This War Of Mine Gameplay ★ Ep 11 – Cold Blooded [Custom Story – Let’s Play]

alright to salinity yeah yeah I agree
I’m going downstairs I am pretty sure somebody needed help down there now
don’t don’t don’t stop your fucking genes is going downstairs I know it’s
fucking sitting down over here taken out in a chill down he said there’s things
to do in a view to sit down and work in a dude are you in a man of your word
whatsoever welcome back everybody to Fountain Place
its war of mine custom scenery with the walking dead characters yadda yadda this is a turning point of the played
through by the way I have now become scumbag number one I went to the
hospital last episode in a raid at everything will actually not everything
but just about everything I stole the important medicine that those poor
doctors and nurses were using to you heal the wounded for my own personal
needs now before you get mad at me I’ma tell you right now it’s your fault you
guys said how can you been playing it too safe everything’s going to swell
spice it up a bit so I decided to spice it up by becoming scumbag so from this
point onward to be gone with the series from this point on we start killing
people we start doing whatever needs to happen but again I’m wiping my hands clean over
here is my fault don’t blame me instant messenger you guys go to delivery he
actually you guys are the MSN Messenger don’t shoot the messenger on the
messenger you’re you you’re something you something bad will tell you that
much in the game will be before confused by the lyrics Bay pictures now missing
darryl’s bank Madrid’s missing so apparently whoever you send out somehow loses their picture I don’t know why
rick is gonna be upset because he’s the one who went out to the hospital and
stole mine I took some useful stuff from the hospital can be managed without it
no no I don’t think they can reduce the matter of fact we did quite a number
under supplies unfortunately so he’s not too happy about that he’s very hungry
though so let’s come over here and certainly some food and then we’ll get
you some rest here now we need to probably go back there again tonight not
just the O’Moore maybe I might happen but we need to go back because we left a
lot of good stuff they’re waiting for a speedy exit now you are just hungry you
know what have two meals now it’s clear that hungry now we have a bunch of food
anyway you’re hungry and tired ride was have you get some sleep harold’s get you out of this bed now
hungry slightly wounded as have you come up here for now and rick is no longer
hungry but everybody has a little bit of an update here I’m pretty sure they’ll
be mentioning out Rick stole it was required to hospitals but somehow I
still feel responsible yeah that’s cause you’re a good person arrow I mean he doesn’t carry like whatever I
don’t care Carol how can we rob a hospital there
already having a hard time okay carole don’t rub it in OK again on messenger I
am messenger not bad guy darrow you are getting some rest Amelia actually know
who needs to get some rest now it’s probably rick is also said to have you
read a book maybe that over you know brain your mood appear a little bit wait a minute this is Amelia I was told
him he could probably talk to people to make him feel better perhaps we’ll give
it a try soon for now let’s go ahead and we have no more water filters either
when we were in the middle of building those so let’s have carole finishing up
here she’s hungry and slightly wounded big surprise there so they should be up
and running now amelias up here let’s go ahead with its filters we have no no no
no we made field outfielders rides well I don’t think we need more water right
now anyway so we’ll come down over here she’s hungry and tired especially
yesterday you need to relax karo let’s see if we can make now only can make the
the second transfer animals which is something that we do need is what it’s
all speaking of animals up there and we got to rats have some food hand and he
sits warm in its true source find out if we have like this will probably put down
one food in here to capture maybe to food online sending me since I think it
does we’ll have some fun or now but we want to hold on to his to actually grow
veggies on the line so we’re going to use it for the baby more can food as
well maybe the canceled will be too bad you
be too bad honestly leasing do the can food or just a regular food and we just
us you know it’s like I’ve never tried the can food raffles give it a try maybe
two tracks them faster I down of saccades but you know you never know emotionalism room so carole now they
were doing to transfer here we can set up one more which could be pretty useful
however since we’re kinda limited on supplies as well let’s find out about
the upgrade to the herbal garden not the workshop but the garden is a business
and let’s see where one would away and fourteen companies away from making a
vegetable garden upgrade and give us a chance to make your own business I’m
pretty sure so many more wet left overnight hospital there might be there
might not be I don’t really remember we might go back to the hospital tonight
with the acts as a bunch of components there so it’s gonna be fine so we can
beat the averages yes it will hold off on that one in terms of weapons here I
don’t think we have a shot we actually have to shotgun broken shotgun so if you
get some more weapons actually have to have a lot of shopping sounds pretty
good now if you go back to the hospital here today there was one more locked
