This War Of Mine Gameplay ★ Ep 10 – EVIL TIME [Custom Story – Let’s Play]

like Falcon dude leaders going to to
smoothly how are you doing too well do something dangerous and I will do
something dangerous I’ll become the bad guy become the hero let nobody wanted I
guess that doesn’t really make sense I become be the arch villain nobody wanted
when everybody wanted to make sense out of maybe welcome back everybody to
Falcon place this war of mine customs area with the walking dead characters is
gonna be a little bit of a delay between the last episode in this one explain really quickly while it happened
under one Thanksgiving Break hits the light was out of town and really backed
up all of my recordings in general number 2 I’m extra busy this time of the
year because of work so I have less time to record as usual number three there’s
also a drop in interest for this series are in when it comes to view so a lot of
people aren’t really watching anymore so when that happens I normally try to use
up my limited time to record on things that people are gonna actually wanna
watch so I’m planning to record here maybe two episodes and we’ll see if the
interest is still there if it goes forward if not will probably wind up
shop in this one down so I do apologize for those of you that are enjoying the
series so far but you know hopefully understand why I sometimes stop series
because of its interest and number two I really don’t have all the free time to
record I usually you know just enough time and this is more of a hobby not a
full-time gig like a bunch of other youtubers so let’s get back into the
game here really quickly it’s been awhile salami 2000 rick is over here
slightly wounded still a big surprise I’m not sure what it is about the size
of new people but today I have an idea and my idea is that i’m gonna probably
you care or still wounded in tired of getting some sleep and daryl is also get
you some sleep right now I have an idea here for today and that
is dad let me sleep over to recover here you come over here to let me have you
crap some things for us because I think we might be able to craft something but
I gotta take a look at my workshop to make that decision of here not what are
you doing a million immediately have you hang out over here I’m gonna probably
wind up cooking a lot of food right now because I want to get involved my food
just in case we get rated we don’t you know wind up getting our food stolen
over here so break start off with this of here and see what’s available to us
right now I think we want to do or we were kind of planning to is actually get
the herbal garden up and running essentially make our own veggies down
the line and kinda keep ourselves you know properly situated that way you want
to do is also another animal trap but for that we still need three more parts
of here but he’s in the other parts so we still need a few more items without
one I also know for a fact that we’re kinda
low on the field I want to say I think we have liked to have let’s see here we
have few excuse me I feel that I’m completely out and I just reading this
wrong but it shouldn’t be another well I don’t see it here III obviously
sometimes missing israeli obviously right there but I don’t really see it
right now but I know we’re kind of low maybe we’re completely out there might
be the case do so let’s hear it here let’s have you go ahead and make me walk
we used two of these books and toys like to Morsi over here now you’re gonna cook
for me pretty soon as a matter of fact I’m having your right now if everything
goes right right now we also want to get some more water so let me see rick let’s
have you go ahead of a hearing and make me I’m gonna say some of these guys over
here and we might actually you can what are these things called already forgot
the name of everything in this game it’s been so long as actual components right
to use and components to make some this happens we’ll go ahead and make two of
them for now which you’ll be using up six components of here at Penn State
this up because I know we need him for the herbal garden obviously but I’m
hoping Franco might come around here today and if he doesn’t get some
training going on and hopefully get the station up in here today I know we got a
broken shotgun last time around I guess we should probably take a little perusal
at that make sure we could fix it or not you come up here then and I have you
start getting this water situation of been running for US perfect go ahead and
yes put that down you can just hang out over here and I have Amelia take care of
the trading your frankly just hold up will be there pretty soon I’ll let me
take a look at the weapons here as well as he about the shotgun situation here
so we have the part so we are in the missing is actually two weapon parts we
have the actual book shop in itself perfect Amelia you were not injured so
you could definitely run around 09 Franco how’s it goin dog Garcia MIT’s
