This is Why Yu-Gi-Oh Players Need Help.

(playful music) (pencil scratching on paper) – And that’s how I lost my
Infernities last summer. – Yes, yes. – Do you think this is the reason why you only play meta decks? – No! At least I don’t think so. – Well, when was the last time you played something non-competitive? – Do True Dracos count? – No. – What about Trickstar? – No. – How about Gouki? – Wait. Do you play with the Great Ogre? – No. – Then this is not Goukis. – Well, I did play Red-Eyes for a while. – Yes, yes. Now we are getting somewhere. And what drew you to this deck? – Well, Joey played it in the anime, and I think it looks really cool. – Okay. Yes, I can see why this
will be a perfectly good reason to play this– – And it has a sweet combo with Red-MD and Guardragons, but it’s too susceptible to handtraps and it wasn’t great going second. So I just dropped it
for Thunder Guardragons. – (sighs) Is it so bad to just play a deck because you will enjoy it? – Look, I only play decks that can play through multiple negations, set up unbreakable boards, and hand loop my opponents consistently. – But where’s the fun? – Fun? Fun is watching the hope
drain out of my opponent’s face when I drop Azathot. (electronic music) Fun is when I loop Aqua Dolphin until there’s no cards
left in my opponent’s hand. – Calm down, calm down. This is a safe place, a
Safe Zone if you will. But I cannot help but
think that your idea of fun comes from a one-sided quest for dominance that stems from a deep rooted hatred of your fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Chono, when she confiscated your deck and placed it inside of
her Deskbot Base. – That deck was a Symbol of Friendship and she didn’t even care. She just tossed it into
the Shredder like Scrap. – Would you care to elaborate on that? – (sighs) So I was just
chilling out with my crew in the school yard, gettin’
our game on like we always do. And then Ms. Chono showed up
and accused us of gambling and Dark Ruler Ha Des worship. – Were you? – Well, we certainly weren’t gambling, but I will not be ashamed of my religion. Anyway, she lied to the principal and they took away our cards. – Yes, yes. I know it may hurt when someone
Snatch Steals your cards. But instead of Sharing the Pain why not try Forgiving the Maiden? – Maiden? More like a Harpie. – Yes, yes, yes. Let’s forget about her. Let’s shift our focus. What about your opponents? How do you think they feel when they partake in your
particular brand of fun? – Does that matter? – Yu-Gi-Oh is a two-player game and– – But Doc, didn’t you tell
me that I don’t have to take responsibility for
other people’s happiness and I shouldn’t look to
others for validation? – Yes I did say this, but… (light percussive music) – So, Doc, Have you ever
played a meta deck before? – No, no no no. This is boring. I always stay on the more
casual side of the game. – And why is that? Does the idea of investing
your time and money into a highly competitive
environment intimidate you? – No, I just don’t want to play the same thing as everyone else! I mean, be like those meta sheeps that my great, great fran-hoosen
used to tell me about. Back in the old country. – But no matter what game you play, there’s always gonna be a meta game. And near the top, they
always become homogeneous. Why is that a problem for Yu-Gi-Oh? – (sighing) I’m really not sure. – Well, that’s all the
time we have for today. I’m gonna go ahead and
book two more sessions with your secretary and we’re
gonna see if we can figure out how to connect your hate for the meta game with your high school bully, Ushio. Thank you for your time. – What the shi-zah just happened?


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  2. I play red dragon archfiend synchron deck. So I get so pissed off at all these dumb meta decks that otk no matter what you do

  3. Till this day I still play Dark Magicians and Red-eyes, etc… And I put cards that I like in my deck. FIGHT ME

  4. I think a meta in yugioh is only a problem because cards cost money. If it was easier for people to play around the meta maybe if wouldn't be so boring.

  5. The game has always been meta or lose… it's why I quit. Never had the kinda money to buy the fake freinds the game gave me.

  6. Why can't people play for fun anymore it's like every community now no one plays what they love just try hard deck

  7. This made my inner Yugioh player laugh & cry at the same time. Reminds me of a time when I would actually enjoy the game with nice people. I love this video. Please do more of these.

  8. I have a skit idea for you it is a person that started out with a bad deck and every time he sees someone with a tornament winning deck he has to keep buying that deck and they keep losing.

