These 8 "Healthy" Foods are Making You Fat!

what's up guys jeff cavaliere today we're going to go over those foods that you think are healthy and I'm going to show you today are actually making you fat we call them tract foods Jesse could you get through one video without your infatuation for Star Wars showing itself absolutely not you're gonna be see more in him in this video but we're gonna go through one by one eight of these trap foods here so hopefully you're better educated as to why you need to avoid them once and for all one that I actually picked on a little bit in a recent video in a different form as an avocado and now here in all this glory as guacamole look guys there's nobody that realizes the benefits of healthy fats more than me and knows that guacamole is a great source of that however whoever stopped at a tablespoon of guacamole because that has 40 calories in it but what we do is of course we go overboard and the average American eats 10 to 12 tablespoons of guacamole every time they eat it now to mention the fact that they're usually scooping it all up while all these chips over here and before you start telling me Jeff you're off base because this food right here these healthy fats they don't spike insulin so they can't make you fat tell that to the person that just consumed ten thousand calories today in fat it goes back to the law of thermodynamics guys science never changes despite the fact of what your pubmed article just told you guys if you ever had a sudden craving for a certain food I'm talking about the real version of it right there like the real chocolate chip cookie or the blueberry muffin or even the potato chips well don't worry you can satisfy that craving without the guilt that comes from these chemically engineered over processed carcinogenic additive rich light reduced fat versions now oh by the way usually have almost 80% of the calories of the original better yet why don't you just skip it all together and out for a better food choice than either of these and at the same time erase all those chemical question marks that usually come from having these light versions okay this next one pains me to say it because this was one of my all-time favorite foods growing up but you're gonna figure out why fast and that is baked beans now you're probably saying but I thought beans were healthy and there are a lot of great beans you got navy beans pinto beans lima beans black beans jelly bean oh wait that's chilly that's Jesse's favorite jelly beans stay away from the jelly beans but the beans themselves are a great source of protein complex carbohydrates fiber they've got all the makings of something good however we screw it up in the preparation anybody that's ever had refried beans can tell you that right away but baked beans there's no less of a problem because of all the sugar that there is in a single serving here if you have a cup of baked beans you're looking at 26 grams of sugar almost as much as in a can of soda so now you see why I love these things so much and if you are too you got to do something about it you probably got to switch to one of those more plain versions preparing a lot more simply if you want to watch your waistline in the process all right now what could be more wholesome than a cup of yogurt with some nice fresh fruit at the bottom unfortunately a whole hell of a lot of things you see because this right here is my number one trap food because it just seems so darn healthy and a lot of us fall for it the problem is this this fruit can be found bathing in the bottom of your cup of calories in a special mixture of corn syrup sugar and oh yeah maybe just a little bit of actual fruit juice you could have to eat just the top part if you want to but why even bother in the first place just buy some unsweetened yogurt and put it in your own holy cow fresh fruit at the bottom I know it's a novel concept but the fact is it's a lot better way to protect your waistline in the long run I don't know what it is about the word granola but it just even sounds healthy right it sounds like grains for crying out loud but this is probably the biggest breakfast sin that you're making because of all the high sugars that are being thrown into this just to hold all that together now you might be arguing but I make it on my own so I don't have all that sugar it doesn't matter guys this is by no means is a low calorie choice if you're trying to lose weight you're not going low calorie here you've got coconut you've got nuts you've got the oils in there you've got raisins all these things are not going to very calorie dense foods so what I'm gonna tell you instead is to opt for oatmeal and instead take a little bit of this granola and sprinkle it on the top just for flavor it's gonna give you a much smarter option here for breakfast and it's going to help you in the long run for keeping that weight down alright so you're gonna die in light tonight will do me a favor and stay away from these carb loaded pseudo protein belly bombs better known as sushi you see with just a sliver of actual fish in here we're talking about only 50% of the total calories coming in the form of protein and more sticky rice than you can actually deal with you can build a small Hut with one for crying out loud the fact of the matter is they're so easily eaten and a single roll can have up to 500 calories for just a 6 piece roll tell me how many guys limit themselves to just 6 pieces throw in the added sodium IV drip that you're getting from that low salt soy sauce and your healthy meal actually just made a Big Mac look like beans and sprouts okay if you're still attached to your fruit juice right here maybe even drinking it from a sippy cup I'm not going to judge you but I am going to recommend that you cut back because what you're doing to your blood sugar and insulin levels is pretty much putting them on the same ride as let's say the stock market with all the spikes in the crashes and the big problem here is that they're liquid calories they're far too easy to consume them right you just take the a sip put it down put it back put it down it's too damn easy but what you want to do is actually try to start getting that from through itself right the actual consumption of the fruit in solid form makes you number one more aware of the food that you're eating and number two it actually brings along some of that healthy fiber that you're missing out on by relying on the juice and before you even question how bad these actually are for you just do me one favor go and compare a bottle of grape juice and a bottle of soda and you'll probably be surprised that there are a lot more Siller than you thought alright this next one is near and dear to me because I made this mistake and hopefully I'm gonna help you to avoid it now to deli meats avoid them at all costs you see when I first started training I wanted to get more protein in my diet so I ran to the local deli and I started ordering my roast beef my turkey my chicken the thing is I didn't realize that I was also getting with these a lot of additives fillers chemicals sodium I probably should have clued in when I was looking at that perfectly round chicken breast I mean because I don't think I've ever seen one of those in real life so you have to realize guys that when they make these things they compile them and they mix them all up and they form that and see these little balls full of all those things I just told you about and if you probably drop one the damn thing would probably bounce so what I'm gonna recommend instead is to avoid this fake chicken or thicken as I call it and out for the real deal go get real chicken breasts go get real turkey breasts and if you don't have the time to make it yourself I already made a video on this great way that you could actually go to the catering counter at your local grocery store and order all this in bulk and then you have it you could freeze it you can use it as you go but do me a favor and avoid the deli meats opt for the real deal instead whoa whoa so there you have it guys there's the eight trap foods that are no longer going to trip you up because you know better if you're looking for a plan that lays out all the things that you should be eating I've already done that for you guys as a coach I want to take the responsibility to not just show you the right workouts but how to eat because we know how the two go hand-in-hand they're all available over at and a step-by-step plan if you're looking to join team athlean there's no better time than now guys I'll see you over there in the meantime if you found this video helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below let me know what you want me to cover in a future video and I'll do my best to do that for you alright guys see you soon you


