retrieve those batteries transfer them to the proper disposal grounds for those batteries hi girl what is up my name is Ely welcome to my youtube channel if you did not know now you do if you do not know who I am I'm Haley I'm an American and I talk about I guess the cultural differences between the United States and Germany and just little things that I noticed here and there I made a video titled things that bothered me since living in Germany and I'll list it somewhere up there you guys can check it out it's funny I'm a funny person and I guess I talk about things that personally bother me that I've noticed in the United States since living in Germany this video is going to be about things that I find weird or different and I make these videos all the time and I'll just be pointing out some little differences here and there between the United States and Germany so let's just get right into it the first one is going to be that people wash babies in the sink and the United States I think after living in Germany for so long and not witnessing this anywhere and if you are a German person and you watch your baby in the sink please leave it in the comment section below but I've never witnessed anyone ever wash their baby in the sink even watching people on YouTube like I watched youtubers I have kids and they show their kids and whatnot that are in Germany or that are German and they don't wash their babies on a sink and I think it's just the way that the sinks are set up in the United States and Germany they're very different not very different but they are different you just can't wash your baby in the sink and it's not convenient I think that it's more convenient to wash your baby in the sink than it is to wash it into the bathtub is that the word the next one is going to be the point that bothers Mike my boyfriend my German very German boyfriend the most and it is the customizing of restaurant orders and it's going to be two topics and one and the United States a lot of people they will customize their order they'll say you know what I know this meal comes with X Y but I really rather have it with a and B you know people don't bat an eye people don't care they say I know that this burger is recommended with this sauce but I would really like it to rather have no sauce or this sauce instead and in Germany I've really come into contact with a bunch of servers that really don't like this mic included he's not a server but he just hates it in general because it feels like if you're ordering a meal you're ordering a meal for what it's cents on the menu if you don't like it like that then get something out but for me if I'm paying for food and I really want a chicken breast and the chicken breast is only served with a certain vegetables are then I only want the chicken breast with what I want to eat it with maybe that is very selfish very American of me but hopefully one day I'll change but I highly doubt it'll be totally different I'll probably change a very tiny amount but it'll still be the same the next point for that but a little sub point is that people in the United States order double carbs now me five years ago I'd have been okay with this I'd have been like you're getting double pomace double mashed potatoes yeah I don't know where I was that I was with my friends and we went out to eat um some we're normal I think Chili's I think she ordered ribs and the ribs came with two sides and guy was like oh you can get corn on a cob and mashed potatoes my friend was like ill corn on the cob I'd like to have hummus and mashed potatoes and I'm like just get a salad or something a few years ago actually probably even for three years ago still while I was in Germany I would have been okay with this but now it's so strange for me I've never witnessed a German person get double carbs the next one is going to be that Americans sometimes put their batteries in the garbage or just on the side of the road and you guys are probably thinking I'm lying but I promise you sometimes when you're driving down the street in certain areas of the United States you'll just see people put their car batteries on the side of the street they honestly won't go to throw it away they'll just put it on the side of the street or if they'll just put it in the garbage when I first got to Germany the people asked me to switch the batteries out for them and I was like okay yeah sure so then I threw him in the garbage they came so I was in the garbage and they're like hands me and I'm like what and like last max still and I'm like what do you mean I did the batteries for you guys hello and they're like no you're supposed to throw them in the certain battery place so then I went to I think tangled on and I saw a little battery thing and I said just drop him in there so then I dropped him in there and I guess they retrieved those batteries transfer them to the proper disposal grounds for those batteries because battery acid is bad for you I mean light bulb Haley you know battery acid could kill you and harm you didn't really register with me and I feel like it doesn't register with a lot of people and it's also one of those things that it makes me cringe to think that a lot of people in the United States they just don't care and we still do it regardless and I don't where we have gotten from you know this area of caring to being so insensitive about the world but that's just a little rant different video different time different place not today the next one is going to be furniture on the side of the street and I think this is going to be the last point you guys and it entails a story so my mom and I were walking down the street and we saw a girl just have like she was putting her TV and all on the side of the road and you could tell she got a new TV because it was a box for a new TV on the side of the road as well so I just assumed either it broke or she just wanted a new TV so nothing was wrong with the TV it looked perfectly fine so me and my mom were like oh well that's very nice she's just gonna let someone pick it up then the girl came out with a water jug a gal and another jug and poured it in the back of the TV or where all the electrical stuff was though if someone took it it would be broken and it would be ruined so they couldn't reuse it and this happens everywhere on the world just not in the United States but furniture on the side of the street for sale or for garbage or hoping that someone takes it for whatever reason is something that we do often in Germany you have to take your garbage to a specific place especially bulky garbage you have to take it to a special what's the word for it a hole a garbage hole and you drop it off and they dispose of it properly and you don't leave it on the side road I've never in my life I don't think ever in Germany seen garbage just lay on the side industry that someone doesn't want I've seen people put like you know a chair that they don't want anymore and they say as a gift or take it for free or something but I've never seen someone just throw a big old chair hole couch or a whole bed I have seen books for sale or not for sale just to give to people and that kind of stuff in Germany but never a whole dining room set table chandelier inclusive and granted you know the United States is not perfect Jeremy's not perfect but calling out things that are wrong or different helps people learn helps people make better choices and decisions in the future and that's all I'm trying to do maybe if you watch this video and you're an American you say oh my gosh maybe I need to change these habits or I need to change the way I'm thinking or maybe I look back into years and I say what the hell was I talking about either-or I hope you guys enjoyed this video have a wonderful day part two will be coming in a few days I promise ok and


