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welcome to pod save America I'm John Favreau I'm Dan Pfeiffer later in the pod you'll hear from Lucy Macbeth a Democratic congressional candidate in Georgia who got into politics after losing her son to gun violence we're also launching something very cool today a few months ago crooked media's editor-in-chief Brian boiler went to San Quentin State Prison to talk to prisoners about voting and felon disenfranchisement and many of the prisoners wrote personal essays about what it means to participate in an election you can now read those essays on votes of America com slash restore the vote and you can listen to Brian's conversations with these prisoners on this week's crooked conversation okay also check out votes save America which now has a very cool very useful voter guide that will help you understand everything on your ballot you can even fill out a copy of your ballot and save it so you can have the ballot with you when you go to the polls and fill out your real ballot fill out your mail-in ballot whatever it is just so you know the what we have on the website is a copy of the ballot that you can use to help yourself figure out what's on it it is not your real ballot people ask is that really a problem okay people thought that maybe it was the real ballot that you could download from our website which that would be something just printing real ballots here Cricut media that's gonna end up on Fox okay finally we will be in Austin on Friday for our second HBO special and we'll be joined by our good friends Brittany PAC net and Beto or Roarke you will not want to miss that one it is Friday night 11:00 p.m. Eastern on HBO and then it'll be on HBO go and HBO now sure so check it out second show Austin okay Dan let's talk about the news huh lot of sure why not it's been a while since we talked about the news let's do it has with 20 days left until the 2018 midterm elections Donald Trump has decided to finally come out of his shell and say what's on his mind he kicked off Tuesday morning by calling stormy Daniels horse face on Twitter senator Elizabeth Warren continuing to call her Pocahontas he criticized the global condemnation of Saudi Arabia for what appears to be the brutal murder of a journalist who was an American resident comparing the allegations that the Saudis are guilty to the allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh in interviews on Tuesday Trump again questioned whether Russia meddled in the 2016 election when asked about his personal lawyer implicating Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator in multiple felonies the president accused Michael Cohen of lying when asked whether he believed in climate change the president said there are scientists on both sides that California has wildfires because the state does a horrible job of maintaining their forests that he hasn't visited troops in a combat zone yet because he doesn't think it's quote overly necessary that he's done quote an incredible job with the children he's separated from their parents at the border and that if Republicans lose the house in November it won't be his fault then where do you want to start I mean I don't know first I'd like to just say the amount of introspection and self-reflection in that interview where you look at what you've done what you've done well and you think what hey give me a better president is astounding it's just it's really he's really grown what he's really grown enough job he is what a man who walked into the Oval Office right off the set of the Celebrity Apprentice who when he felt the burden of being Prezi knighted States leader of the free world a role model to children just took that in and thought about how can I fit the burdens of this office no nothing has changed he has grown not one iota after two years of making life-and-death decisions nothing amazing it's amazing I guess like how does the media even begin to cover all of this and like how do people process it I mean in that quick list of things that I just read through any one of those comments from Donald Trump would be like a multi-day possibly multi week story for any other president most other politicians and any other time are we we supposed to think about this I realize we say this all the time but it is 20 days until election and the president has decided to go on a media tour where he is just saying all kinds of just dishonest grossly inappropriate offensive which is the norm with him I we have been known to be media critics on this podcast yeah but I really don't I don't know how the media can cover this oh I don't need it that was a that was my genuine question I don't understand I mean it's preparing for this podcast I didn't know how we'd all what we cover it all yeah it's like I was watching this sort of happened in real time when Zeke Miller who's a White House reporter for the AP was just tweeting out the leads of the stories that they were writing off of this and it's like Trump says he takes no well if they had Republicans lose the house it will not be his fault Trump says blaming the Saudis for the Khashoggi killing is you know they should be innocent till proven guilty Trump says you know defense calling stormy Daniels for some it's just all the things even any one of those would be a five day story in a different media environment and so the only way I think we can interpret it is to take a step back and look at the full array of everything he said and as a indictment of the kind of president he is we've been talking a long time about how an important argument for Democrats in this election is about being a check against the chaos and corruption