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hi everyone thank you for joining me today on this live I appreciate your time I'm dr. Martha nany I'm talking about something pretty important and timely as well I want to talk to you about a disease that possibly could be spreading from dogs to humans and so right after you know right off to hot off the press because this is something that we're recognizing in Iowa and so what are we recognizing that Iowa's now confirmed multiple cases of a disease that can be transmitted from dogs to humans so really important again thank you for joining me on this live I'm doctor parson Andy and and I hope you guys are having a great day and or to talk to you a little bit about about what's been going on and and and what this disease is all about so in Iowa multiple cases of a bacterial disease that can be passed from dogs to people and health officials really say that the disease originated and a dog a breeding facility and that anyone who's acquired you know a small breed dog at that time should contact your veterinarian so you know so what disease are we talking about right lots of people I want to know because they they have pets and so that the the disease we're talking about is is brucellosis pretty I'm sure a lot of you've not heard this before but brucellosis and brucellosis is is caused by the bacteria called Brucella canis highly contagious between dogs and typically you know you can get these reproductive problems like for example infertility and stillbirths and this infection can be spread through reproductive fluids now dogs come in contact with infected body fluids and then you know they get they get infected often they're licking sniffing sexual transmission humans get it after exposure to blood or other secretions in an infected animal and so it's it's it's you know more infectious in a in a dog between dogs versus versus a dog to human but it can't happen so brucellosis is the is the diagnosis the name and it's caused by the bacteria Brucella canis again those of you joining us talking about and disease the bacterial disease that can be fast from dogs to humans so canine brucellosis one of the symptoms flu-like symptoms pretty nonspecific fevers chills sweats headaches joint pain back pain and weakness so like I said pretty nonspecific right so it can also cause enlarged spleen or splenomegaly that can also be a possible effect and and sometimes you have effect of the nervous system the heart the eyes this is much much rare and brucellosis is often very difficult to identify because symptoms are quite similar right we talked about pretty nonspecific by testing of blood or bone marrow can help to diagnose this condition very important and if detected you can give antibiotics and but the problem is there's no guarantee the disease will not return so that's that's important to know again very you know very very common symptoms or symptoms that are nonspecific fevers chills headaches joint pain back pain or weakness and it can it can also cause enlarged spleen affect the eyes heart and nervous system very important antibiotics can be prescribed it's diagnosed with blood testing or bone marrow and pet owners a lot of people you're watching in your pets and you're wondering how this can affect it so pet owners brucellosis isn't as contagious right with humans as it would with dogs between dogs so very important you know folks who are really more likely to be exposed or veterinarians or breeders because they typically handle a newborn puppies or clean up after a dog has given birth so important for that for those individuals they can help avoid the disease by wearing gloves and washing hands really well with soap and water very important and and back you know the the deal is that the at pet owner the normal pattern er getting infected with canine brucellosis is pretty low right very low but overall human affection you know is rare but if anyone's really concerned you should go and talk to your doctor but again basic principles wear gloves wash your hands and and that's kind of it but but you have to really be aware a lot of people don't know this could exist but brucellosis is a disease that talking about in Iowa that can be transmitted from dogs to humans very important so again thank you so much for watching this live remember make healthy living a part of everyday those who missed it we're talking about canine brucellosis and and and what you can do to really treat yourself I mean prevent from getting it and also if you have it become become infected then how can you treat it so we been talking about that if you missed it please go ahead and play it again appreciate your time and wherever you are remember make healthy living a part of every day I will see you next time namaste

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