  1. Happy Saturday you sexy people! Today’s video is me complaining (as always) about some of the weird things I have come into contact with recently in the USA. As always take my videos with humor and not that much serious-ness because it’s all meant in good fun. Thank you guys so much for watching! IT REALLY MEANS SO MUCH TO ME AND I LOVE YALL

  2. yah, batteries disposed in normal trash is one of the biggest no-no's ever. they all are quite toxic and ridiculously harmful to both of flora and fauna, so good for you haley you learned an important lesson over here. awareness for the enviroment actually is of utmost importance.

  3. Its not about the acid, it’s about the heavy metals inside the batteries they are not good for the environment.

  4. 1:40 we have a saying for that: „jemandem eine Extrawurst braten“ für so Leute, die ständig Sonderwünsche im Restaurant haben. For people that cannot choose menu 1 or 2.
    Oder auch Harry & Sally: „das Wort „extra Teller“ nimmt in Deinem Leben einen besonderen Platz ein, oder?“
    Oder auch „draussen nur Kännchen“

  5. I like to customize meals in certain ways… like, I don't like Corn and I ask to exchange it for some other vegetable.
    Oh, and putting water into a TV set will not necessarily destroy it. Let the water drip out, let it dry before plugging it and it should be fine.

  6. In Norway we recycle 95 % Of al bottles and cans and get money back for it- that’s in every grocery al over the country. We also recycle al other stuff and bring it to the recycling yard – there is Guard walking around like Gestapo make sure you put the waste in to the right container! If you find a battery left in the street- that’s a very rare case! Al the waste is being used for other purposes as well!

  7. Ich bade meinen kleinen auch in der Spüle. Sehr praktisch. Gute arbeitshoehe und daneben direkt ne Ablagefläche

  8. I get double carbs when I go to a Greek restaurant. Every time I order Gyros I get it with some rice and some fried potatoes, because it's so friggin deliciouuuus

  9. Normaly it shouldnt be any Problem to change some Ingridients of a Menu or Dish….. You maybe get Weird Looks when you Order a Menu and than wanna swap out the Main Ingridient…. that could give you a little Weird Look, not because its normaly a Problem, but because the way you order. For Example you Like Chicken but Chicken only Comes with Rice u rather Like Pommes your Order would be like that: "Could i have the Chicken but with Fries instead of Rice please" and not "Oh could i get the Schnitzel with Fries from the Menu but please change the Schnitzel with Chicken" while the Chicken is on the Menu ^^

  10. To that battery thing … I got a piece of land a few years ago. There were bushes in some corner so me and my wife cleaned and raked everything. Then with my hands (simple work gloves, nothing special) I was digging in the ground. Suddenly I was holding an old dirty flashlight in my hand – a product I knew from the 80's when I was a kid. Someone threw it away back then. Suddenly the skin on my hand started to burn. There was still the acid from the batteries almost 40years later and this burned me through the fabric of the glove. I ran into the bathroom and washed it off and it was okay, but can't forget that moment.

  11. I don't know if it's normal or in general in the U.S., when some American invites and offers you "If you have time for a visit, just come by." and if you accept the offer a few days later the American wonders why he EVEN came by – they just say it to be kind but normally they don't want a visit and taking it seriously? If a german asks or tells you to get by on a coffee or something else, then it's a fact and meant seriously… that is one of the things I didn't understand at all about Americans. Smiling in their faces, but instead stabbing a knife into your back (I am very careful with the word, but is it "hypocrisy"?).
    I would be happy, if you would answer my question, even it makes non-sense to you – glad about learning something about American behaviours… and I don't mean ALL Americans are like this. There are many friendly one's instead, no doubt.