of Trump and here you have just to use a term of art a ton of chaos and some ends and potential corruption oh yeah always I mean oh like just then that is a given there is there is more corruption before breakfast in this administration that in any presidencies since Watergate I mean you know the stormy Daniels news reminded us of course that's the president's own lawyer has implicated him in multiple campaign finance crimes nothing has been done about that so far this so dnews reminds us that the president's and his hotels and his private companies have financially benefited from the Saudis it now seems he is helping cover up the murder of a journalist who is an American resident seems fairly astounding and it's just sort of just sort of on the back burner just uh it's it's unbelievable it's unbelievable I mean we're we are 24 hours after let's just start with the stormy Daniels news we're 24 hours after the President had States called a woman a horse face is any Republican candidate in any close race gonna condemn that anything gonna happen about that with that no I mean maybe somewhere down the line Jeff Flake will condemn this in a sad tweet so then if and then if there was some bill to make a horse face monument Jeff Flake would vote for that like that it that's exactly how this would happen I look I think we have to understand that this trumps being the right way to say this but Trump being so horrible is a classic feature not bug argument for the Republicans this for a portion of his base you know this is why they like him this willingness to say things that others won't say and the problem is I don't think most Republican elected officials believe that the president's eight should be calling anyone a horse face right but they have come to believe and this is the long-term danger of trumpism becoming conservativism in America is they have come to believe that even if it is morally wrong it's good politics and therefore they can't say anything or shouldn't say anything because that will upset the Trump base and therefore they will lose election so we have silence on things that you I just I think many of these Republicans are bad in a lot of ways but I do think that I do believe that they probably even Paul Ryan thinks it is wrong that Trump says this but the they can't they feel like they can't say it because they believe it's they believe what Trump does is now good politics and so they will he's buying their silence in exchange for what they believed be votes from his base well and you know the only thing that's gonna change that is an election right because like you said the Republicans may or may not believe that this is morally wrong but that doesn't matter they think it's politically smart and they think that it will rev up their base and they think that their base is all they need to win a lot of these elections and we can get into why that may or may not be true but if Republicans do well in the midterms Trump will say all of this stuff and worse and do worse over the next two years because their strategy will have been validated right and he will charge on if you that the last two years were bad you ain't seen nothing yet for the next two years if Republicans do well and this strategy of Trump saying whatever the he wants and riling up the base and doing whatever he wants drive up the base if that is validated on Election Day all bets are off for the next two years the Trump is gonna be Trump like if they lost 200 seats Trump would find a way to believe that this was voter fraud the Chinese interfering in elections Paul Ryan a Mitch McConnell being terrible and not supported he would find a way to justify it because he is chemically incapable of accepting responsibility for anything right and but what could change is Republicans feeling a need to provide to say something to be a check of some kind and on the matters of policy and oversight and corruption if we take the house I don't really give a what Paul Ryan or Ben Sasse say because Democrats will be able to will be able to actually stop the trumpet Genda they'll be able to hold oversight hearings subpoena witnesses and that's what will really matter but we can't judge success and fair what happens my will comes out at Trump's mouth because that is that is unchangeable what is the strategy behind making this the Trump show for the last few weeks is it even a strategy I realize we use the term loosely when talking about Trump and the White House but it does I guess we know at least from The Daily Beast had a story about this yesterday or couple days ago that Trump told his the White House staff in the mid September I'm not getting my message out in enough places I need to do more interviews I want to do even more non Fox non right-wing interviews because you know I'm the good messenger and if I just get my message out well win the election what do you think the strategy is there do you think there's something more to it yeah I think I mean it as you point out I'm always hesitant to use the word strategy to describe Trump because that he doesn't have strategic thinking but there is something underlying this it is it I mean it's I always subscribe to him it's more instinctual than intellectual and I think this is an he has an instinct that the more he talks the better off Republicans will be and the better off he will be and that he has very little faith in anyone else speaking for him whether it's Republican congressional candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders Mitch McConnell anyone else did the person who should be speaking is Trump he also enjoys attention and this is attention and he would just be he was just melt into the