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If you’re honest, and you’re like most of us, you will admit that you don’t love to clean. In fact you may hate to clean. My husband, god bless him, he loves to clean. Me, not so much. You are going to want to get to know this lady right here. Our next guest is a cleaning expert whose book, website, and online videos have helped millions clean. And she’s going to give us her top cleaning tips. She’s the author of Clean My Space. Her name is Melissa Maker, but this is what I love about her best, Melissa doesn’t do this because she loves to clean, she does this because she hates to clean! (audience clapping) I mean that’s the sales pitch. So how did you come into this being your specialty in your profession, if it’s something you truly hate to do? Okay so good question. I saw an opportunity, because I hated doing it, I knew other people hated doing it, so I thought there’s gotta be something here. So I started a cleaning company in 2006 in Toronto where I’m from,
Right. And then in 2011 we started make YouTube videos. Those started to help people. A lot of people were like, yeah I hate cleaning too, help me. So that’s what happened. It’s brilliant
And here we are. (laughs) Anti-marketing if you think about it. (audience clapping) It’s honest marketing. So cleaning a mirror, you know there is an art to it. But the first thing I want to say, is paper towels, we’re not using paper towels to clean mirrors anymore. They leave the little dusty things. They do, they leave lint, they leave streaks, they get wet, you gotta replace them, it’s a lot of work. So I’m going to tell you how to do that in a sec. But the first thing I want to do, ’cause I’m all about recipes. Kind of like you. Is make up a glass cleaning recipe. So I’ve got half a cup here of water. Always easy to start with water right? Right. And then you’ve got half a cup of white vinegar. White vinegar, underused ingredient. Okay now this one’s cool. This is cornstarch. We’re putting that into glass cleaner. Really? Shut the door. I’m opening the door, this is a good thing. Right, you wanta make your mirror crispy or what? We’re not crispy, but the cornstarch actually helps to remove any hardened on dirt, hairspray, that kind of stuff that you get on the mirror. Huh, I did not know this. Yeah, so this is really cool. Again pantry items, so simple right? I’m trying to shove the rest of the cornstarch in. Yeah we don’t want to lose any of the cornstarch action. Gotcha. So once this is done you can just give it a really good shake, and then we’re going to head over to the mirror. And I’ve got here a microfiber cloth. So microfiber cloths are life-changing for cleaning guys. If you haven’t used them you gotta start using them. They remove streaks and lint, not like paper towels, so. Wow this person just went into the bathroom and just shoved their face across the mirror. It was not pretty. So give it a good spritz, top to bottom. Awesome. So I’m going to show you the right way to clean a mirror and then I’m going to show you the wrong way to clean a mirror. So the right way is what I call the s pattern. We start over here, we swing back this way and we do a nice little s over here. And what you’ll notice is, my arm’s not exhausted, I’m not leaving streaks and marks behind. And most importantly, if I’m doing this, which is how most people clean right? Right, right, right. This is taking a clean space, a clean cloth, and then wiping dirt all over the surface so you’re just having to work a lot harder. So this thing over here, the s pattern. Spot. (audience laughing) Thank you. This is the new way to clean. So we just do a little s pattern. Good job. (audience clapping) (audience cheering)


  1. How to clean a mirror? Really?

    How about a new segment on how to tie your shoe or how to clip your fingernails.

    Is the world really THAT dumb?

  2. people will learn to through out thing on floor and make a mess. l like u r channel malissa but l don't like u throwing things like that.

  3. I love my girl! Melissa maker! So happy to announce she expecting a little one! She is gonna be a great mom! Im so looking foward to her mom videos!

  4. Wow a “professional cleaner” and she doesn’t know how to clean a window, or what to use. To get streak free windows you use white vinegar and newspaper. That’s all you need. The black ink on the newspaper leaves them streak free.

  5. What u making fish and chips or cleaning a mirror unless u are a tight ass and cant afford chemicals

  6. what which dumbasses clean with the scrubbing motion LOL are you kidding me theres actually people in this world who think thats right

  7. I don't understand why people give advice on cleaning something and will not look to see if they did it right ?!!?

  8. no where in this video do I see how much cornstarch to use? I thought you were supposed to use alcohol for streak free? idk. Waste of time – when giving a "recipe" – please, for the love of Godzilla, can you tell us how MUCH of each ingredient to use?!

  9. I tried it and it doesn't work for me at all. It removes only light strains which can also be cleaned with water as it doesn't remove hard strains. So it's better not to use this shit

  10. I dreaded cleaning a huge mirror I have. I did this and it took virtually no time and looks beautiful! Saved my life! I suggest using a dry mirco fiber cloth after just to dry it all off. Perfect!

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