Thyroid Medications (Synthroid VS Armour)

hi I'm dr. Heiko with the Naperville Institute for neural metabolic solutions and there's a hot debate going on right now that I see a lot of people who are suffering with Hashimoto's and low thyroid symptoms really just getting sucked into and this debate really has many patients asking me about the type of thyroid replacement which is better synthetic or natural and the answer is really there is no better one it really depends on on what works for the individual in reality the answer to that question what hormone should I be on if I have Hashimoto's is really only 10% of that battle okay the other 90% of the battle is really what needs to be done to calm down that autoimmune attack the second question that really needs to be done is is are there other parts of the body that are basically being attacked by the immune system as well unfortunately there's a lot of doctors out there who really don't understand Hashimoto's they don't understand autoimmune conditions they don't understand the things that triggers them they don't understand the all of the lifestyle factors the day-to-day factors that really perpetuate this autoimmune attack they never spend time becoming educated about what needs to be done or what can be done from a holistic perspective you see instead we get stuck into these useless debates about synthroid versus armor livox all versus nature throat and none of this really matters one of the reasons why I wanted to shoot this video was because just last night I had a woman who came to our office and and she had a TSH level that was well over ten and she was never diagnosed with Hashimoto's prior to coming in my office and so we were sitting down we were going through the the additional lab work that we had ordered for her and surely enough the the blood work as it came back proved my suspicion correctly it confirmed that what I had already suspected and in fact she did have Hashimoto's in fact her immune system was so active at this point in time that her antibody levels were over a thousand and that's that's a pretty aggressive attack but the funny thing is is that the main reason she came to my office is that she knows that I work with patients naturally and a friend of hers referred her to our office and she said to me you know what dr. Hagemeyer I just want don't want to be on medication you know I just don't want to be on synthetic medications I want to do something natural and so I said listen Joan I said you're beating yourself up absolutely no reason you know if you're if you had your leg if your leg was amputated if you wanted to ever walk again you'd get a prosthetic right and that's how simple would be your two choices would be okay I'm gonna not get a prosthetic I'm gonna crawl for the rest of my life or use crutches or I'm gonna get a prosthetic well you know hobbling around or crawling on the floor is really the same analogy that I would use to someone who has Hashimoto's it's it's really the same situation in Hashimoto's your thyroid is being destroyed by your immune system and you're going to lose functionality of a thyroid gland each and every day that you've never that you're never going to get back if you don't address the immune system okay so with the destruction of the thyroid gland comes a loss of those hormones and if you've had Hashimoto's for some time you've probably lost quite a bit of this thyroid hormone t3 and t4 that you're really never going to get back and these thyroid hormones in some cases will need to be taken in the form of replacement hormone don't beat yourself up over this okay but at the same time here's what you need to address you need to address the immune system now if you have Hashimoto's there's a really really good chance that you're going to be on some type of thyroid hormone replacement at some point in your life okay but what kind of thyroid hormone replacement is going to vary from person to person and let me just take a few moments here and explain why some people do great on synthetic thyroid hormones however if you go on to the internet and you find yourself in a chat room or a forum thyroid form you're gonna see that people say that synthroid is awful then you're gonna see people who say that armor is awful you're gonna find people that say that livox allure level thyroxine is awful and the fact of the matter is it could be awful for that person who made the post but synthetic thyroid hormones do a great thing for some people and for some people bioidentical hormones can do a really great thing but let me explain to you why when you have Hashimoto's you have an autoimmune attack on your thyroid gland okay what's happening again is you start destroying the thyroid the thyroid gland from that attack of immune system okay you start destroying the enzyme specifically something called thyroid peroxidase and you may also destroy something called thyroid Bob Yulin now when you have autoimmunity and you're already targeted and it's attacking one tissue Pandora's Box has really been open the whole body is now really on the menu unfortunately the autoimmune attack can now progress beyond TPO and beyond thyroglobulin and immunised systems attack can now be attacking the hormones themselves that can attack t3 it can attack t4 it can attack the pancreas it can attack the intestines it can attack the brain it can attack the red blood cells there's a lot of different things that that immune system can attack in your case if you have Hashimoto's it's attacking your thyroid gland right now now if you're that person whose immune system is now attacking your own t3 and your own t4 and you start taking armor or you start taking nature throwed and you have a really bad reaction to it there's a really good chance that that's what's happening it's just like putting more wood on the burning fire you are already attacking the thyroid hormone and now you just gave the immune system a whole bunch more to really fuel that attack and keep that attack going and I hope that makes sense that person usually does great on synthetic thyroid hormones but some people again don't do well on synthetics and here's why synthroid for example contains fillers and these fillers can stimulate your immune system to be more out of balance and you can have a reaction to them you can feel inflamed or you may have more more thyroid symptoms you might be more fatigued you might have more difficulty sleeping you might be just totally zapped in terms your energy levels but basic two scenarios that can happen is if you can attack your own hormones or you can be you can be stimulating the immune system by the type of thyroid hormone that you're taking and the fillers that are found in that particular medication the fact is this is if you're watching this video you're going to have to find a doctor who will work with you and you're going to find you're gonna have to find one that one of those thyroid hormones that's gonna work best for you so again don't get sucked into this debate about natural versus synthetic this is such a waste of your time what you do need to focus on is what am I going to do to stop this autoimmune attack and get this thing under control because the thyroid gland and the thyroid hormone replacement is going to do nothing to address the automated process of you to be taking synthroid you can be taking nature throwed that is not going to affect your hormones okay and your auto immune system could keep progressing and move on to other tissues like we talked about earlier this is the dangerous aspect don't fall into that false belief that taking thyroid hormone is going to stop the immune systems attack only thing that it's doing is making up for those lost hormones that you're losing okay here's another thing that you need to realize talk about this just a few minutes ago but the immune system can attack your cerebellum because things like balance issues and coordination issues movement issues that can attack your pancreas and lead to diabetes it can really attack any tissue and cause more symptoms that in the long run are gonna be way worse than the way you're feeling right now okay and that's bad enough okay you've got to find a doctor who understands the synthetic or by a bioidentical hormone it's just a really small part of the equation okay you got to find the one that works for you this doctor that you work with should also understand that you could react badly to either kind and if you do that that can't be ignored okay more important for your long-term health you've got to find a doctor who understands how to get this Hashimoto's autoimmune tissue attack under control that doctor needs to help or understand how to balance out your immune system I'm dr. Hagemeyer I hope this quick video really helped save you time in those areas of debates and that time that could be better spent working with a doctor who can really help get your immune system under control take care