ground if if the rule was that he had to stop talking for Republicans to do well he would never believe polling or anything else that would say the less Trump the better and I do like they have a theory of trying to get Republican enthusiasm up and the belief is is that Trump the more Trump the more Republican enthusiasm I don't know that that's gonna work or not there's some evidence it works in some places and not others but I think that is what is it what is happening here that's what I was gonna say I mean when you look back at you know polling and special election results since Trump has become president you know we've said this before it does seem like when we are debating large scale economic policy health care tax cuts off like that polls have that's when the Democrats have been at their best I think another time that Democrats have done better is when Trump is out there all the time saying truly crazy but again that could be in some places and not others and then it seems as though when the polls have been tightest was during the Cavanaugh hearings and partly during during that time for most of it until the end Trump sort of receded into the background and it was sort of a traditional Republican versus Democrat culture war so you know I don't know I don't know if they'd be better off with Trump out there saying all this kind of crazy more or not I guess like talk more about when you said that it might help in some places and not others sure I think this is an important point that most political analysis unless it's done by you know people who really dig into data and understand the voter makeup in various districts and states most political analysis is one-dimensional and it's based in this old idea that the Democratic base is going to do it it's gonna do the Republican base is gonna do what its gonna do they are equivalently the same size and the elections are cited by 20% of people in the middle and whether a strategy worked or didn't work whether a statement was affectionate out of fact it was based on its impact on that 20% of swing voters did it move 12% one way I didn't move to a percent the other way and that I don't know the politic who's ever that simple but it was much closer to that 15 to 20 years ago and now politics is much more three and four dimensional in the sense that you have States or very different districts are very different the bases aren't the same size the Democratic base is larger in the Republican base the Republican base ISM is more reliable voters and midterms and presidentials frankly and the number of voters in the middle are smaller and so things can like Trump doing something can work be effective in a red state where the Trump base which largely means not necessarily Republicans but non-college educated Republicans is a greater percentage of the electorate and in a more suburban district or a state where that Trump base is a smaller percentage of the electorate will be have the opposite effect so Trump can be simultaneously helping democrats win in the crooked seven and helping republicans win some of these Senate races and whether it's like North Dakota or Montana or something else and you have to really understand and get pretty deep in the data to see what what is the voter makeup they can get either a Democrat or Republican to their win number and and so that like in this case it could be yes it's working and yes it's killing Republicans at the same time just every different just in different places yeah I think the geographic point is important here and Nate Cohn who does polling and analyze his data for the New York Times wrote about this this week I want to quote from this story since it was fairly disturbing but Nate's very smart he wrote that polarization from stories like the fight over Brett Kavanaugh s confirmation seems to be helping Republican candidates in the final weeks of the election he said that trend might fade but if it holds it will be an abrupt change from earlier polls and last year's special election results which indicated the Democrats were highly competitive in red areas instead the district and state polling raises the possibility of an election more like last year's virginia elections or the 2010 midterm elections both were strong results for the party out of power but the big numbers came mainly on home turf Cohen also wrote the geographic disadvantages Democrats are facing are so severe that it gives the Republicans a chance to survive a so-called way of election so that doesn't sound very great now you just heard me talk about Virginia and you might be thinking well what do you mean like Ralph Northam won Virginia by nine points the polls said he you know it was a close race what happened in Virginia was Northam and Democrats in general did incredibly well blew out all sorts of turnout models in the blue parts of Virginia that Clinton had won in 2016 in the red parts of Virginia the Trump had won Gillespie did almost as well as Trump did in some cases as well as Trump did so the concern is for this election that in the blue areas of the country you know Democrats have incredibly high turnout and a ton of votes and you know like you said all those suburban Strix in California could be you know flippable but in these red areas and unfortunately the Senate map is incredibly read probably the toughest map we've ever faced probably the toughest map either party has ever faced we're facing and in those areas whereas we might have been competitive earlier this year now we might not be I don't know what do you think about all this look I think it is a very important point to understand what's happening is that the blue wave if it hope ins knock on