make a deal ok trading over here what do you have for
me here today and she all and wow we need to make this happen that’s fine
whatever we have fun we have a deal this way medical injuries are important now to
save you make de the workshops for it but I’m not sure if we will with this
run so I’ll go ahead and read it somewhere near RIT now in herbal
medicine with you cigarettes for this radio would really like some water too much
right now but sure for now yeah I hope sniper since you to close the door for
you to look at this guy with a generous gentleman and a scholar just so you know
God is all about nine million you come over here and now that we have water we
have some water we can make some meals over here unfortunately we could only
make how we gonna get to eat meals will be left over one veggie we need some
more water obviously which luckily of the filter going right now so that’s
pretty fine meals make alright great now you Daryl Dixon now that we have done no
no no daryl is still sleeping relax I’m in recovery here by the way I like to do
those pictures missing again it comes in and occasionally on occasion who knows
kindly go grab bag of things happening here he also had no weapons alrighty so
we can make this a second shot so nothing over here for us one about can
we make the herbal workshop now yes we can the herbal garden workshop garden ok garden once the garden was the workshop
ok so durable garden will be basically using up all over would be definite the
studio or veggies down the line so we will go ahead and place at right about
there seems good to me I don’t you worry no rush I rick is now up and running or
is there was heavy rain over here you’re hungry and slightly wounded amelia is
still be here cooking I kind of want to get some rest soon so Amelia let’s see
if we could finish up the last year pretty soon and I’ll have to rush on
down over here at last month there was heavy come up here and get you
ready to probably have some food as well and you’re done with that one perfect Amelia you’re just tired gonna be here
get some rest we are done with you here for today carol is unsightly when it in
covering everybody else is no longer tired great so at this point we just
leave carole in this bed have a rest up here and maybe that’s slightly when it
will go away at some point it doesn’t look at this point it is some people
tell me that the reason that’s not happening because maybe the story was
customized this way where they’re going to continuously be injured so it doesn’t
matter how much he loved up it just doesn’t happen so that could be a
possibility as well that we haven’t really thought about before heading to
you guys mentioned the comments so I think we’re pretty much done some food
now all the water filters up and running out to you now Rick let’s see I don’t
think we’ll be able to make anything right now and we don’t make anything
over here i mean fertilizer yeah probably more than likely so wow we only
get one for laser for one veggie or one food I’d rather just realized the weed
upgraded to make actual vegetables so in order to have any we need the heat lamp
we obviously don’t know more within a bunch more components big surprise right
so let’s come over here I do believe we can make the heat lamp now you’re done
right there come over here and have you put some well I’ll do that soon Rick we can take the heat lamps and it
cost us for electrical parts and Daryl just go ahead and put this in the water
filter and that’s gonna situated here for the rest of the day we’re done now
what it could do is essentially go check out the radio are still low on fuel
obviously is especially made all this food right now so we’ll need feel for
the winter that’s for a fact he listened to get done over here and think we’re
done here we have seven mules are stored up we have one veggie 3 futsal leftover
you know I would rather we used to get ready when losses but I think we’ll be
fine here and then you come over here momentarily can you make fuel from here
I believe you can we might burn down some notes from here let’s go to the
store for that I saw that filters going on over here so we can’t know we can’t
because this can actually use it to suit instead well I guess I could barely make it from
your regular delegates it gets a little bit of a rest see here components I will probably again but in
terms of fuel we have three children right here does not show up in your mind
to know it does so we’d literally had known as we couldn’t find it beforehand
ok I’m glad because for a second I thought I just couldn’t see them big
more on which is normally the case I Rick you’re you’re free to go up there
and just sounds it out dog I was talking to you or Daryl Dixon year so a little
bit more feel that this would obviously but when he feels well soon to go and
spend three wood to make this happen and that’s basically it it’s almost 8