  1. Please doctor read my email please help me doctor thanks for comment…United Kingdom NHS system treatment patients decide it if I knew Graves' disease dangerous for my body and brain I wouldn't wait 9 years for treatment…it was killing me

  2. Dr. Hagmeyer, I am 38 and I had a total thyroidectomy in 2009. I have only been on Levothyroxine for since 2009 also. I have lost my long, thick curly black hair since my surgery. I have had a ton of white hair and hair loss ever since. What causes white hair? What mind of insurance do you take? How long do natural hormones take to take effect, where the person feels the benefits?

  3. saying nothing about how to stop autoimmune attack though saying about this over and over again in various thyroid videos.

  4. moro em Brasil, tenho hipotiroidismo, tomo medicaçao o nome e tiroxina , t4 mas nao sinto nenhuma melhora , meus exames estao bem, mas nao me sinto bem, como faço para comprar amour thyroid?? aqui no Brasil nao existe, nao entendo e ingles, por favor me responda em portugues,

  5. I have Hashimoto’s and just had my thyroid removed due to cancer. I hate thyroid meds. The fillers in synthroid give me reactions. Tirosint works better but still a few issues. Haven't tried desicated because I convert t4 to t3 fine and the free t3 is already on the high end. I haven't found one endo who will prescribe dedicated anyways. I felt great 2 weeks prior to surgery because my thyroid sent my hyper and I was off of meds for those 2 weeks. Back on them feel like crap but now I have no choice with no thyroid.

  6. wondering I have hypoglycemia low blood sugar could that be the reason I'm not losing weight or and I don't feel good the sad thing is I think the armor is helping me to lose weight I don't feel good but I'm only on point 60 milligrams 0.6 milligram synthroid I was on 165 would that make a difference Debbie

  7. yeah that's one of my problems why I switched to armor it's making me too sick but I do want to lose weight any info would help please 74 2 205 pounds and gained 1 pound a week

  8. thanks you.that answered my question because I I have been so confused so I have my doctor put me on armor and I feel so sick cuz you are so right because on the synthroid I was doing good stand up a lot doing good not sleep but doing good but now I feel sick and tired all the time since I've been on Armor thank you

  9. Thanks for posting these informative videos – wondering what information you could share for someone who's had RAI 131 for Graves Disease. I am currently on synthroid. 155

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