wood fingers crossed everything it's not gonna hit everywhere the same way because there's just less blue and less places now there are some complicating factors to that analysis so let me say one more thing it's very important to understand we did very very well in Virginia the Trump base is Virginia has one of the smallest per capita amount of the Trump base of any of the swing states it's one of the reasons why it's one of the few states that moved that Hillary Clinton did better in than Barack Obama you know and Colorado's in other state and so in that sense Virginia is not a Virginia can tell you a lot about the districts at Hillary Clinton won in 2016 they currently have Republican members California Pennsylvania you know all across the country in places like that so that's New Jersey so that is very true now the thing that I would say we are no longer into don't wet the bed wet the bed that's not a thing we do anymore for people who people who were fans have a different podcast we once had in a much different political time but there are some signs that in the Midwest in particular that exact formula states that Trump won in 2016 to that exact formula it's a it's a more complicated fiction than that just we're gonna do well in blue they're gonna do well in red and that in purple areas purple states states that Obama won by a little bit Trump won by a decent amount Democrats are doing quite well Ohio Pennsylvania Wisconsin are three that are interesting with Michigan is another one Trump's numbers and Iowa suggests some opportunities for Democrats there and so the just the regions of the country are very different deep deep red seems like it is getting potentially more deeper a which is problem a few Democrats the Senate blue is getting bluer which is good for Democrats in the house and purple maybe getting bluer which is good for Democrats in the house holding on to some Senate seats were defending and picking up governorships which we'll talk about a little bit later in this podcast yeah I mean it is I think in all political analysis because because this aspect of it is somewhat boring and a little more static people always underestimate geography and all of this you know and so you can see a scenario where if the Democrats are in the house and if the Republicans win the Senate the meta-analysis is oh we are a divided country as divided as ever and blah blah blah and the truth is look at the fundamentals of the election we've known from the beginning that Democrats are defending many in the Senate Democrats are defending many seats in deep red states not just and like you said the Midwestern states that aren't deep red but just States the Trump won in 2016 but Democrats have won before that we're actually defending those seats quite well at least as for right now but in some of these real red states like North Dakota Heidi Heitkamp Joe Donnelly in Indiana Claire McCaskill in Missouri and even you know even a purple state like Nevada Jackie Rosen's having a really tight race there too these are sort of these are harder places for Democrats to really have this sort of blowout turnout at least they have been in the past again we don't know what might happen that Nevada is a really interesting one because we think of it as this blue state because Democrats have won it in the last several presidential elections Obama wanted by a lot in ou812 Senator Harry Reid defended his Senate seat in 2010 and but it is a very interesting state where the has a very large percentage of Trump base much more than most blue states but it has this huge Hispanic population as well and the way in which we have been able to overcome the you know high turnout levels of the quote-unquote Trump base is very high levels of Hispanic turnout because to swamp that yeah there's an open question as to whether that is going to happen time in the midterm both because we've seen polling that suggests perhaps lower turnout or lower enthusiasm among particularly younger Hispanics and Senator Harry Reid's political machine is not the same as it was because Senator Harry Reid has been retired for a couple years now right yeah no that's a worry and and the Latino turnout issue as we've talked about before that's going to be critical in not just Nevada but in Arizona in Texas and in Florida a lot of these Sun Belt states and so you know we have to keep an eye on that anyway this is all to say the Senate is a very steep climb it has been a steep climb from the beginning and if you are looking to do some extra work extra volunteering extra door-knocking extra phone banking in these last couple weeks as you should be giving some more money if you have friends in those states like look at all of the states the Democrats are defending plus Arizona Nevada Texas and Tennessee where we have a chance to flip and do a lot of work in those states reach out to people in that you know in those states ask if the register to votes we you know it's gonna be really tough to take the Senate back but you know anything can happen in a couple weeks can I say one more thing about this which is that you know you said the verdict may be Democratic the House Republicans keep the Senate that it'll be a quote-unquote split decision the country's divided yeah I would note and you would remember this as someone who was working in the White House on the day after the midterm election of 2010 where Republicans took the house and democrats kept the senate yeah no one judged it as a split decision it was seen as a quote shellacking for Obama that we got crushed we had to change everything people need to get fired everything was a mistake and if the decision is one one well the you