This Bench Gives People Anxiety

hello everyone this is your daily dose of Internet this company made a bench that makes it easier to make friends with strangers this person was raised by a stepfather ever since he was three years old at 19 years old he asked his dad to officially adopt him what is it what is it what is it what is it this lizard has the ability to create its own air bubble to breathe underwater the bubble moves up and down because the lizard is recycling its oxygen supply this gives the lizards and ability to hold their breath for over 16 minutes long this person found a dead squid washed up on the beach and gave us a close look of its skin this person was driving around in California when they saw a meteor fall right out of the sky in your garden someone to you here's what the mountains of iceland look like this is a single-cell organism and it's about to die when it dies it doesn't stop moving but instead falls apart into little pieces that's in this video I really hope you enjoyed and I'll see you guys again very very soon later


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