This is what anxiety feels like


  1. I believe I may have anxiety, but I won't take anything easy or follow the rules because I'm terrified of wasting my life walking a line, living the same day again and again.
    One day will be my last, and there's nothing past that. No other days for me, or anyone else. It's over.
    Those opinions and rules that I followed are worth nothing at that point. They will never be worth anything again.
    Perhaps my biggest fear is not knowing what I will do to make life worth it, and how much time I have to do so.
    Can I do it? Will I die tommorow or years from now?…at this rate, ill make it to 60 and still be wondering what to do and where to start.

    This video telling me to take it easy, slow down, follow rules, and ajust to a pattern is telling me to do exactly what I refuse. If I do follow, I don't do anything worth remembering or living for. If I don't follow, I could go and do whatever I want, but I'll be nothing but anxious while I do it.
    I guess I'll be anxious regardless.

    I'll never understand how they tell anxiety prone people apart from regular people. We all act the same, follow the same guidelines. We all keep it inside. The only difference is my issues come from inside and theirs come from outside.
    No matter what, it seems there's always something wrong. Even if I was "cured", there are still demons everywhere.
    What's the point of all this?
    The point is I'll be dead for eternity after this. I better enjoy what I have now, take every little bit of it. Because after this, it's over.

  2. I have severe anxiety and nobody cares. Even when I tell people it's bothering me, they still do it anyway, saying I'm just crazy

  3. This is a HORRIBLE video. I have 2 degrees in Psychology and an anxiety disorder myself. All the things in this video are very inaccurate and will actually make you feel worse, not better! I’m absolutely disgusted.

    Please, if you have anxiety or panic, see a trained mental health professional for help and/or advice. Anxiety IS treatable with the right information and tools.

    I wish everyone the very best, I know anxiety is so scary and hard to deal with. I believe in you and I know you are strong enough to get through this! You are not alone!!

    God bless!

  4. I have anxiety but friends think I'm using it as a excuse for things. One of them says I'm faking my anxiety attacks… But it's really bad

  5. My parents call my anxiety “bullshit” and when I tried to open up to my grandparents about it they laughed at me.

  6. I have severe social anxiety.

    Enough for me to have selective mutisum… which is where you only talk to sustain people which in my case is the family I live with and my online firends. basicly some of my only firends… my real life ones I barely even text to anymore including my boyfirend.

    my anxiety feels like anything I could say could make everything go wrong. they will judge me, they don't want to speak to the kid who refuses to talk to anyone verbally. I'm just a waste of time, they'll get mad, that will make them upset, that will make them feel like killing me jdixdjfjfjxjdjdjdjfjejfkdfowofojdidfidjfrjfi

    I also gotten to the point 90% of the time I don't even know what to say anymore.

  7. I have social anxiety and emetophobia which is a phobia of sick and it controls my life on a daily basis, it wasn’t as bad when I was a kid with my emetophobia but it definitely grew on me and for abt a year or two I get panic attacks daily with my social anxiety that’s always been apart of me I think it’s probably because of how deep I worry about things especially when it comes to people and sick

  8. I have anxiety and when I get nervous i get horrible pains and stabbing feelings in my throat.

    I wish more people knew that anxiety can have physical symptoms too. It's not just being nervous. People have panic attacks and a other symptoms too

  9. guys i justt read a heartbreaking comment by blah blah and guys dont give up i belive in you your not alone you are strong!

  10. Sadly, as a person diagnosed with "off-the charts" (or extremely severe) anxiety, this really got me anxious. rip.

  11. The idea of avoiding situations that cause anxiety does nothing to help people who find anxiety in everyday situations that are necessary for living

  12. I used to have severe anxiety . I had anxiety about not falling asleep. When she said " avoid situations that cause anxiety " I couldn't avoid going to bed . Every night was always such a struggle I would just lie there awake , eyes closed but mind racing . When it got really bad my heart started racing , I started getting cold sweats , all because I couldn't relax and fall asleep. " I won't be able to function at work tommorow " "Only 3 hours until I have to wake up " " Am I going to die from lack of sleep " . I didn't realise how bad I was . What worked for me was sticking to a sleeping pattern and regular exercise . I still get anxiety about other things but you sort of just let the thought sit there and just push it aside . Over time it got better but I didn't ever get any professional help , but all I can say is that your mind is powerful and if you can regocnise those anxious thoughts then you can not act on them and not worry about the anxiety , Breathe big breaths for 10 seconds and clear your mind and you will get over it . There is nothing to be worried about

  13. i didn't know i had anxiety but i started getting these thoughts of the future and worrying a lot and getting too emotional on things. I still get panic attacks and thoughts about death and stuff and its really scary. i thought that i was going crazy and i felt all alone as no one in my family understood. I then came across this word anxiety and i researched it. I found the symptoms to be the same as what i was experiencing and i did anxiety management. i then knew that i had anxiety and i do get panic attacks. My confidence is growing and headspace had also helped a lot

  14. The last time you saw me with anxeity was when i was an unborn child and im proud to say my anxiety has had babies

  15. I have social anxiety, no one knows it though, I can’t stop thinking of somthing that could go wrong

    “It’s all in your head”
    ”You will grow out of it”
    “Your just shy”

    they hate you
    your bothering them
    they are laughing at YOU
    they wish you were gone
    your better off dead
    no one would notice
    everyone would be happier if you weren’t here

  16. In the past I have had very severe anxiety I had to get help but once I got older it eased a bit but often I get anxiety and anxiety attack. Headspace has helped me a lot. It made me calm and more mindful in everyday situations thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Can you please add a subtitles option, so that these videos are accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people? Ta

  18. I hate it because I told one of my friends that I had some social anxiety and they said yeah right. They didn't believe me 😕

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