know tie tie game rubber match in 2020 the sound you hear on the first podcast we do after the election will be me spontaneously combusting I mean you know what's funny until you said that I figured forget from the analysis of the 2010 elections that we kept the Senate I forgot about that you wouldn't know that because it was so bad for us in the that's very interesting so another question about something we can do right now how do Democrats get back on message or at least how do we respond to this Trump circus Trump flooding the zone in these last couple weeks and saying a whole bunch of crazy you know obviously we don't want to respond to everything he says we don't necessarily want to be responding to him and playing on his turf in general but we also don't have a single party leader that can dominate the airwaves like Trump can how do democrats sort of get back on on message here I think we should not worry so much about how the party writ large gets back on message because you're right we don't have any single voice there is no person within the party who could go out and dominate the airwaves and sort of send a signal to everyone about this is what we say the advantage we have here is that in at this point in every single competitive race Democrats are advertising either digital or on TV or radio and there on the stump every day so you actually can control both through paid and earned what your voters here and so the key is they stay focused on the issues that matter which is health care taxes the economy and the general cut off under the framework of we need a check on the chaos and corruption of Trump and you know we talked about a little bit on the HBO show and we were boom owning the civility debate and I said then and I think this similar pivot works for everything Trump says whether it's the horseface comments or something else is to say do you know what's uncivil taking healthcare away from people 360 conditions and using it to pay for a tax cut for billionaires yeah you know it like that it like that is later you got to get right back to the thing that matters because that's what Trump wants he wants a civility debate he wants us to debate the appropriateness of use the term horseface he wants us to get wrapped around an axle about Elizabeth Warren in her DNA test and everything else when we know what works with voters we have the capacity to communicate because Democrats have done such a great job raising money so we just have to do that we have to stick to our knitting to use an old person phrase wow varial really reaching those youth voters it said there was a good good tweet from champion Senate tweeter Brian Schatz yesterday about this he said they say stormy Daniels you say Medicaid and Medicare they say ms-13 you say economic fairness they say mob you say that the corruption has to stop they say 2020 you say 2018 sums that are pretty well pretty Ranchettes great messenger great messenger okay let's talk about one way the Democrats can get back on message in an interview with Bloomberg News this week Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that entitlement programs are to blame for the rising deficits not the Republican tax cuts and the changes to programs like Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security would be required to reduce the deficit though he also said there's quote little chance of a major deficit reduction deal while Republicans control Congress and the White House he said it would probably need to be bipartisan McConnell's comments follow the Treasury Department announcement that the budget deficit increased by 17 percent in 2018 driven in large part by a sharp decline in corporate tax revenues after the Trump tax cuts took effect the one point nine trillion dollar tax cut that wasn't paid for Dan weren't we told by your good friend and mentor Paul Ryan that these tax cuts would pay for themselves that that the deficit would actually shrink wasn't that wasn't that the sales pitch during the tax cut debate look noted policy-wonk budget expert guy who just got deep in the Excel spreadsheets Paul Ryan looked at this and said yes this will be fine he was wrong like he always is I mean are they are they lying are they not super bright when it comes to you for the last couple months that they were coming at and they would like to go after Medicare spending Medicaid spending and Social Security first of all do you think there's any constituency for entitlement cuts outside of you know Paul Ryan and his merry band of wonks I mean there are a lot of Koch brothers funded mmm think tanks which is all of the Republican think tanks didn't want this this is what The Wall Street Journal editorial page wants it like the last remaining shreds of quote-unquote conservative election ISM and I use the quotes for all of the obvious reasons right care about this and I do like Republicans are basically in the Trump era ideological nihilists they don't care about anything other than the accumulation and maintenance of power except they do care about cutting taxes for the rich and cutting meta Indian and cutting Medicare and Social Security that is something that they sincerely care about now at least one wing priority certainly care but yeah yeah yeah this is like the Paul Ryan Mitch McConnell wing of the party elected elected Republican officials not Republican voters who by and large you know what this and it is worth noting that Donald Trump ran saying he would not cut Medicaid Social Security or Medicare now he has already cut Medicaid sorry he's already attempted to cut Medicaid significantly and he seems very open to Medicare and Social Security suggesting that maybe he's