container so it would cost component so some parts
too I was considering taking another lock pick three components in one part i
guess its fine don’t make it will go back to the hospital one hot pic in a
mention it once again I guess I lied I should do one more time after I D rick
is slightly wounded setting tired and hungry and tired and hungry and tired so
what we want to do is hopefully try to get Amelia talked to Rick of here that’s possible
hero is a big problem and again if we make the strap for swine was not a bad
thing however i get a mention its leader stock in the upgrade to the herbal
garden so we’re gonna hold off on that one even the filters well so no more
building over here for a minute so now we’re just waiting for it to start
getting tired and we’ll do our thing here did hungary has actually start
getting meals for Darrell and get this out of the way here we have a lot of
stuff to trade mind you because of all the stealing he did it frankly comes
around again pretty soon man we have all the medicine world managers as well and
if you’re happy about it but we do not see rich should be good now Rick get on
that bed and Amelia talk to you it’s fine down maybe we’ll move you away your
first second and merely a can you talk to this man no you can’t instead rick is have you
come all the way up here my friend in just take a seat I don’t know maybe you
could put the book and just hang out ameliorate you are tired so let’s go
ahead and get some rest medicine that’s about it for today right I guess what
you got the radio here pretty soon darrow completion of the radio for us
and we’ll be good to go for our next day of purchases and stuff over here what’s
the risks of here you have a book done we have we have a book here are nowhere
forgot to do down there are bands of looters roamed the city it’s best to
lock your doors inside yeah we’ve been seeing a lot of that recently let’s see
here the rebel and government forces are engaged in violent skirmishes the city
some areas have been completely cut off all cases over the years and I need to
be barred from as unfortunately lighting temperature classical music and
temperature we are expecting the temperature to gradually increase in the
upcoming days a welcome change indeed a perfect night against would go ahead and
jump into the night portion here today matters right now is it really is about
rested anyway let’s see here we’re going back to the hospital he’s not done yet
being a dick so needs to rest Amelia you stay in bed and then we’ll have carole advice in break in there to steal again
as I gonna completely make it even sadder if that’s the case maybe we
shouldn’t do that but I don’t know I think surely somebody would be great for
the Amelia because apparently she doesn’t give a shit everybody else
mentioned how it was kind of bad that Rick’s told me to mention anything the
only problem is you don’t carry 10 items so you know what I have to give her a
try even though she’s tired it sucks a bit because she’s tired i dnt know what
we could do I don’t have to steal necessarily have to lock which I made
for this what it can do is just use that for is different venture and here today
because Kobe her to the entrance pick up the items available to come back you
know what that actually good idea so rikki you you might as well just stay on
guard guard hero you see on guard Darryl you go and scavenge actually stay on
garden today you scavenge you sleep in many ways the
unguarded person will take nothing to steal depress anybody else and then this
is fine we can do is get somewhere around here it’s an unfortunately no
take up an extra spot here but if I could breakdown some items here for some
would you might help us out know this is a fucking waste I forgot to
switch over to the hospital well be honest here mix of good stuff in here still left
over from my surround fertilizer hey we need this for a garden you know what I
meant to do this nevermind I I meant to come over here as
a matter of fact you know that I was tricking you it was a conspiracy I want
all this shit man in a bad spot but said he would be here there is movement over
there could be a radical new person there now we know so many tickets are
for now I’m going down to around it i mean since we have the acts so let me
just leave everything over here behind us and we can break this down over here
is that around what does not appear i think thats a Melzer are you you’re
definitely announced that there is an area of here that we could actually
crashed out for some would maybe someone here to imagine know only one area to bring down forward
let’s go downstairs here as well and find out as to the gains yeah you know
what it’s like we break down alleys 10 we should have brought a trick or
whoever Gerald arrows are skilled woodsman if I’m right what can you do so
let’s bring this down over here at the very least we got some fertilizer which
I wasn’t really expecting a lot of fertilizer 25 is nothing to scoff at a
significant amount of them and yeah perfect for everything we had some feel
like I should you know just a moron but couldn’t so I so now we’re taking back
over here and we’ll go to the hospital next night over obviously so this is
good here for the last hour obviously don’t want to take one extra spot for
just one maybe not we’ll we might leave them behind the mechanical parts but you
do need a bunch of weird right now water too though I know I’ll leave that
for the water and were taken to feel as well as its good enough departs aren’t
really actually pretty ideal as well especially for about I almost feel like
