Jeremih to 1 to 8 and 23 to 32 it's imprinted there this is the beginning and the ending of this great chapter in the book of the Prophet Jeremiah the word of the Lord came to me go and proclaim in the hearing of Jerusalem I remember the devotion of your youth how as a bride you loved me and followed me through the desert through a land not sown Israel was holy to the Lord the first fruits at his harvest all who devoured her were held guilty and disaster overtook them declares the Lord hear the word of the Lord o house of Jacob all you clans of the house of Israel this is what the Lord says what fault did your fathers find in me that they strayed so far from me they followed worthless idols and became worthless themselves they did not ask where is the Lord who brought us up out of Egypt and led us through the barren wilderness through a land of deserts and rifts a land of drought and darkness a land where no one travels and no one lives I brought you into a fertile land to eat its fruit and rich produce but you came into filed my land and made my inheritance detestable the priests did not ask where is the Lord those who deal with the law did not know me the RET the leaders rebelled against me and the prophets prophesied by bail following worthless idols how can you say I am NOT defiled I have not run after the bales see how you behaved in the valley consider what you've done you are a Swift she-camel running here and there a wild donkey accustomed to the desert sniffing the win in her craving in her heat who can restrain her any males that pursue her need not tire themselves at mating time they'll find her do not run until your feet are bare and your throat is dry but you said it's no use I love foreign gods I must go after them as the thief is disgraced when he's caught so the house of Israel is disgraced they their kings and their officials their priests and their prophets they say to wood you are my father into stone you gave me birth they have turned their backs on me and not their faces yet when they are in trouble they say and save us where then are the gods you made for yourselves let them come if they can save you when you're in trouble for you have as many gods as you have towns Oh Judah why do you bring charges against me you have all repelled against me declare the Lord in vain I punish your people they did not respond to correction your sword has devoured your prophets like a ravening lion you of this generation consider the word of the Lord have I been a desert to Israel or a land of great darkness why do my people say we are free to roam we will come to you no more as a maiden forget her jewelry or a bride her wedding ornaments yet my people have forgotten me days without number this is God's word one of the reasons why we have trouble talking about sin and evil even though we need to where there's things in our past that we feel vaguely guilty for there's there's things that we see people doing to us or out in the world and we feel moral outrage toward and yet we've been taught by our society that to use the word sin or evil is oppressive or it's meaningless there there and yet we sense something out there that we don't have the vocabulary for now what we're gonna do in this series started last week we're going to go to the Bible because the Bible gives us a far more rich vocabulary for sin it gives it helps us understand sin in ways that most of us in our society just don't it's so much richer it's so much more nuanced the last week for example we saw sin is reducing God and the result is smallness of spirit this week we're going to see that sin is replacing God and the result is addiction of spirit this is a prophecy from Jeremiah to a nation and spiritual decline and what we see here is he's telling us three things he's telling us about the dynamics of what we'll call the dynamics of spiritual attraction the dynamics of spiritual addiction and the dynamics of spiritual restoration and I think as we get near the end see what I mean by what a different understood what a different what how this enriches our vocabulary when it comes to thinking of sin and evil and how important that is very practically but let's get started first of all he shows us the the dynamics of spiritual attraction all through here he is using remarkable sexual imagery in one verse which I left out you know I was trying to say well I can't print the whole chapter but we're looking in a sense of the whole chapter and there's one verse that's very very interesting see in verse 4 to 8 which we did print we're told God is calling them to task for the fact they're turning to idols they're worshipping other gods they're not worshiping him and verses 1 2 3 he uses what we'll get back to this remarkable sexual imagery of a kind of a young married couple just hopelessly in love and in the very end we're gonna see but in verse 20 this is what I didn't print but I should should have in verse 20 there's a there's a verse that starts this way it goes this way on every high hill under every spreading chestnut tree you now we say okay that's idol worship because we know that on every high hill they had altars to bail on under every spreading tree there were altars to bail why well because altars were a sign of trance high hills were a sign of transcendence spreading trees were a sign of fertility so in verse 20 you see the sentence starts like this under on every high hill and under every spreading tree and you figure the sentence will end you worshiped idols that's not what it says what it says is on every high hill and under every spreading tree you spread your legs now I don't know what version you've got out there but I can tell you one thing whatever English version if you've got a Bible with you you look at it I know it doesn't say that whether it's King James V or the New International Version