completely full of but it is the tax cuts are both a ideological belief that they have and a way to maintain power because it is a way to take cash give it back to their donors like the Koch brothers Sheldon Adelson etc and then have those donors then spend a portion of their tax cut to keep Republicans in power which is and this is disturbing to say but a completely legal money laundering scheme because of citizens united but Medicare Social Security they are being on it they are telling us what their intentions are and we would be foolish not to make sure that every voter knows that that's exactly what they are going to do yeah well is gonna say how should Democrats talk about this and message this you know the good news was yesterday when I said this on Bloomberg he said this on Tuesday there were released press releases that went out in like you know every competitive district in every state in the country from Democratic campaigns just blasting McConnell over this so I do think that even though the news on Tuesday was a complete mess full of crazy Trump in the state's on the ground Democrats drove this Republicans are coming after Medicare Medicaid and Social Security message pretty hard in this week's episode of Dan Pfeiffer imaginary but incredibly well-funded super PAC what I would be doing if I had billions of dollars at my disposal would be targeting Trump voters core Trump voters with Facebook ads saying congressional Republicans want to cut Medicare yeah and because what you really like they do not agree with that they are skeptical of people like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and if you want they need to know this and that made for some of those voters are available to Democrats if they were Obama Trump voters if they were sort of reluctant Trump voters like that there's this Delta between Trump's win number in 2016 in his current approval rating so that depending on polls there's four to six to eight percent of voters who voted for Trump but currently do not approve of him so those voters are theoretically people who Democrats could win over or could stay home and so there's a certain group of people we need to know this and it is this is a shot to the main engine of Trump's base and we can't get it it will not be covered on Fox it will not be on Breitbart it will not actually probably be on most news cast I don't know what percentage of Trump voters listen to more podcast so they may not get it from us so you're gonna have to show them we're gonna have to give them the information where they get their news which is unfortunately for democracy Facebook hey liberal billionaires listen up fund this fund these Facebook ads here's the thing on this like I can already hear some people the nothing matters crowd say Oh Trump voters don't here you know they're just gonna vote for Trump anyway we're not talking about like you said this is not the the mag abase these aren't the people that show up at the rallies like we're fully aware that this is not gonna change their mind but like you said it's the Obama Trump voters it's also by the way the the non voters the people who don't vote a lot and might be looking around at all this and think I don't know if I'm even gonna vote if there's enough at stake in this election and talking to those people about how Republicans if they now if Republicans win both houses of Congress the Affordable Care Act is gone right let's just put that mean that's we don't even have to guess about that like we do about Medicare Social Security and Medicaid well of course the Affordable Care Act includes Medicaid but the Affordable Care Act is gone if Republicans take the house keep the house and keep the Senate we don't have John McCain's vote or anymore whatever anything else it's over that's 20 million people without health insurance that's no protections for pre-existing conditions everyone needs to know that and now if they are emboldened by winning Bose has both houses it is very likely because they keep telling us they want to do it that they will try their hardest to cut Medicare to cut Medicaid and to cut Social Security so that's a message for Obama Trump voters for people who voted for Obama in 2012 and then didn't vote in 2016 for people who just haven't voted in a long time your health care is on the line it's why the number one issue the Democrats are talking about is health care it's why when you look at polls the number one issue that people say they're concerned about is health care it is a very big issue and Democratic candidates are doing everything they can to drive at home in these last couple weeks and everyone else connected to the party should be doing the same there's one other group of voters that I think I would be targeting with my imaginary ads there were voters who did not vote in 2012 who voted for Trump in 2016 and those are voters who are most likely you know every voter is different but most likely skeptical of the Republican Party but very Pro Trump any drop-off in that number is what hurts Republicans and so for Democrats we had this huge election in 2008 and we had two problems in 2010 which caused Republicans to have this split decision if you will have taken a house and not taking the Senate we're both independents who supported Obama vote if Republicans in Congress and you see evidence of that is happening in at least a lot of states and districts for Democrats then you also had people who came out for Obama who would not traditionally come out for Democrats and felt more affinity to Obama than to the party did not turn out in 2010 and so that there's a group of people like that on the Republican side who were also will help