Thyroid Medication Tips

hello everyone thank you very much for watching I'm dr. Derrick DeSilva pleasure to have you with us once again thyroid medicine you know how many of you out there are taking thyroid medication there's probably a lot of you there's a there's a significant part of the population that has an underactive thyroid I don't want to get into all of the reasons and the causes and things like that but one of the things we do have to remember is that thyroid medication should be taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach you do not eat or drink anything until an hour later because a lot of the thyroid medication a lot of the food even orange juice coffee that you may drink in the morning will interact and affect the thyroid medication themselves so what you have to remember is when you wake up in the morning you should be taking your thyroid medicine immediately brush your teeth whatever it is you do take your thyroid medicine wait at least an hour a good hour before you eat or drink anything else number one number two when you take thyroid medication it is very well known that thyroid medication depletes the body of calcium so calcium supplementation when you're taking thyroid medicine is extremely important but here's the important piece it is also very well known that calcium interferes with the absorption of thyroid medication along with soy interferes with the absorption of thyroid medication so we you need to take calcium but you need to make sure that you take your calcium at the right time so you're getting up in the morning you're taking your thyroid prescription medication synthroid livox or whatever it is your armor doesn't matter you need to wait an hour before you eat or drink anything and then from there you have to wait at least four hours before you take your calcium so what I tell my patients to do is your thyroid medicine in the morning if you're taking it not if you should be taking a calcium supplement that needs to be at around lunchtime that's a good four to six hours all right from the time you eat breakfast what's even better is if you spread that out to maybe dinner and bedtime so you can take your your calcium supplement at dinner and at bedtime don't ever take calcium and soy too close to your thyroid medicine because it's going to interfere with the absorption of the prescription medicine that you're taking I thank you very much for watching once again and may you always be blessed with good health


  1. Don't take Thyroid medicine. Thyroid does not need medicine. Just start taking Iodine. Dr. putting on medicine to make money. Just research on Iodine.

  2. What about overactive thyroid medication my endocrinologist never said anything about early morning and empty stomach I was diagnosed Graves' disease 2008 and my medication was PTU 300 mg everyday…

  3. Can I store it in the fridge? Because the heating system is always running because it’s winter time here…

  4. Sir what happen when we forget and eat 1 bite of food remind i didn't take medicine after bite?? Or forget to take medicine?? It's give any problem to concive??

  5. Thank you so much for the information, I had asked my doctor if I take my medicine before meals (I am empty stomach) and he had said no. Can you advise us of a good way to avoid our hair from falling out? Please, I am loosing my hair and is very sad. Thank you.

  6. What if you don't wake up but go to sleep in the morning for I work graveyard shift. And it gives me insomnia. So I find it may be better to take it at night after not eating for at least 6-8 hours. I take levo 1mcg.

  7. Hello Dr, I need to know info on excessive of TSH. I am taking thyronam 100mg tablet in morning times but now I am doing Ramzaan fasting so unable to tablet at earning mrng because have wait for 1 hr which is not possible. Can I take table at night times for one month. Please suggests.

  8. Thank you for this information, very helpful. My surgeon mentioned (through a nurse) that I could start taking a multivitamin w calcium, but never mentioned why, so I've delayed starting. I will begin taking it right away.

  9. I have a habit of drinking water twice a night,can I drink..? Or close it..? Can I drink water before taking medication..?

  10. Hi, I take me levothyroxin first thing in the morning with my lemon water, would that make any difference in the absorption of the levothyroxin . I would be grateful for your reply.

  11. Hi sir my daughter age is 7yrs and having TSH. IN latest report TSH is above 28. How much dose I gave her?

  12. I'm not supposed to have to much calcium. I have kidney stones. Which is to much calcium. And this new doctor says my thyroid healed it self. How could that be.

  13. Hlo doc m pregnant and m taking a thyroid medicine at morning in empty stomach but after half an hour m take breakfast is that gud or not

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  15. Hello. I just got a prescription for levothyroxine 25 mg and today is day one I hope that I don't have any side effects and I hope that it at least keeps me balanced with my TSH, T3, T4. T4 was actually normal .it was the other two that were a little bit low, my family doctor thought he should put me on a low dose of this medication because of symptoms and lab work…..

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    Try stretching and strengthening exercises.
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  22. sir I am in suicidal condition …my TSH label is 15.83 ..
    hair loss is very fast ….plz tell me medicine

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  24. That was informative. That one hour wait after taking the Thyroxin is a pain if like me you want your morning coffee asap.

  25. Thank you so much Dr. Can you advice me the following pls.
    As on 4.2.17 my test report says that TSH – 0.005, Vitamin B12- 366.1, vitamin D(25-OH) – 25.36.
    GP prescribed the following
    1. Neomercazole 5 mg daily 2 morning and 2 at night
    2.Neurobion tab
    3. Euro D 10000 IU
    4. Carbocal D,400
    5. Arthriflex
    6. CH Alpha -cartilage
    As you said don't take calcium along with thyroid medicine, I am not taking but how should I take these medicines and in which intervals.
    Pls. Guide me I am 41 years old and I am having this thyroid issue since 2000 and also when it's normal I stop the medicine ( it's my mistake too in irregularities in taking neomercazole.
    I am living in Dubai.
    Once again thank you so much. God bless you forever

  26. HiWhat about these studies?

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