  9. You Whats wrong about this yugioh era and kinda sad its a need to run hand traps without them your opponent can do whatever they want

  10. Yeah but you can shift the dominance more or less easily depending how broken the game is. That's why you should try to set your game in a way where people's ingeniosity and personality can be the most delivered through a deck. Where this "constraint" on a competitive context is the least of a constraint possible and you can have the highest diversity of play possible. When the highest difficulty there is in executing your deck is to simply own the cards then it ruins the game. And a part of the reason why it happens with yugioh is marketing. A game that gives konami huge benefits isn't a game that gives the players the best platform to play with. Because then benefits becomes a consequence and not a goal and that's taking a risk. I'm only a casual, and nobody is going to read that shit anyway but I am deeply convinced that there is a way for a game to allow competition without completly evicting players that want to have fun. They had a chance to correct this with yugioh duel links, but no. You enter the ladder and all you can find is ancient gears and samurai decks, extremelly performant and not allowing you to use anything else than the same kind of souless deck everyone uses and you have no merit for. We should make an optimized list of what cards allow the most people's individuality and ingeniosity to manifest itself where competitive technics wont be out of reach for fun decks.

  11. This is pretty much every competitive player ever who takes the game seriously. I relate to this so much myself, I’m casual, but I can’t play at all without meta. It sucks

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  13. where can i get that stardustdragon lamp ? i tried to google for it but all i find are deck suggestions

  14. I just play for fun honestly, that's what I've always done, even at tournaments and stuff, I'm not trying to be the best, no need to when I just want fun

  15. Everyone has their own preferences. Some prefer Meta; some prefer casual or rogue decks. Either way the important thing is that everyone involved in the game is having fun and showing sportsmanship. Neither side should look down on the other. Let's all meet in the middle and trust in the heart of the cards 🙂 which I do believe in btw. It has worked for me more times than I can count. I have drawn exactly what I needed at the last moment several times. I have run burn decks, warrior(specifically an Marauding Captain/Allied Forces deck), Exodia/Destiny Board deck(Forbidden Destiny), Generic Dragon Deck, Blue-Eyes, Red-Eyes, and most recently I ran a Destiny Hero and a Cyberse God Deck(Digital Divinity); and now I run a deck that has Dark Heroes/Rainbow Dark Dragon/Egyptian God deck that has both a swarming and rotation strategy. I could drop my deck list if anyone would like to see.. Also on Duel Links, I main Aster Phoenix and his Destiny Heroes(by far my favorite archetype in the game.)

  16. Yea we probably should stopped playing before we became men so we didn't ruin it for the younglings

  17. My friend needs to watch this video…..his that one guy who keeps giggling like Weevil every time he is "lucky" to draw the perfect cards to perform one out of the infinite uncounterable combos that finish the game in 5 rounds his cheat deck has. Plus most of his cards are fake homemade prints which makes the whole thing a bit more annoying but since all we do is "friendly" matches I can't really complain.

  18. Ah shit here we go again
    I hate visiting the psychologist every time he catches me using my Yubel deck

  19. As somebody who actually studies psychology, I'm surprised Team APS managed to put such a scientifically correct scenario together, I'm at a loss for words!

  20. Seriously. More Yu-Gi-Oh players need to play more casual decks and decks below casual and make decks that are old school with old school cards or even limit the cards if their newer or older.

  21. Meta gamers ruin the game other wise called try hards. Well meta gamers ruin all games not just yugioh.

  22. the truth i play yu gi oh to use my fav cards i don't give a shit about competion cuz the point of a game is having fun

  23. i have yet to make a "competitive deck." I'm definitely more of an OG type player who builds decks and plays for fun. Nothing against synchros, XYZ, etc as I have played with them and faster cards, but I have more fun and feel the intensity more with slower games and decks.

  24. Where the heck has this channel been? I dunno why one day it just popped up in my rec but man, is it full of nostalgia and good times. Such a hilarious video and I've seen a bit of some others! Yugioh was so freakin' awesome lol. I used to play (yes play, I built decks around the cards I loved and didn't worry much about competitive) and I would attend tournaments at the local comic store every weekend. So fun! But I eventually couldn't keep up with how intricate strat and detail went into each deck, at one point in the tournament there were over half the participants using the same deck. When it became more about running certain cards, I just started collecting them for the artwork and fun of it – until that ended because one of my older brothers started stealing them… Damn was this therapy video about me? XD

  25. taking a meta deck to locals, in many many many cases, is !ike takinv a nuke to a water gun fight.

  26. Do not fret, O Dark Ruler!
    We will return to you the Horns of Power the vagabonds at Konami took from you!

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