 million volts so you’re willing to put up with that I suppose but now but not oh my goodness would you look at that that is gruesome they need to be sharp because if somebody if you have an attacker that has to poke through their clothing I think you arm it like that oh oh my that is a nasty sound a gruesome nobody wants anything to do with that if you’re some kind of attacker and somebody hits you with that my goodness you’re backing off you’re moving away you’re gonna wonder what you got hit with will are you sure you want to do this don’t forget though that is a clear warning you want to do it sure all right let’s go just remember what I said this is your choice I want you to tell the camera get over here and tell the people that this is your choice will he do this is on me I’m ready to get stunned let’s do it let’s do it oh man are you sure are you what do you say will well this thing’s evil oh man you want me to do it to you yeah this is heavy this is heavy stuff let’s all hold it there all right I’m not obviously I don’t want to hurt you man all right all right you got a show Willie do some love here hit him with the thumb I won’t really do to be fine I’m sure he will be Bobby I think okay I’m gonna go right there okay ready all right Oh in their official video they’re like you hit the neck you hit the groin but the groin is there’s a lot of material there that’s a tough hit but the neck is often exposing neck to face mm-hmm here it is man yellow jacket iPhone case thumbs up for Willie do know was it it burnt I smell burning oh that your flesh Jack can you try and tell them to take one was that the worst one okay Jack I’ll do it if you do it if you like you should give him the feedback like in a practical sense it’s obviously a deterrent like if someone’s hitting you with that when you try to grab them or something you’re like whoa yeah what was that stun it stuns you so you would back off and the sound is gruesome on its own quick disclaimer here you’re not supposed to be out there looking for fights this is a back-up plan this is if every if everything else fails it’s bulky you’re probably not gonna carry this around yourself no no so maybe you’re a female you walk home I don’t know on campus maybe for that night class I will probably feel better with this thing in my hand I guess I think the covert nature of it is kind of the cool part and if something were to happen it’s it’s obviously not for everyday for most people but at least stay through the battery in there as well put your hands together for Willie do put his body on the line for the unbox therapy family if that doesn’t deserve a thumb nothing ever will Yuri [Music]


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    Yellow Jacket iPhone Case (International)

  2. Clearly it isn't putting out 7 million volts.
    Your average police taser is at least 25k, but normally 50k volts and you get stunned with one of those you are out of it bro. You're telling me this thing is putting out 7 million volts and Williedoo over here just took it 3times and all he said was it burned? Nah bro. Maybe it's putting out a thousand volts, but it goes back to the deterant part. Aint no one gonna fuck with you when you waving that thing around

  3. I’d have my hand on the back of the case switching it on and off and I’d turn off my phone and shock myself😂😂

  4. Him: ”It is not a toy.”

    Me: *Tries it on dolls*

    Dolls: *Burns*

    Me: ”NO MAMA NO Screams WHYYYY :(“

    Lessson: Listen to the man

  5. Man stealing iPhone 7 from me
    Man : Where is the Audio Jack Kid? TELL ME OR ILL KILL YOUR PHONE!
    Me : There's no Audio Jack
    Man: 🙄 Give Me Your Nokia!

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