This Cup Is Unspillable – What Magic Is This?

what’s up guys Lew here back with another video and today I’ve got something unusual for you but I think I’m thinking it might be incredibly useful I still don’t really believe it though cuz when I saw this online and I saw the demonstration I was like come on show me what David Copperfield is this doesn’t look right what I’ve got in front of me is something called the mighty mug this is the mug that cannot be tipped over will not fall over it is the mug that is unspell above what are you talking about Lou everybody needs this why if this is something have mugs been able to tip for so long now I think this might be the ultimate kind of mug for your gadget head because as you know and I know Woody’s kind of guys were on the laptop right cruisin cruisin for a bruisin looking for the next best thing on the web and generally speaking we have a drink nearby you tip that drink right into that keyboard you fry that logic board that motherboard you’re not a happy camper anymore are you all because of what you trying to save your pennies Lou’s a cheapo mug instead of the un– spill abou one kind of person are you I have a coca-cola classic the classics in the house coca-cola hit me up I’m still waiting for your phone call this one is kind of a more traditional coffee style this one looks like it’s for a cold beverage it includes a straw it lifts straight up but it grips to the surface you know that game that you play at those motivational things where it’s like do you trust the guy behind you just fall back he’ll catch you you know the game I’m talking about that’s the moment we’re gonna have it’s the moment we’re about to have here jump inside it’s interesting so the bottom part of it is the fact that it like pivots a little bit I’m gonna put the mug to the side for a while but like I said they essentially function to sink I just picked it up and there was no problem so oh man this is nerve-racking I got all this camera equipment over here and I’m gonna try and tip this thing over remember what I said coca-cola I’m waiting for your phone call anytime phone lines are open lifts straight up and it comes up but wha-oh towards the camera all right it’s stressful every time it looks like it’s gonna go you feel like it’s gonna go what a fight whoa got me feeling a little mealy Willy that’s a lot of boy slap it do I slap it Wow what how do I not have this already how does everyone not have this I mean if you could forget about the splash coming out the top what you could I’m saluting oh man my life has changed what about picking it up so let’s say I want to take a drink what this is like two genius this should be the only cup allowed on desks across America this one it makes a simple claim but it’s a hell of a claim and I was skeptical


  1. Lord plz nobody come back n CGI something in place of cup in the future…. plz n thanks…. goodnight or cup of tha mornin to ya folks

  2. just incase you wondering if he got the coca-cola call; he did. coca-cola went on to give him a old school fridge and a bottle with his face on it.

  3. hello fellow comrades, who got recommended this vid in the year 2019 by our savior , the youtube algorithm , may you all have a nice day :))

  4. ah, I miss old Unbox Therapy intros and videos. Seems so… "manufactured" these days. Less genuine enthusiasm like what is on display in this video.

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