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Let’s kick it off with a story
everyone is talking about. Game of Thrones. Last night was
the big series finale, and I’m not gonna spoil
anything– (clears throat) Iron Man dies–
but let’s just say, some people are taking
the ending hard. TV REPORTER:
It has been eight long, and at times,
very frustrating, seasons for Game of Thrones fans,
and now that the end has come, you might need someone
to talk to. Yeah, is offering
therapy sessions for viewers whether you need someone
to complain to about these plot holes some
people have been talking about, have trouble with the ending,
or just need help in the absence
of your favorite show, the site promises to find
a professional for you. Yes, that’s right, a website
is offering therapy, therapy sessions
for people upset about the ending
of Game of Thrones. And let me just say, people, uh,
if you need therapy because a TV show ended,
your life is too good, okay? I’m just gonna
tell you straight, you don’t need a therapist,
you need some credit card debt, and an STD, okay. Take your mind right off
that series finale. (cheering and applause) And I hope… I also hope those therapy
sessions are private, right, because you’re gonna look
like a dick if you’re in a group therapy session and the
person before you will be like, “I got addicted to drugs
after my wife left.” And you go like, “Okay,
put a pin in that. “I didn’t like Jon Snow’s
story arc, okay? I didn’t like it.” In other news, it’s the season
finale of college, and one graduation ceremony
had a surprise ending that most people actually
enjoyed. Billionaire Robert Smith
surprised graduating seniors at Morehouse college by telling
them his family would wipe out all their student debt. That’s an estimated $40 million
for nearly 400 students. And my family is making a grant to eliminate
their student loans. (crowd cheering) Wow! He’s gonna pay off 400 kids’
student debt. $40 million.
That is really amazing. Although, I will say,
I do feel bad for that one kid who worked his way
through school so that he wouldn’t have loans. Yeah, because you know he was
at that ceremony like, “You guys wasted all your time
partying, “but some of us scrubbed toilets
for years to be debt-free. And now, I’m gonna be–
Wait. What?” (laughter) Seriously,
it sucks for that guy. It’s like going to
a group dinner, all your friends
are ordering caviar, you think you’re paying for
yourself, so you’re like, “I’m just gonna have the
breadsticks,” and at the end, someone’s like,
“The dinner was on me.” And you’re like…
(cracking sound) (laughter) And also, and also, can we admit that although
this was fantastic, this billionaire has ruined
commencement speeches forever? Yeah, because good luck
being next year’s speaker. It’ll be like,
“And, finally, I want to say, always follow your dreams.” “And…?” “And believe in yourself.” “And…?” “Well, that’s it.” “Boo.” (laughter) This also probably pisses off
other billionaires, when, you think about it,
because now the expectation is that they will pay tuition
at any college they go to. You’re gonna look bad
if you don’t. Yeah, I bet other billionaires are gonna end up speaking
at cheaper colleges, you know. Bill Gates will be like, “It’s
such an honor to be addressing “the Hackensack Online
Beauty Academy. “Here’s your 150,
here’s your 150 bucks. Here’s your 150 bucks.” All right, moving on
to some tech news. Now that Uber is
a public company, it’s under more pressure
to make profits, which is probably why it just
launched a brand-new feature. If your Uber driver is a bit
too chatty for your liking, you can now use a mute feature
in Uber Black service. Now, the features in the app
are called “quiet preferred,” but if you’re feeling social, you can also select
“happy to chat.” Yes, from now on if you get
into an Uber, you can select “happy to chat”
or “quiet mode” on the app. Although, I’ll be honest,
knowing Uber drivers, I don’t think it’s actually
gonna make a difference, right? You’re gonna get in the car and then
the driver’s gonna be like, “So I see you chose
‘quiet mode,’ yeah? “That’s a good option, yeah. “So many drivers, they talk,
talk, talk, talk. “Never leave you alone. “Yeah, I wish everything in life
had quiet mode, “like my children and my wife. “Oh, yeah. No. I mean, yeah. So is this your first time
using ‘quiet mode,’ yeah?” (laughter) But don’t forget, don’t forget,
you only get “quiet mode” if you take Uber Black,
which is the luxury service. Yeah, luckily, though,
Uber has also unveiled some new features
for UberX, like there, they’ve got a new mode called
“Don’t stab me.” Yeah, so that’s a…
that’s a nice feature. And finally, some news
coming out of my home country, South Africa. We move on now
to a bizarre encounter with a fan
for Arnold Schwarzenegger. The action star
and former governor has decided not to press charges
against the man who drop-kicked him in the back
at an event in South Africa. NEWSWOMAN:
This weekend, 71-year-old
Arnold Schwarzenegger proving it’s still a bad idea to mess
with the Governator. One man at the Arnold Classic
Africa Sports Festival in South Africa
learned that the hard way after landing a flying kick
into Schwarzenegger’s back. In this video,
you see despite the attacker taking a running start, Arnold barely moved, unfazed. (laughter) What the (bleep)? (laughter) I know this was funny
for some people, but I’m not gonna lie.
As a South African, I was super pissed off. First of all,
thanks to that guy, now we’re the country that drop-kicked
the Terminator, okay? And what’s even worse is
that Arnold barely even moved, so now we look like
we can’t even kick right. Makes the whole country
look bad. You know that people
were texting me after this shit happened? People were like, “Hey, Trevor,
did you see this kick? Is that a normal thing
in South Africa?” Yeah. Yeah, yeah, guys.
No, it’s tradition. That’s what we do
in South Africa. We just drop-kick all
the celebrities that show up. Yeah. Yeah, you remember
when Bill Clinton came to South Africa,
Nelson Mandela met him with a dropkick. He was like,
“Welcome to South Africa. Welcome.”


