These Ant Paramedics Save Their Injured Comrades


  1. I was helping someone research historical views of autism last year and learned that people used to consider autism to be a form of schizophrenia. So it doesn't fully surprise me that this research would find similarities, though I would have thought that alcoholism and depression would be more similar.

    Ant triage makes me smile.

  2. This made me think…why don’t we offer sex therapy to people who have missing or inoperative limbs???? Humans are sexual beings who need sex for overall mental health. Health insurance should cover this.

  3. I cant remember if its this Ant but I read somewhere that the reason that the ants with 1 or 2 legs left thrash around so much because they don't want the colony to waste resources on them since they're pretty much dead.

  4. Wowwwww i searched for this after watching and ant try to save his friend last night . It' was sooo sad. It's really opened my eyes to how most humans value our feelings first. All species are very similar to us in many ways they just speak a different language. I know it's complicated and we can't save everything and everyone but we definitely need to be more conscious and respectful of all living things and stop acting like our planet and everything in it is ours for the taking.

    Humans: lol look ants.
    Humans: flicks ant
    Injured Ant: AHHH! MEDIC!!
    Medic Ant: IM COMING!

  6. I love you and your show, but please , why is your text on screen of varying word sizes and colors? It all ways makes it harder to read. I personally would just highlight, underline, or bold important text, words, or phrases.

  7. Psychopaths serve to bring the arrogant human species back to the natural state of pure survival: they won't let any goodie two-shoes spread their "transcendence" to other goodie two-shoes and ruin the selfish, senseless and shallow order of nature.

  8. If these ants can clot other ants limbs then why don't we just harvest that element from them to help us with missing limbs. It would be a lot of work to get enough for on person but it would be great if it worked

  9. You see an army of ants attacking termites and get closer to see
    You hear noises coming from the battle
    You get closer
    You faintly hear thousands of different ants screaming,
    You see one doctor ant, flailing around wildly and trying to get everywhere back home safe

  10. Imagine a human soldier loses a leg in battle, calls for help, but trashes on the ground like a wiggling worm with salts.

  11. I thought those Ants that have lost most of their limbs thrash around consciously because they know they are useless for the colony

  12. Like if I can have My autism cured I can actually be able to drive hold down a high pain job and actually probably get laid I have a social skill disorder I just don’t know how to talk to women except my mother

  13. I saw that the other day when I killed some ants all of a sudden more came and saw one carrying another one 😳

  14. Maybe ants that are thrashing and not getting help from other ants because they lost too many legs are left because the rescue ants know they would be useless to the colony unlike the ones missing one? Btw, what does second part of video have to do with ants agaib???

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