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  2. Why is he saying that fruit juice is making you fat? I make my own fruit juice at home from actual fruit and with no extra sugar how can that possibly be unhealthy. I refuse to believe this without some study.

  3. Rolled and quick oats are rubbish food. Worse than table sugar and in fact a fair bit higher GI than sugar. Sugar 65 GI. Quick Oats 83. If you have to eat oats make sure they are organic steel cut.

  4. Easiest way to transform your nutrition is to buy an Instant Pot (it’s a digital, idiot proof pressure cooker) Seriously, these things are such a life hack, it’s crazy. 4lbs of delicious, tender, shredded chicken breast with 5-10min of prep time and 30min of cook time that requires paying zero attention. So many healthy recipes that are simple and delicious, AND clean up is a breeze. I should be a rep for the company lol.

  5. I appreciate your knowledge and all but I know plenty of people who only eat a small amount of junk food and still have a nice physique for years, you can eat the foods but you can’t eat “a lot” of it you don’t have to completely stop eating the snacks you like you can still eat them, but not a lot and I still have a nice body for years, it’s the amount of junk food you eat that can cause you to get fat not by what you eat you can eat a little bit of junk food every now and then and still have a nice body 💯💯💯👌🏾

  6. Who the fuck thinks a Muffin is "Healthy."? Also eating guacamole and beans won't make you fat. If you exercise and eat a lean diet of non processed foods you will still lose weight. That's a fact. Joe Rogan eats tons of avocados, he said it himself. Besides, what if you're doing a low carb diet and you are in a state of Ketosis? You are gong to need a lot of those fats that the Avocados give you to burn for energy.

  7. Not being cheeky but instead of telling us what we can't eat how's about a video of what we can eat. I would find that better.

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