or whatever version it is it's not going to say that but that's what it literally says in the Hebrew it's interesting generally speaking the translators feel that we're just too sensitive or something to actually hear what God is trying to tell us what God says is that when you worship idols when you worship other gods he says under on the top of every hill under every tree you're spreading your legs now why would he use that kind of imagery is he just trying to you know get our attention is he just trying to you know is it is this just for shock value no it's for teaching value because this is what he's teaching all through here why all the way through the Bible when God talks about worshiping him he uses sexual imagery so often and when he talks about worshiping anything else or worshipping any any worship is used very often under the umbrella of sexual imagery why would God do that here's what he's doing he is saying that there is an attraction going on at the spiritual level in your heart right now every bit as powerful as the sexual attraction at the physical level that can happen other words right now he's saying there is something going on in your soul in the deepest recesses of your soul you are laying down with something spiritually you're putting yourself in the arms of something spiritually and you relate your spiritual relationship with that thing is every bit as powerful as a physical relationship is and a sexual one at that now the for a minute think about physical attraction on the one hand physical attraction is pretty overwhelming in fact most of us would probably say the most embarrassing moments in our lives and most of you only only you yourselves know who these that what these are most embarrassing moments in our lives were times where a physical attraction kind of overwhelmed our common sense overwhelmed our wisdom overwhelmed our conscience but what makes physical attraction so strong is it just emotional infatuation now here's a place where I'm gonna turn to the biologist because actually Jeremiah turns to the biologist so I usually don't generally I'm not going to go to a biologist and say tell me about the sexual instinct I don't use like what I hear in fact you don't either most people don't but it's intriguing Jeremiah likens us and it's it's really pretty powerful it likens us to an animal at one point not just to a bride like in the very beginning of chapter two and at the very end but here in the very middle he says see how you behaved in the valley you were a swift she camel running here and there a wild donkey accustomed to the desert sniffing the wind in her craving in her heat now here's what the biologists are going to tell you why is is the physical desire why sexual desire so important and it's it's this collectively speaking we are dead unless we find somebody else we cannot reproduce ourselves this is what the biologist will tell you the biologist would say that unless you're Godzilla this is true of every other species there's something in the mail that only the male produces that has together get together with something in the family that only a female produces or else your race is over your species is over your over and therefore the biologists will tell you is a big root of this incredible physical attraction is that it is is collectively speaking male gender or female gender by itself is incomplete and it's dead unless you literally get together that's certainly obviously there's nothing emotional about animals and yet there's and yet the physical attraction is incredibly powerful there's no emotional involvement both we can tell or what where's it come from it comes from the fact that we are biologically speaking we're incomplete collectively okay now why this powerful sexual imagery here's why this passage this text is not talking at all about Israel's sexual practices it's not talking at all about sexual ethics it's talking about religion you know that it's very interesting down on st. Mark's Place across from Kim's video there's a store it says religious sects and it's very attention-getting it's sort of avant-garde and cool to call something religious sex why because in our my religion and sex are two totally different things they're total opposites so put it together kind of gets to you right that's why they they chose it it's st. Mark's place you know we're we're avant-garde we're unusual we're shocking well God beat them to it Jeremiah did this 2500 years ago and here's what they're saying there is deep in your soul a spiritual desire even more powerful than the desires that inform physical attraction and it's this you cannot produce your own meaning in life you cannot buy yourself produce your own worth you cannot produce your own security everybody has got to have some meaning in life or else life is empty everybody's got to have some affirmation of your worth or else you feel worthless everybody's got to have some security or you can't face life but you cannot produce it yourself any more then you can reproduce your own species your only your own your own life you can't reproduce that spiritual ating whether you can reproduce yourself physically all by yourself even if you can't just say all that matters to me is I like me you're never going to get your work that way you can't say I'm just gonna live for my own happiness you'll never get your meaning that way there's got to be something else besides you that is the source of your meaning the source of your worth the source of your security and your drive for that your need for that you need to take hold of whatever that is ask me something or some putty or some some person or some pursuit or some relationship or some goal or some condition or some practice something yours powerless to reproduce to produce in your heart meaning and Worth and security as you are