ThinkPad T490 Healthcare Edition In Action at Accelerate 2019

hi there my name is Andy Nieto global healthcare solutions for Lenovo health I'm talking today about the Lenovo health P 490 healthcare edition the t49 T healthcare edition has a number of great features that we really like the first feature I want to talk about here is the ability to badge or card into the system you'd better log in and log out using this card it's really really popular in health care we see a number of users using the same device and in using the same device you have to have an ability to get into it quickly you'll also notice here the larger fingerprint reader this federal information processing standard our fifth standard fingerprint reader provides you the ability to communicate and authenticate biometric information over the network as well as locally you can use the combination of the card and the fingerprint reader for multi-factor authentication to really drive up your security additionally we really want to protect our users and ourselves and so to do so we've done an antimicrobial surface treatment on the device that antimicrobial surface treatment prevents the transmission of microbes between the patient and the person who's been providing care and finally we also have our Lenovo quick clean application the Lenovo quickly in application allows you to suspend input and in suspending input it allows us to capture and clean the device without having different erroneous things we keyed in I hope you enjoyed the device


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