1. Birth defects, cancer, cataracts, lower immune system, increase cholesterol, blah blah. Can't listen to robot voice any longer than that. 🙉 Ugggggh!

  2. induction chulha are not radiation based temperature instrument instead of toxicity of thorium and beryllium oxide from magnetrons?

  3. Black rocks on Amazon. Helps get rid of radiation. You can put it on you phone. By your tv. Any where radiation is coming from. That stuff is making us sick. Big time.

  4. This is the biggest load of garbage I have ever seen. Microwaves cannot leak out, they cannot create radioactive compounds. Magnetic fields are rated in "gauss" not milligrams, the earths magnetic field is 250 miligauss to 650 miligauss to reach less than 5 miligauss you would literally have to leave the solar system. This video should honestly be flagged for spreading misinformation.

  5. Put a live chicken in one, switched it on for 10 minutes,came out with four legs ,cooked to perfection though the brest was a bit dry.

  6. I NEW IT ,,I SAID IT,,radiation going through your food,,,,, figure if you use this three times a day or even a year ,,do you know how much radiation is that in your food,,, much less someone have been using this for 25 years this is sickening sickening,,,, go back to good old stove warming food on the stove

  7. Bull SH_t. Microwaves are very safe. There is no door seal on a microwave to wear out. people that believe this crap believe everything is a conspiracy and and probably believe in Big Foot too.

  8. This video sounds like it was made by (Climate Change Experts). I don't doubt some of the info. I do not use mine much.

  9. well how many of you camp in front of the thing when it is on ? I mean really !! is the microwave there so it will SAVEY OU time to be doing OTHER stuff while the food cooks !! YA GOTTA love the internet !! it allows AN-Y with the IQ of a HOUSTPLANT to blab ANYTHING they want at will !

  10. Russia has BANNED the Microwave. I would never entertain a Microwave in my house, or would we eat at any pub or eatery that uses a microwave in the kitchen. This is a good warning video. . Just hope people take notice. I have just read some of the comments. Stupid people do not know they are stupid..

  11. If you sacrifice a goat, smear the blood over your body during a full moon, place leeches on the first born male child to expell the noxious humors you can counteract the harmful effects of microwaves. Science motherfuckers!

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