This Doctor Says if You're On This Medication, Stop Taking it Immediately!

one of the conditions that MDS try to manage is high cholesterol that's been a big business lately with statin drugs and I think in the last six months to a year as we're shooting this the recommendations have gone up for people that should be should be on statin drugs to you know almost like half of the adult population your thoughts on either those drugs or surprised at the recommendations that keep going up trying to get more people on these drugs well again you know it's a lack of perspective it's a lack of information for instance if you were to go outside and measure the position of the Sun in the sky at different times of the day over the course of a year you could predict reasonably extremely accurately where the Sun was going to be in the sky at any moment in time and then you could also reasonably conclude that it's the Sun that goes around the earth because look that the Sun is the Sun that's moving it rises in the east and sets in the west and I can tell you at 3 o'clock Central Time on June 29th that's exactly where it's going to be and I'd be right but because even though you had collected all of this data if you did not know anything about gravity if you left out the datum point of gravity your conclusions that the earth moves around the Sun would be incorrect even though you had amassed this gigantic amount of data if you did not know or include into your research gravity you would not know that it's not the earth that the Sun that goes around the earth it's the other way around so depending on the perspective that a scientist brings to bear on in this case medical research they can be easily led astray for lack of you know perspective a lack of a proper perspective and this is how it is with cholesterol I believe statin drugs are currently the second leading selling drug in the world 25 billion dollars I think a year it's a massive amount of money that we spend on cholesterol-lowering medication and in the time that we've been fat phobic statin drug crazy of heart disease the rates of heart disease have not really changed that much meanwhile Alzheimer's has skyrocketed Alzheimer's has risen from obscurity to become the sixth leading cause of death and if you look at the incidence of occurrence of Alzheimer's disease it parallels all most exactly the introduction of statin drugs to the market seventy five percent of the brain and central nervous system is made from cholesterol all of your sex hormones are made from cholesterol all of the walls of all of the trillions of the cells in your body are made from cholesterol cholesterol is so important to the human body that your body makes it your liver will make cholesterol if you don't have enough that's how statin drugs work they interrupt the process in the liver which makes cholesterol they interrupts your body's natural production of cholesterol by causing inflammation in the liver which is why if you're taking a statin drug you need to have your liver enzymes checked every six months to make sure you're not getting hepatitis from the statin drug but back to the point there's no relationship between cholesterol and heart disease let me say it again there's no relationship between cholesterol and heart disease there was a Russian doctor his name is Effie Ravin Pskov he did a meta-analysis of all of the research ever published on heart disease anywhere in the world and looked at all of it and when you objectively look without any pharmaceutical funding when you objectively look at the data the fact of the matter is there is no relationship between cholesterol and heart disease it is not cholesterol it is not the presence of cholesterol in the body that causes cholesterol to accumulate in the arteries cholesterol is not the culprit it's inflammation of the artery which causes the body to lay down cholesterol as a bandage this is our point of view but if you drive cholesterol into the ditch with drugs fat-free diets and exercise guess what happens your brain dries up you get Alzheimer's your sex hormones dry up if you're a man you get a wreck tile dysfunction if you're a woman you got hot flushes for five years instead of five months like your grandparents there are only two prescription medications which I unequivocally across-the-board recommend all of my patients to stop taking immediately just flush them down the toilet statin drugs and any type of proton pump inhibitor or heartburn medicine because these things will kill you again there's no relationship between high cholesterol and heart disease quite frankly you would be hard-pressed to try to get high cholesterol and if you ever do in fact have high cholesterol which from our point of view is over 275 high cholesterol as far as I'm concerned is over 275 for total cholesterol but even if you did have high cholesterol the cholesterol itself is not the problem it's like the check engine light on the dashboard the little light on the dashboard is not the problem the light is an indication that something else somewhere in the automobile is wrong when your cholesterol level skyrockets there's nothing inherently wrong with the cholesterol but it means there's something else going on in the body that needs to be addressed and again because of a priori built in a research bias that the MDS are blind to they completely overlooked this notion that it's not cholesterol that's the problem you know thinking that cholesterol is the problem is like you know having somebody from Mars come to Planet Earth they don't know anything about anything and they go around to houses that are on fires and they see the bigger the fire the more fireman therefore they conclude that it's the fireman that caused the fire it's a cockeyed way of you know looking at the data and this is a big problem there really is in the final analysis very rare cases of high cholesterol and when those even do show up again it's not the cholesterol that's the problem it's something else in the body making that happen it's fascinating stuff you


  1. And this guy is to be believed why? It you really want to think for yourself, than how about some more scrutiny of random guys with alternative opinions as well as mainstream ones

  2. Doc put me on them .I couldent move muscle weakness .a friend who had stroke same time as me he has cebral pausy all people I know on statins are now type 2diabetes lung prob stomach problems liver problems . They treating for stroke before were 50 we be on more meds to combat side effe ts .im.on natural blood thiners .fresh ginger turmeric honey red rice avoid apple cider vinegar its loaded with toxic cremtrails .hope this helps people to come off big pharma 😈meds .wake up people 😷