dropping to wood for four parts auto right now we’re looking forward to
making up words in it right in parts yeah I do it now you know what we have a bunch of
wood left over at the hospital may be sought in the sense that this is good yeah I like ya crisis averted now found
in a really mess up he just wanted to go back to you as fertilizer obvious what
happened there will you tell me otherwise nothing’s gonna happen you
completely forgot to go in on what happened with celebrity you are on a
bright idea so they like everything was fine nothing that we hear right arrow is
hungry and tired get you some rest hero hungry slightly will get you some
rest as well and you need to go down there rick is hungry
slightly wounded sad tired the whole nine yards really for the sky traps are
still going on over there alrighty now then I’m gonna have you in
our food supply is going down we have never done it three ready really fast
then went down and come down over here get your ass up here in the book she was
reading a book on you I should have preferred if I’m home where it would
read that book wasn’t feeling it doesn’t get you some rest after their way better
thank Rick when she go up here in just read a book you mean well as well
anybody have any anybody here know ok we’ll see about getting something we’re
missing nine components you know what I have a feeling that Frank now so send
the talented lawyer up here I bet something for barter ok cousin don’t you
worry I’m coming over right now Nico it was easy all right let’s see what happens this
time does have a lot of good stuff this time frankly I could buy you out my
friend 39 components based God sure I start on the next one let’s see you two MRW should be kind of
medicine right so that’s the case why do I need to do to sweet new year ago local park make that happen going back
over here I was actually pretty good likeness is ideal and let’s see carol is hungry slightly
wounded recovering tired and arrow is hungry and tired cecil resting it up
arresting about still you need to get some rest you’re still sad unfortunately
ok moving you down here so whenever somebody wakes up he could take over for
them now we should be able to take you to
have to run by you you should now be able to get the update to the herbal
here and there it is there a definite 30 components leftover still that’s amazing
I’m so glad my God look how close I was doing this I would have been so pissed
about trade it all the required electrical parts for this my god sometimes I just push it to the limit walk along the Falcons freezer then
brain don’t look down you know people ok I forgot to respond to customize it to
my favorite trick you can now get some rest of here and you can find out about
doing some herbal stuff now veggies their ego veggies require a ton
of water and fertilizer what you get for vegetables whole dog good stuff that’s
amazing I T I kinda however think of it this way if you don’t have the food to
make the beds kinda we have a lot of food ok ok you know what you are doing
this is an obviously cut down on endemic fertilizer is obviously cut down into
our supplies for cooking water filters make more water that way lighting having eight veggies is amazing
so make that happen and you my friend you know what switch up my idea come
over here and make the filters and says we have 30 components now will go ahead
and make the result is a definite some water garden up and running temperature at fifteen deal and
everybody is now rested for the exception of Rick hero is just slightly
hungry and hang out there for a bit longer and then there’ll will have you
been up here pretty soon Amelia let’s have you can start putting
up next filter is pretty soon travel you’re going to get one more trap and
then whatever else kind of suit their needs going forward now I think we
should be able to some interesting stuff too so Rick by now we can make the extra
trip already perfect this is really really ideal we can also make to get
started you know since rick is sad but we do need to get our piece which i
believe i traded away a while back so nevermind in now this is really really badly will be
going like a really actually reading about going down deep
we talked about going to going on a scumbag round rages being a dick so in a
sense I guess we probably will need the middle option so we need a mixer parts
and then actually make the mix now we need electrical parts so we need for
electrical parts for the mixer and then we also need for more parts for the
actual upgrade wow so a delectable parts and treated like two or three away hindsight’s 20 2011 up to fix one of the
shotguns to ya gonna make the next shot near an extra one way deal that filter
down straps of going on over there since we have a ton of food was go ahead
and get you some food and then there are once you’re done over there will get you
some food to go back to the hospital here tonight pick up the rest of the items were left
over there and we’re gonna probably some stealing because I’m around two so will
be set to get some food and we’re all fine and dandy ready to go for tonight
after she gets them you always ship I think we’ll be fine for another day and
night time so I remembered this time around really click the hospital good there you
go Caro hungry slightly when you stay on sleeping in bed will send Darrell no no
no no because she doesn’t really care so merely Ugandan scavenge you stay on
guard Darryl recuse stand on guard and then you’ll be here care are gonna sleep