physically able to produce reproduce your own life and so spiritually speaking if it's not God who's the lover of your soul if it's not God in whose arms you are spiritually if it's not God whose meaning is the source of your meaning whose affirmation is the source of your self-worth and whose power is the source of security if it's not God you're in bed with something spiritually something you've given yourself to in realms so deep and so profound that God here is saying you are is every bit spiritually beholden to it as you are physically beholding you every every bit as spiritually laid out as spread out as vulnerable to it physics spiritually as you are physically when you're having sex with someone you're doing the very same thing spiritually that you do in bed with someone physically same thing you've got to have this you're spiritually incomplete and therefore you're in bed with something now let's take a minute before we move on can I show you how radically different this view is of soul and of spirit then what you're gonna hear about or read about if you go into Barnes & Noble and you go to the section on soul and spirit it it's getting bigger every year there are just tons of book on soul care of the soul and help for the Soul and Chicken Soup for the soul or the spirit you know care for the spirit and if you go and get those books down they're all very very different and yet they're all the same first of all they depict the soul as a pond a sort of still lake but the Bible depicts the soul is a restless turbulent ocean or whenever they took all these books talk about the cure of the soul or the care of the soul what they usually they talk about getting into quiet places and they think about it and think inspirational thoughts reflect you see be quiet see the soul is is is that sort of thing and the Bible says something so much more robust so much more robust so much more vital so much for alive your soul art your soul is two empty arms your soul is an utterly empty heart and you must run after things in order to fill that I can't help it says the soul I must run after them see completely different approach not only to your soul your soul doesn't just need to be petted there there your soul needs love your soul needs rapture your soul needs passion all right but it's also giving us a completely different view not just of the soul but it's a completely different view of God if you can take those books down if they ever do talk about God many of them just don't but if they ever do talk about that God they talk about God in the sense of being someone who sort of gives peace a sort of a remote a power a force and God here says I am NOT just a remote force in fact I am NOT just a sovereign you obey let me tell you what I built you for I want to be the lover of your soul I want to be the center of your heart look he's saying at the sex act look at the greatest rapturous bit of sexual love that is just a dim hint of what closure between your soul and my soul will be that's what I've made you for that's what I want you to be with me you know I mean you know a lot of people go in and they think this is great this this approach the soul the modern New Age spirituality and they just say that and it seems so cool it seems so avant-garde you see it seems so much more it seems so much better than the wooden mechanical understanding people have a Christianity my Christianity real Christianity look what we're seeing look what we're talking about this view of the soul this view of God Constance I want you in my arms power the dynamics of spiritual attraction and he says if I'm not if I'm not in your arms if you're not in my arms you're in the arms with something now the second thing we learn and I'm going to be brief on this because a lot of you know this and what you would rather have you'd like to know I'm pretty good at telling you what's wrong with you and some of you are gonna say I I've heard this part before I'd like to find out what to do about it so let me be brief the second thing we learn here is also the dynamics of spiritual addiction because what God is saying is if you don't have me in your arms if you if you're in the arms anything else you're in deep trouble you're actually in an addiction cycle let me show you how that cycle run so briefly first of all the first part of the cycle is you promote something look here in verse 27 they say the wood you are my father and a stone you gave me birth and then you say okay you're my father you gave me birth now what some of you are saying okay what do you mean if you're not worshiping God if he's not the center of your life if he's not the center of your heart if he's not your greatest joy if you don't have that kind of intimacy with him what I'm turning to other gods well what do you mean well when you think of idolatry and false gods you usually think of sins see now here's where I'm we're trying to enrich your vocabulary is there anything sinful about wood is there anything sinful about stone no false gods idols are not sins they might lead you to sin but they're not sins they are good things they're creative things you see which you have looked at though and you've promoted and you've put them into this top place in your life and what do you say to them you made me you define me you are my father see when you look at somebody and say without you baby what good am i you're saying just something probably very very good you are my father you are my Savior you are my maker that's that's the first step the first step is you take something good wood stone and something good not a sin and you promote it and you say you are my father you are my maker you am i different without you I have no definition that's the first thing but then secondly we see that leads to addiction it says you can't be restrained see it says it's very point