  3. Drug companies are only there to temorarily repair. If they fix you they can't make money out of you.

  4. how can we trust a so called doctor that believes the sun revolves around the earth? that makes earth the center of our solar system or even the universe,

  5. I had a triple bypass about 4 years ago & was put on Aspirin, Simvastatin & Bisoprolol. I've been thinking about asking Dr if I can stop them. Apart from health risks I've heard about with statins etc, as I'm only on a company pension due to early retirement every penny counts. It would be great if I could save my over £10 a Month prescription even if it doesn't sound much. Only thing is I'm nervous to do so unless I can guarantee I'm eating safely & exercising enough. I could possibly keep up the Aspirins as they cost next to nothing if I can buy the right dosage. Is there anything I can do? Anyone advise me of best plan?

  6. Brother Dr. Glidden you are absolutely right but unfortunately people don’t give a shit they have their head so far up their ass it’s incredible. Medical doctors yes are incredible amazing but there’s one problem with them they will never get to the underlined cause ever Because they have no idea

  7. Firmament of firmaments no globe no gravity fake space fake planets , miss leading the masses with the vacuum of money, fluoride drones for no memory.

  8. They put me on that crap years ago. It gave me more problems then I had before. I got off of it 15 years ago and I’ve been fine. My Dr has a fit because I won’t take it. My cholesterol is very high both good and bad.

  9. Actually there's massive proof humans have twice as much cholesterol in their blood than all other mammals. And a healthy diet reduces cholesterol BUT after years of high cholesterol you have blockages AND diet might not reduce those BUT statins+ diet do. Which still doesn't mean they'll make you safe from heart attack BUT considering all we know, if you have risk factors it would be foolish to not take them.

  10. I refused statin drugs so they put me on something called Lodalis or colesevelam hydrochloride. It is a bile acid sequestrant. Is it less harmful than statins?

  11. There is also a DIRECT correlation betwween the spraying of nano-particulate aluminum and alzheimer's . Once you toss in the flouride from all the drinking water and toothpaste the effects of the aluminum is 100 fold !

  12. With me it was antipsychotics. I weaned myself off them, on my own, by myself. I was on them twenty years too long. Bloody doctors and Big Pharma. A curse, a plague and a pox on all of them.

  13. Thank you for telling people the truth! I read much on this subject at least 10 years ago and learned enough to decide that statins were harmful. My husband was determined to have high cholesterol which was under 200 and his doctor attempted to scare him into taking statins. I insisted that he did not take them. There are many ways to lower your cholesterol with natural foods and that's exactly what he did. It was obvious that statins were another Big Pharma money maker being pushed by the health industry globalists to the doctors and the public. Especially when they lowered the prescribing level from 200 to about 100. They do the same thing with blood pressure medications, dangerous blood thinners and many more lab chemicals that harm and sometimes kill people. When are they good, decent and principled doctors in our society going to organize, band together and stand up for humanity? You have the power to change healthcare for all.

  14. I can't believe that this guy, doctor uses the allegory of the Earth and the Sun, and then he didn't realised that the Sun actually moves across the Flat Earth and not the other way around…he needs to seriously do more research on this field…instead of being lie to by the same organization which lie to the masses about medication from the Pharmacia Industry which indirectly own by the same players.

  15. The sun and moon are in the firmament, the sun and moon are the same size, and both do rotate over the flat stationary plane. So says God. But you are correct about cholesterol. 😊

  16. There are honest and dishonest professionals in both Allopathic and Homeopathic care
    People should investigate and be allowed to choose their care

  17. Big Pharmacy corporations manufactures way way way worse criminals and horrendously crimes against humanity and nature corruption at its very worst buddies with Monsanto and immunizations devised dirty work . Way worse than any drug dealer which oh by the way they are …but they are worse pushers look how they push push push

  18. Very interesting to hear about PPI's getting bad press as well. I have been taking statins (up until a week ago) and would rather take my chances….. I think I'll also be ditching my omeprazole. Everything has gone south for me since I started these two drugs after being healthy and happy, but succumbed to my gp's ideas about 10 months ago. Life's been miserable since then. 🙁

  19. Have just stopped medication for high cholesterol,,,,,Side Effects are terrible, will look for natural way, through foods to avoid, etc.

  20. Brilliant message, however not sure what the outcome was with the sun and earth analogy.. it was a "What?"..

  21. Doctors are often just full of shit. They work the numbers to pay the rent, and couldn't care less about their patients.

  22. Wow it was only this morning I thought I am taking something bad… Can't remember much at times.. Weigh up the pro,s and cons.. I thing this Doc just told it straight…

  23. My doctor tried to put me on statins for barely elevated cholesterol. I declined and got another doctor.

  24. i had high cholesterol and triglycerides for years and refused all dr is amazed after 35 yrs that i am in great health and have pefect chlesterol

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