o’clock anyone will come over here to our night portion now for night time if
we’re gonna get this injury healed up at some point finally gonna happen or not city hospitals now opened up to us and a
city hospitals actually pretty cool you get into trouble here if you do some
crazy nonsense but at the same time you get your people healed yet come over
here and also do need some medicine as well so we’ll see how this plays out I’m
gonna go ahead and take a break to scavenge because he slightly wounded
we’ll see what you get him some medical treatment there as well darrow you stay on guard guard Carol you
sleep in bed as he lay out of here rick let’s go ahead to the city hospital now
in terms of items here I do believe if you want to steal you need luck pigs
because he used a crowbar everybody be learned here stealing and then to become
a grow on you and that’s not a good thing I do believe we also need to
shovel at some point too if I remember correctly so doing a play the sound is
not take one lock pick and that’s about it for now we could take some medicine
to donate as well but you know I won’t do that right now I can listen
to be fine and we’ll use that to get into some sort a lot area and it’ll be
just about it I T now I can run if you’re not a big deal let’s find out
what’s in his first year as a PR statuary obviously we have some
components in would no surprise there are you doing buddy hey man don’t you do
anything stupid ok ok I’ll try not to your buddy know it’s kind of been my
genetic code to do really stupid things and everything will be here now to get
treated able to get to go upstairs so will lead then for almost the end of the
day will grapple with this for now just wanna go out and grab all the stuff
right here indicate stealing I’m pretty sure so if I grabbed his economy should
nobody’s actually keeping an eye on me otherwise will anger everybody and here
is a locked area so there any doctor here know what to do next to be there
sitting down any see me from all over here I hope not private property I’m sorry but it’s
gotta happen we got some fertilizer was going to go over here and get some air
person who another broken shotguns shots on no I’m overloaded on this note this
has to be in one go I can come back here in risk being con- so one mechanical part here or component
whatever we will grab the food the shotgun I don’t care about the ice cuban
sugar cube you know she doesn’t know this man to treat me right now he failed experiment of ice cube before
he went to ice cube rapping with NWA he decided to go into the business as sugar
cube but it really catch on in the whole rap industry so he decided to skip it
and people who like anal that’s rather cool ice cube don’t tell me that wasn’t lucky alrighty now there were done over here laughing
about to come over here and find out what this notice about are you speaking
about your time and your 2010 with this notice is another one steal from here to
its an expert from the damage report after one of the shellings general
surgery thirty-two patients three killed 12 wounded neurology thirteen patients
your appeal to children’s ward thirty-four patients are you guilty
intensive care fifty-five patients nine killed ten wounded season the children’s
ward to the most damage ok now you’re just making me feel really terrible but
stealing from this place now honestly in general I shouldn’t have to read that if
you’re terrible I’m stealing from hospitals apparently providing free care
for all these injured people and I’m gonna come over here and be like hey I
need to be treated I’m sorry but we have patience and more serious condition I
can get myself killed after all of them slightly wounding us that’s unfortunate
ok well unfortunately can’t do much over here and I don’t think I don’t think
doctor jeffrey moore gets his salary yeah look you’re you’re making me feel
even more terrible my scummy stealing tactics now we’re trying to meet
everyone even if they wear a uniform see these guys are legitimate good people in
you know I’m I’m on the scum of the earth you know what I’m doing this because of
you guys let me get a bit more dangers of the game that was a lot of Commons a
red Falcon just try to get a little more dangers of the game I was like ok fine
I’ll get dangerous but to get dangerous up to become a scumbag and that’s people in there I’m pretty
sure I’m an open up the store now a somber ideally we could steal from these
areas like this is a legit sneaker witch-hunting I am I’m pretty sure if I
try to steal right now as you know these guys and they’ll be like a way to do it
is gonna happen I’m doing it all my god oh my god please don’t hate me god I’m
sorry don’t run don’t run don’t don’t alert them just sneak on a deer you know
I’m sorry I’m sorry injured people and do what I gotta do though what’s in here
to go to ok so apparently we can figure 10 neither can food ok sounds of that