decide this election and should be open to having concerns raised about Republicans cutting Medicare yeah yeah that's a good point all right let's talk about a set of campaigns that haven't gotten quite enough attention and that's the governor's races Democrats have a number of opportunities to flip seats currently held by Republican governors we could flip governorships in the following States this is more than until I started doing research for this segment I didn't even know we had this many opportunities Ohio Illinois Wisconsin Michigan Nevada Maine Florida New Mexico Georgia maybe even Kansas or Oklahoma or even South Dakota dan why do you think Democrats don't pay enough attention to these races including us yeah I mean I feel when we talked about this segment the other day I just I felt terribly guilty cuz like oftentimes when we're out talking to people we yell about governors races and it's like we should focus on governor's races redistricting all of that and then we sit down they do the podcast and we focus on the house on the Senate and that yeah that is a dereliction of duty on our part because they're supposed to be quasi smarter than that but it's it's really it's two things I think one just and I say this as someone who was actually work for the Democratic Governors Association 100 years ago no one cares like there is the there is victory of do you have 218 members of the house do you have 51 senators like crossing some threshold as a gigantic transformational difference in how power is allocated in Washington and having you know 26 governors or 18 governors or 35 governors has no global effect it has a huge effect on people in that state but it's sort of like if you are in California and you not someone who's focused on redistricting like why should you care about who the governor of Ohio is we're gonna tell you the answer that question but just generally it's not intuitively obvious to people for the same reason that if you are in California you care passionately whether Heidi Heitkamp wins a race or better work wins that race because you have a stake in the Democrats taking the center the Democrats take in the house you don't really have any state you don't feel like you have an intuitive stake in whether Democrats have more governorships or not right but you do huge stake people why so why would we running these races be so important what what a Democrats get out of got a win winning a bunch of governor's races I think you can divide it along three lines line one is redistricting these are the governorships who will be in place that will draw the lines in the house races after the 2020 census losing all the governorships in 2010 has crushed us for a decade and so it's incredibly important that we have Democratic members who will ensure that there is not ridiculous partisan meddling in the elections so that's one – is it is incredibly important to have governorships when it comes to the presidential election now you and I know this from being on the 2008 2012 campaign in 2008 we had a pretty decent number of Democratic governors and we had significant early voting in Ohio Iowa states like that by 2012 Republicans and taken those seats and dramatically cut back on access to the polls for all voters but with a particular target against Democratic voters voters of color and so if we were able to get the Ohio governorship the Wisconsin governorship the Iowa governorship that Florida all of them that will have a dramatic difference if you will at least Libby able to level the playing fields and fight back against Republican voter suppression efforts you think about the difference between 2008 and 2016 in Wisconsin to state that Obama won by double digits and then Hillary Clinton lost a huge factor in that among many other factors is the tremendous level of voter suppression including a very onerous voter ID law that Scott Walker put in place and so a Democratic governor would have the potential to undo that before the 2020 election yeah imagine not having to worry about these purges and as voting this voting suppression that we're hearing about in all these states that have a huge effect and and just a Democratic governor has the power to and a Democratic Secretary of State by the way which is why secretary of state races statewide or important even though people don't talk about that a lot are incredibly important because they then have the power to make sure that doesn't happen and I think look I think the third big reason why Democrats when and governorships is so important is because it and it's this is the reason it's probably the most real to ordinary people is the chance for Democrats to pass progressive policy in states with a Democratic governor and a Democratic legislature and in some cases a Democratic governor and a you know a Republican legislature that they can work with but usually its unified government and I mean when we have been talking about the 2018 election and we talk about Congress we aren't even in the best case scenario when if Democrats were in the House and Democrats won the Senate we still wouldn't be able to pass anything we would just be able to stop all of trumps bad which is huge by the way stopping the Trump agenda but it's not gonna be very satisfying to a lot of people who say okay well what are Democrats actually gonna pass that's gonna change my life well we're not gonna be able to do that until 2020 but we win governorships and wheat and democrats take control of certain state governments you're gonna actually see real progressive policy coming out of it we have a couple of examples in New Jersey where Phil Murphy Democrat Phil Murphy won the governorship there in