'There's No Limit' to the Fight Against Disease

just a century ago life expectancy for people was less than 50 years today we live 85 years and probably will live longer in the future and one of the main reason is because we conquered infectious diseases they used to kill newborns children young adults I cannot think of any other medical intervention or any other invention that mankind has made during the last two centuries the Bessie had an impact on our life the way vaccines did and developing new vaccines means making people more healthy and is fantastic job during the last 3040 years we have new technologies and any new technology allowed us to conquer new diseases like 20 years ago I made vaccines that were not possible of ten years before today we can make vaccines that were not possible five years ago and five years so now we'll do things which are not possible today and I cannot even imagine what's going to happen to twenty years from now so I think we conquered most of the infectious diseases that were used to kill the children and the young people now we can do more we can think about curing diseases preventing cancer cure in your degenerative diseases like Alzheimer and other things so I think there's no limit and there is no limit of being healthy I mean you want to continue to keep the people healthy and so they can enjoy their life you

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