one is legit we could grab the can food but the other stuff is not be able to
get someone to give those nurses the medal this whole area is basically
situated his game to make you feel terrible by your god damn decisions
right now as you getting all these little late comments about how these
people are doing it for free in Europe here just being a scumbag I mean if
you’re morally correct which I’m not but if you’re morally correct you don’t do
this when I’m gonna do it again as I mentioned I’m blaming you guys the
reason why I’m doing this dangerous so I’m gonna get dangers like Falcon to
delete is going to to smoothly how are you doing too well getting bored do
something dangerous and I will do something dangers of become the bad guy
come to the hero that nobody wanted I guess that doesn’t really make sense I
become be the arch villain the nobody wanted everybody wanted to make sense
maybe they gonna keep an eye on me I think he went back to sit down he’s
sitting down please please don’t add up ok nice now I wonder if doing this is
going to be really bad for once we get back home the feeling of ppl r gonna be
late Roy that shit that erected here today no good so we can get treated as
we do need some medicine hey you know what funny enough I have medicine given out
because I’ve been stealing my god if you like the those terrains robin hood of
all time medicine yet here it is from you not too
long ago so this one here is available to me because it’s not the stealing icon
so here I can definitely pick the stuff that’s evening at a time soon what’s the
time that had to get back to you guys at six o’clock hour 5 o’clock I’m gonna see
5 o’clock I don’t want to get stuck out here like it did last time over here
there’s gonna be a lot when likely it’s going to be a lot and it’s all stealing
mine is a las 10 year high to make any trouble I’ll try not to you this isn’t
stealing right I could grab his without any care in the world yes rambo ok so the steps of the few
more areas to steal from over here but this guy is kind of like you know
everything about so I don’t have a good idea nevermind the fact that every kind
of diligence people to really good stuff so I think it’s five o’clock meeting
starting back now but good things in such a release come
away but you know that’s all screwed up to the plate through your ideal perfect
let’s go ahead and dump everything else will be here and find that were taken
back with us we’ll take that take this medicine the fertilizer as well to benjis and the
herbal medicines really good and I’ll take shotgun and for the rest of the
stuff will take all the components in with that we need we might as well just
sit here and listen next time around yeah it’s pretty good so we will exit
over here and I will leave feeling really terrible about what they did but
the same time feel really rewarded now Karmazin come
back to bite me in the ass now probably get ready to be going to be dead by the
time I get back and see how this plays out here everybody still wandering
around the girls I now feel bad about stealing from the hospital has happened
to the face that told you guys holding his head we’ve been rated I told you
karma its karma someone tried to rob is the attackers were very aggressive but
we managed to fend them off thankfully we’re all armed none of us was wounded
in the attack is there anything we were able to defend ourselves on my god very hungry sad hungry tired hungry
tired you know only one person is that would restrict wrapping up here for today hopefully
enjoy the thumbs up people like the support of me a lot and again apologies
for being a scumbag you guys wanted to see me be a bad guys so I’m now Falcon
the bad guys next time around and I will catch you then


  1. I really enjoy this series but I do understand the need to maximize your time. So if you do continue I will definitely be watching.

  2. custom story's don't have that much control over the game. if you walk and bandage the wound, it will go away. what might help is the herbal station. its the second station i build. buying tobacco at all times keeps the supply up. its still broken or just a choice by the dev's. after day 10 i buy everything i want off traders with 100 cigs to spare. by day 20 i am maxed out just killing time. fun game but the meta makes it easy. easy for me to say with 600 hours played lol.

  3. I'll continue to watch this series every time you post a vid (no matter how EVIL you become or even if Daryl's photo stays obfuscated). 🙂

  4. I remember when you first posted this game….. ahh those were the good times. (I'm not saying now isn't a good time, but i did like the games you played back then aswell as the ones you play now.)

  5. your people are still injured because they are never fully healed think of healing as stages and a band aid just heals 1 stage at a time there is a small chance to recover over time but its not that common

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