This Is The Root of All Chronic Disease | Naveen Jain on Health Theory


  1. Is EMF killing all the gutbacteria or there are types that are more likely to survive it? I was thinking about 5G, everyone is afraid of it and I read that it's true that EMF kills gut microbiome. But what if only people with certain kind of microbiome are more likely to develop diseases from 5g?

  2. Thats what human should do .. HELP each other get well NOT make us SICK and keep up sick for the sake of making MONEY!! thanks you so very much cant wait ti Shar ethis video

  3. If Mr Jain is reading this, if in his great mind he could consider one more idea, consider pathogenic(infectious) bacteria forming biofilm. That is if he already hasn't… Biofilm plaques cannot be reached by antibiotics or our body's immune system. But good bacteria metabolites synergized with amino acids and in other journals, possibly medium chain fats seems to be how nature removes biofilm and kills pathogenic bacteria film.

  4. The best explanation on regards to Health and Chronic diseases…. this is the best interview in the show Tom … remarkable

    This man is wise..

  5. Question! So if your microbiome changes ecosystems every 3-6 months does that mean you have to test every time it switches. How do you know what food to eat. Is there a certain foundation of foods for your body. Avocado can be good for you now but in 3 months it won’t.
    Thank you!! Absolutely phenomenal interview 🙏🏽

  6. I learned so much from your vedios. I really appreciate you trying so hard to spread awareness on all kinds of science, about health, mindset and everything that is so hard to find out on our own. I sincerely thank you and hope you get reward for what your doing.

  7. When hype is earning someone huge amounts of money, beware. If it seems too good… Do yourself a favor. Spend some time checking out the reviews. He did not invent this information. It is not original research. This is merely marketing. Someone found a new mousetrap. This is a clever genius who is riding this fad all the way to the bank. I was appalled by so many terrible reviews provided by unhappy customers who had dealings with the Viome company. I don't know if I can post a link in a comment, but I will try this one:

  8. But then what does it mean when you have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis without being hypo and having nodules yet inflammation markers are normal?

  9. WOW! This is totally huge. This completely connected the dots for me. Thank you for this enlightenment.

  10. This sounds good, but how do we know it's not a bunch of bullshit ? Is there any type of proof or substantiated evidence ?

  11. After the Wim Hof episode, this one is by far THE BEST, and only got 87K views?? Jesus.
    This literally CHANGED MY LIFE

  12. Another LEGENDARY interview! I'm going to sign up for Viome & vlog about it on my YouTube channel!

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