This Is Terrifying: The True Cause of Heart Disease | Dr. Jack Wolfson on Health Theory


  1. Great stuff. I am contractor and chatted with a world famous cardiologist near Houston while working on his project.
    He said that ALL heart attacks are caused by inflammation. He recommended taking lipospheric (oily )
    Vitamin C. He was AMAZINGLY vital for a guy in his 80's.

  2. Interesting talk and agree that eliminating toxins and stress from your environment as much as possible will be really good for your health. Exercise is also important and there's no shame in going to a gym versus exercising outside. Many of us live in regions where the weather does not permit us to exercise outdoors for the majority of the year. Context should also be taken into consideration with regards to training and exercise, for example a pregnant woman (especially as she nears late or third trimester pregnancy) will not be able to do burst/hiit training and walking on a treadmill/some resistance training is totally fine.

  3. It's surprising how these discussions involving fruit seemed to be only about fructose. What about fruit that isn't "sweet" or have fructose? You know like an avocado, cucumber, eggplant, olives….and so on.

  4. the china study and so many nutritional and experimental studies would say that heart disease is directly linked to meat and dairy consumption so please don't push the meat!

  5. Love it great info.

    Also hard to always get great nutrition when you are traveling all the time or deployed.

    Personally I eat at 12 and 4 pm and feel great.
    Mostly meat.
    Also love to supplement great foods from around the world.

  6. The out of Africa theory does not suggest that all humanity comes from North Africa ie Middle East but from southern Africa where the San people still live.

  7. Dr. Jack is an amazing doctor and a great guy, I feel fortunate to be one of his patients. He's helped a lot of people naturally.

  8. The SUN is the answer, Yes. But Out of Africa theory is a theory at best. All across the equator are light skinned people, especially in Asian, so think about that……..A good book on Solar harmonics and humans is thus….

  9. you can say that any one of those is more important than the other (opening line) because what about happiness? Ha Ha
    and, did cavemen live long?

  10. Very interesting interview although I don't agree with everything. Ayurveda has a different perspective on some topics. Maybe you can interview an Ayurveda expert sometime? Thank you for your work! Greetings from Austria.

  11. I tell you to avoid this son of God 2 and you better not do that at the end of the day the sun makes everything grow I never believed that was sunscreen is poison no doubt about it you know all you guys make a lot of sense but my pet is about to come off my shoulders and I don't feel good so I got to listen and like I said Doctor gum free this gentleman there's I'm taking a little bit from each one of them

  12. My problem with academics like this guy is that they can put "Dr." in front of their name and make generalizations and people blindly follow. He keeps talking about what "our ancestors" did and didn't do. At one point he said our ancestors were not built for long distance running…WRONG. Look at the taru mara tribe and zulu tribe and tons of humans who still live traditional lifestyles. They chase animals for super long distances because humans were built to outlast animals not be faster than them. Hence why we have sweat glands which cool us down over long distances vs other animals that will get tired after short bursts since their bodies will overheat. This guy is a conceited idiot who wants to generalize everything so he can write a book…

  13. Tom, I'm curious if you've encountered any studies treating obese persons with high nutrient medical IVs. I've seen naturopath cancer treatment using this method. My theory here, based on one sample participant (my husband), is the person is so deep into the high calorie/zero nutrient diet that telling them to "lose weight" or "eat more vegetable" just doesn't work to release them of their malnutrition diet. I wonder if providing these patients with nutrients first, combined with dietary education, and therapy would then make it possible to move them into the desirable healthy eating and relationship with food.

  14. Wait! Are you saying you have proof that our hunter-gatherer ancestors lived a hundred or more years??

  15. Tom looks so tired often in his videos. I'm concerned for him. I think he takes too much on and it detracts from his message.

  16. Dude what this guy does on here is Amazing I thank god for this Channel and the wonderful people that make it posible , thank you and have a Awsome day cause you are πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  17. Mr. Tom Bilyue i hopw you can feature Rhonda Byrne and Bob Proctor in impact theory. I'm soo curious about The book THE SECRET. I know there is more story behind that book.

  18. Inflammation is the cause to all health issues. The issue is so many things these days cause several forms of inflammatory responses.

  19. WOW!! Dr Jack gave few AHA !! moments…well done..this channel never gets old or boring…love it

  20. Mind blown!!! About the high cholesterol low vitamin D connection, thank you! I'm thin was vegetarian for years was doing master cleanse for a week when diagnosed with high cholesterol. I also run indoor treadmill, was perplexed.

  21. What I love about your interviews Tom is that besides asking consistently intelligent questions, you really are fully engaged. A lot of interviewers are checking their notes to see what they gong to ask next while the guest chats on…. Really genuine and authentic and that's why you have 1 million subs.

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