Washington state we have unified government some of the policies that have come out of these states in the last couple years $15 minimum wage automatic voter registration Medicaid expansion gun control laws like banning bump stocks and background checks equal pay laws as an equal pay law in New Jersey millionaire tax hikes to fund education and health care programs these are policies that are in effect the lives of millions and millions of people if Democratic governors and Democratic legislators can pass them in these states and we saw this in Virginia too and you know the House of Delegates was decided by literally picking a vote out of a hat and because there were so many Democrats in the legislature and because we're Alf Northam one he was able to force the Republicans in legislature to accept a Medicaid expansion and that meant hundreds of thousands of people in Virginia have health insurance for the first time so this really matters imagine that winning an election and then being able to help people to do something right it's a not just bloc bad I'd also like to thank you for finishing my list of three which I stopped it to which is something that's happened to me as I'm getting older because it's always my habit because we was very linear sort of three things about this let me make two points about this so I would always be like mr. president three things and then oftentimes I would only have two things and I have to spend midway through the second thing trying to call I knew my three things but I just decided well I'm always get most excited about the last one too just because I think a lot of people who a lot of voters who don't pay super close attention to politics in this country what they see in politics is you know Trump acting like an asshole but also a lot of yelling and screaming in Washington and not not a lot getting done and I think as progressives as as as the party that believes that government has a role to play in making a difference in people's lives we have to eventually pass policy that makes a difference in people's lives and let them know and draw the dots you know connect the dots for people and say the reason you have healthcare the reason there's a higher minimum wage right now the reason you're automatically registered to vote is because you elected Democrats and they made that happen and it's gonna be very hard to do that in Congress between now and 2020 but it's not gonna be hard in the States if we flip these governorships so it could end up I think being the most hopeful story if we work really hard it couldn't have been the most hopeful story of election day just how many governorships we win and look they're not all easy all the ones I listed are certainly not cake walks but you know Illinois seems like it's it's a good bet and you know Democrats are doing well in Michigan Gretchen Whitmer is doing great there Andrew Gilliam in Florida Stacey Abrams in Georgia were hoping for Tony ever in Wisconsin richard cordray in ohio so there are there are really strong candidates in a lot of these races and again as you're thinking about what to do in these last couple weeks think about giving time and money to some of these governor's races can I throw one more plugin just as we're thinking about the idea of Elections giving people health care is that our friend said the fairness project have worked with people on the ground in states in the brown and have been able to put on the ballot in Nebraska Utah Idaho and Montana for deeply red states an initiative to expand Medicaid so if those are to pass then tens of thousands people in each state will have access to health care and so there we do sometimes forget when we sort of think about elections is moving pieces around a chessboard well Nancy Pelosi have the gavel well so and so be the chairs of X committee but elections are ultimately about putting in place policies that help people and both in these governor's races and then in ballot issues all across the country which you can read about in votes save America calm but for that aren't very interesting to me are these four initiatives in four states to expand Medicaid where it's just so simple it is like one of the best investments in time and money you'll make which is you can make a contribution I can make phone calls I can knock doors and my neighbors will who don't have health care will get it it's that simple that simple all right when we come back we'll have our interview with Georgia congressional candidate Lucy Macbeth you


  1. These two sound like backers of insurance company or pill-popping pharmaceutical company America wake up it's taxation without representation when it doesn't work and you're still paying pay for yourself what you use it for for a year if you got a $60,000 bill pay your $60,000 Bill don't make all pay for it.

  2. This is about ur Snapchat video on the story where u keep bashing Trump. He said after the shooting at the synagogue that the guy who did it is the reason we need the death penalty and he isn’t responsible for any of these attacks ya tard

  3. I think it's important to understand that polls are frequently wrong. I don't understand this obsession with the polls.

  4. all these socialists want to do is gaslight their brainwashed audience.

    These idiots keep saying Kavanaugh is going repeal Roe vs. Wade too……and you "resist" pussies fall for it every time.

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  6. this show is just a mouth piece for Dan Pfieffer to bitch about how he would want things to be if he were still in power. well, you know what Dan? Elections have consequences.

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