in bed guard guard Kevin hospital repair unfortunately carry 10 items interest a little bit but again if she
doesn’t get San Fran stealing a kind of evens out a lot pick and that’s about it
really want to take back some medicine to give
it back to be well I would do that but I’m done being nice guy what are these
guys realize they stole they decided to get a Grammy relegate
this person was here somebody from this crew is here a long time ago and similar
items missing they are to be respected as Steelers nobody’s here is somebody coming up is
coming up it’s going down is coming up isn’t just hanging out you know do you
mind if I go in here you can get mad about this or some of the personnel died
but some just left I don’t blame them that is that directly because of what I
did the pain subsided but I’m worried at the hospital take another bombing
because what I did I think maybe just got shelled again or something ok well I wanted to get into this little
stockpile here now and do that ladies right there is something we should do
that let’s go upstairs though there should be a dude up here normally as
he’s he’s over there this is a big to ok I won’t do anything stupid I i hope i as
a matter of fact I really wanted you just leave my my purview I’ve got my eye
on you ok that Oregon he’s he’s hanging out over there no
suspicious people outside good we don’t need any more trouble if you only knew
you do I pick this now he doesn’t he’s looking at me and he he leered over
their first second guessing you block in none the wiser here are still planning
to do yeah yeah I agree I go downstairs I am
pretty sure somebody needed help down there now don’t don’t don’t dust off
your fucking jeans just go downstairs I just fucking sitting down over here
taken out in a chill done he said there’s things to do and I are gonna sit
down over here dude are you you know man of your word whatsoever here this is like looking at me
obviously but I don’t really understand if there’s going to be insane looking at
your watch I don’t risk your message I’m trying not to have you left and then you
know we wouldn’t have to mess with you at all that is going to get done to
leave his guys injured he shouldn’t be a problem there’s another doctor please please nobody simi ok parts ok we’ve taken stuff is still one more
likely to be injured no more shelling plays yeah I agree goin there’s a banner
year for you know not this bad hey there’s a good bit down over there and I
still here as you sleep is he doing I don’t know are you a patient no yeah I’m a patient who is involved sleep
dog I can I can’t peering senior Isaac clothes are not busy week somebody or
something yo dude over there on the chairs go take
a hike man help people downstairs of something now she’s treating him over
here he got up he is constantly no dusting
off his pants would you like to pick 10 from peanuts or something or what my dog
go do something go be productive in the hospital to be productive I’m here to
steal I’ve got my eye on you ok such sketchy territory could turn around
right now in use and doing whatever man I want to lock
down a bit more tricky is now have to open that up and then picket ok he put
that book away I’m glad I hope it’s a classic over there go somewhere else I’m tired yeah exactly
go to bed 322 morning dog I don’t go through them
find their way down okay this is it this is it should we do
it there’s it’s almost time for me to leave i unlocked if I can get into it massive
ago I know I’ve I would have just hung out like a very good as risque nope
really got into the game came upstairs when I panicked and I decided to sleep
and not a good thing here that’s fine let’s see where we take him back with
everything will be here for 10 minutes into trade made veggies you know what at
this point now that we have our own vegetable garden you might say no to
this one here for now the can food could be useful for traps and then we need a
bunch of what a mechanical parts now going slower parts yes this will give us
the mixer beat her get there would would would what inman mechanical parts and
components very very good stuff I’m glad I we did I
mean we did terrible things obviously still but I think we overall got older
looking for even more US combat ground nobody was attacked around here for
today hope you enjoyed it a lot as I mentioned in episode ago I’m not
entirely sure gonna go the whole nine yards with the series so I’m gonna
probably wait for these two episodes online and then I’ll see how the
interest for them is if it still you know something that I can you invest
some actual time in my limited free time I will continue it otherwise we might
stop it here we’ll see how it goes but I can be based on your support how much
free time after announcing really busy at work so I’m enjoying it though


  1. I am not sure Emilia can do anything about the sadness. From the wiki: Another positive aspect of Emilia's Talented Lawyer trait is that she can counteract some depressed states overnight (e.g. if Boris is awake overnight because he's feeling too sad or depressed, Emilia will stay up throughout the night, talking with him and will eventually negate the negative mood effects).

  2. Shoots the birdie. Falcon is not the messenger. Falcon just read the message wrong. We side spice it up. You know kill some criminals. Kill some soldiers and rebels. That type thing. Not go rob the helpless. Still very good episode.

  3. an Nice Cheat Mode 😀 that I have found on steam!

    by steam user egovir

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