  12. How the Sperrmüll is handled in Germany actually differs from community to community. Some places, you can order a free pick up service and they'll give you date so you simply have to put your stuff on the side of the road on that given date. Some places do like regular tours on a schedule so you know when to put your stuff out and some other places, you'll have to get rid of it yourself but that does not seem to be the common way.

  13. Nettes Video – keine Frage… ich mag sie sehr… aber ich war die ganze Zeit abgelenkt… hat sie nur an einem Auge eyeliner oder wirkt das nur so?! 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. So funny Hayley! I just spoke about Americans washing their babies in the sink here: Babies werden im Spülbecken gewaschen in Amerika?!? | Sissi die Auswanderin Hahahaha! When I saw this at first, I thought that was very unhygienic- but I changed my mind because this is the best solution to not get back pain when you wash your baby! 🤣😘 I’m trying to order no carbs whatsoever lol! I’ve witnessed really funny menu changes like spinach pizza without spinach! 😂

  15. I like this comparison videos, pointing out differences is an interesting thing, but not meant to say which country is the "better" one, though. There are so many things people just do as they are used to do it, without having ever wasted a thought of how it could be done different (better). You're making me think about my common german habbits, you're pointing out things you noticed in germany I never even questioned and that's never a bad thing! And I really hope some americans will question their habbit to put batteries on the side of the road too, that sounds like a bad idea to me 😋 Great video Hayley! 👍

    *edit: Washing a baby in the sink doesn't sound weird at all, a sink is kinda like a "baby bathtub", isn't it??🤔

  16. We do the same with batteries in the Netherlands. I save them up and can drop them off at the supermarket. Same for small electric appliances. The bigger supermarkets have a place to drop off your broken (small) electric appliances.
    Same was that I was so shocked when you mentioned that in the US there is not the same recycling system as in Germany and the Netherlands for plastic bottles. In the Netherlands it's only the larger bottles by the way. No cans and small plastic bottles. Personally wouldn't mind recycling those too.

  17. With regards to food dear it’s only the Germans being so terribly inflexible. I am a Greek and I always customise my food . I pay for it I have the right to ask and they have the right to say no. In this case I will never again go to this restaurant because for me this is just bad customer service. And Germans are the known for offering very poor customer service ( service Wüste Deutschland it’s a saying even among Germans)😉😉😉

  18. a) in Germany babies are getting washed in the toilet, bc (traditional) German toilets have that nice flat surface so babies can sit there perfectly!
    b) I love BK exactly for that reason, ordering different toppings. German McD? NO way.
    c) Batteries. It's not about the battery acid, it's about the lead that is even more poisonous. Garbage Hof? Betriebshof/Verwertungsstelle/Recyclinghof/…
    d) und dies für alle Torfnasen die glauben in den USofA wäre alles Besser, weil unbürokratischer …

  19. One summer back in the early 2000's I worked as server in Greece. The Americans were the only ones that would customize their order and Greek are very traditional when it comes to the food, they are very proud of it. But when I would yell the order back at the cook: "chicken shishkebab, a slice of watermelon and a glass of milk!". She would respond by giving me the eye: "do they want shit to go with it as well?". Thought that was so funny and cultural thing at the end.

  20. Everything is available all the time at prices where you can afford everything all the time. This is exactly why people don't care about anything anymore. Just rebuy it…

  21. Well, just another proof that the Bavarian people are just a bit different. In German restaurants you can of course modify your meal, this is something I am from time to time.

  22. American. I have to modify my food due to food allergies.
    Batteries – we burn our trash. I only know of ONE place, about 30-45 minutes away that recycles batteries. (AA, etc not car).
    We've left furniture, etc on the side of the road after a hurricane in South Carolina. There are people who drive around picking up damaged items after hurricanes. Maybe they're good at DIY?

  23. My husband does double carbs… I do not. I do put furniture out next to the road because the trucks with the big grapple claws on them, come by twice a month to pick stuff like that up. So ya just call and ask when they are coming OR you can call and request them to come by and they will put you on the route and come by and pick it up. Many times though, people will pick it up if it looks nice enough to them.

  24. I was a chef for a long time and it was very annoying when people began to rewrite the menu. I'm german. We wrote the menu with some thought behind it. If people said, they wanted something else instead, it was something of an insult. Also, some people were so braising to order the chicken breast but with a steak instead. Obviously this is not possible as a steak is much more expensive.

  25. Hi! Yes I gave my babies a bath in the kitchen sink. My mom washed us in the kitchen sink when we were little.

  26. That thing with changing tiny things with the food: a confident guy doesn't have a problem with your changing things, it is an issue of standing by your women……or wanting her to align with standards.

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