  1. As funny as it might sound, I can understand why people might need therapy. HERE ME OUT. GOT fans basically just got broken up with. They've been in a ten year long relationship. It was exciting at first. There was lots of mystery and sex. It was unpredictable and it made fans come back for more over and over. Things started to change, slowly at first until towards the end it was basically unrecognizable from where we started. We ignored the warning signs. We put up with things we shouldn't have believing that it would all turn out okay in the end, that we would be rewarded for our time and energy invested…we weren't and we don't know why. We keep going over and over things in our minds saying "what if" this or that happened. "if only" this or that person had made better choices. We need closure, and we won't get it until the rest of the books have been written….if they ever get written.

  2. Therapy because a show didnt go how you wanted? That's wild. That's some shit everyone in fandoms deal with all the goddamn time. Just build a bridge and get over it.

  3. I was robbed by an uber driver so that uber x comment was spot on. Yes please don't stab, rob or rape me. Thanks.

  4. age 71, but barely even moved after the drop kick from the black guy. Hands down to the Terminator.

  5. I'm here to complain about the last video which has comments disabled. How y'all goin make me accidentally voluntarily watch an ad to watch an ad. I'm pissed xD

  6. They didn’t show that kid that dropkicked being handled by the bodyguards after and screaming “help me” 😅 I think he was trying to get famous… also I’m not sure he was South African based on his accent when he was screaming from the video. He sounded American – maybe some crazy groupie 😂 but Arnie is the man… don’t know who would dislike him

  7. Trevor you've changed so much. I don't recall hearing so many vulgar words from your mouth. You've changed by the time.

  8. When I look at the ending of Game of Thrones,i was like"what is this,what is this,what the f**king is this?"

  9. 40000000$
    So they are runing legal scam
    How to make 40 millions a year
    You only need a place and crew to help you

  10. I’ve been waiting for the moment to see the stupid move that idiot made towards the“terminator”. Fucking idiot

  11. He had like 15 people in front of him to break his fall, he would ate shit if he didnt have a crowd in front of him.

  12. What about supernatural😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😭😭😢😭😢😭😢😭

  13. 1. You really need to get your priorities in check if you think that the TV show ending in a way that you didn't like warrants getting therapy
    2. That's so nice and philanthropist of that guy
    3. Who the fuck dropkicks the Terminator?!

  14. wtf kind of asshole dropkicks ANYONE like that? nevermind a 71 year old man or celebrity or wtfever…he very clearly just walka up and jumpkicks at him and I hope he got his ass beat, what a prick loser

  15. God I hate being talked to in Uber. I have my headphones in and I’m trying to watch Trevor Noah. Leave me alone 🙄

  16. Very insensitive of the guy to kick Arnold. He continues to be an inspiration to countless people around the world. Trevor should have atleast said that was not good instead of making fun of the episode

  17. Hahahaha. Arnold acted life someone soft ball had hit his back. On other news, I need a billionaire in my school graduation too. Oops, its 4 months later.

  18. Every night before i sleep i come to Trevor Channel and listen a few and have a good laugh before sleep. Such a sweet dreams 💛

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