Therapy Dogs Educate and Inspire at Bingham High School

[music] Give Kisses! This is Ember, and we are with the group Hope
4 Utah, volunteering as hope dogs. So these are therapy dogs. Dogs train
with a specific purpose, to be good in crowded environments. Who farts? [laughing] To be obedient to their owners commands. Every therapy animal have their own unique ways of shining and offering of the services of taking that emotional burden off . What better way then to have our students
know that there is different ways of getting therapy. This is something that they can connect to
that is tangible. I thought it was a great idea. She loves other dogs too. So the dogs are really happy and calm. They don’t bark at you there just really friendly. I think what is special about having a non-verbal
communication, people really connect with that. They don’t have to speak they can just take
comfort in knowing that there is someone beside them that can feel what they feel and connect
with them. I think this is evidence that it is going
really well. There is a lot of training that goes into
training the dogs that they have done. So it’s really good. So it makes everyone happy and it’s a good
way to combat depression and anxiety epidemic in Utah. Hope is a, it’s not concrete you can’t see
it. I think our takeaway from Hope Week is just
that there are things you can take away from it. It can be more tangible, it does not need
to be just mental health. It could be, I am feeling down today because
I got a low score on my math test. So ending the week with this was out goal
basically. I think everyone loves dogs, and it is really
good and it just puts positive felling in your body. It makes you happy.

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