it's very plaintiff here verse 25 do not run until your feet are bare and your throat is dry says the Lord why are you your feet are bare means your shoes have worn through your throat is dry you're dying if they're you're running through the desert of course it's a terrible thing you should never run in the desert that's where this is depicted see and but she says use but you said it's no use I must now that word must is everything anything you have decide see as I said before if God's not the center of your life something is right it might be working career and job and achievement it might be beauty and love and romance it might be money and possessions and comfort it might be Adam Smith's invisible hand of the market it might be hey giggles you know the the world spirit or it might be baseball it might be football it might be your music I mean you know it might be your independence it might be some incredibly noble cause somebody that your way some cause you're working for against injustice it could be anything but when you say you define me you're my meaning with that you don't have meaning by achieving you you make me feel I've got worth otherwise I have no worth you have to have those things so you are addicted to them you've got to have them and you know the best way to tell whether you're addicted to something is not and this is what the text says not when things are going well but when you're in trouble you see that verse twenty seven twenty eight fastest way to tell is when you're in trouble you see for example let's just say I'm sure this has got to be true some of you let's just say you've got a really close friend and she and you talk to each other a lot I guess I'm thinking of two women friends right now have you ever noticed for example you both went through a career disappointment and she was okay with it and you were kind of devastated but you've also both been through a romance disappointment right similar disappointment and for some strange reason she was more devastated and you were okay what's going on here I'll tell you what's going on here see you're in bed with success you're spiritually sleeping with it that's the reason why when it's taken away from you you can't take it where she is maybe in bed spiritually with with romance you see see we're all in bed with something but the way you can tell is usually when it's taken away I mean here's four people at a restaurant and they're all drinking a glass of wine ones that alcoholic how do you find out how do you find out who's the alcoholic how do you find out who's addicted to the wine not by not one they all have the wine that's not the way to tell because you see the people who are not addicted are also drinking the way you tell is is take it away from them take it away so you can't have anything you see it's the absence of the addictive substance which is really what tells you you're addicted and for most of us the only way we come to realize that we are addicted to love our gods these love our gods that we we have a fatal attraction to a lover God just something that we feel like we've got to have is one if something goes wrong and you see there's a terrible challenge here and I thought about this many times you say God comes and says where then are the guys that you made for yourselves let them come if they can save you when you are in trouble and of course they can't it'll be a real blunt here if you build your life around your your spouse and she builds your life around you you know if your man one of you is gonna see the other in a coffin someday and here's what God is saying where then will be the gods that you've made for yourself how will they if you build your life on her how can she possibly save you in the moment of greatest nation can let me give you a very different view but it really the same what if you built your life on the idea that you are a moral decent person and therefore it is since you're your moral standard your precious moral standards and your sense that I am a good person is really the thing that gives you your meaning and your worth and what happens when you fall what happens when you lapse what happens when you blow it how can the god of moral integrity save you when you've just blown it do you say that this is the reason why your guilt your guilt it will come down on you where then will the gods but it's when you're in trouble when your heart is breaking you come to realize the things I built my life one can't possibly save me that's the addiction cycle now lastly there is a remarkable program here of restoration first of all we see the dynamics and spiritual traction the dynamics of spiritual addiction those things were true promote we get addicted to and then those things we're addicted to desert us and our time of greatest need see they're worthless and in the end we feel worthless it says in verse 5 now here's the last point how can we avoid the fatal attractions how can we do that how can we keep how can we get out of bed with the lover gods and you know what I'm not being discriminatory here at all let me just speak to Christian Friends of a let me speak to my let me speak to solid committed mature Christians whoever you are you know who dares to think I'm talking to you now but anyway you might but there are there are some of you out there let me tell you something all of your problems come from this it doesn't matter whether you're a strong Christian a weak Christian or a no Christian at all this is the map of your life your lover gods and whenever you feel an inordinate amount of anger or an ordinate amount of fear or an inordinate amount of guilt or even an inordinate amount of boredom you can always find out why you can always get to the bottle by asking two questions why do I feel like what is there you could say this what is there that I feel like I've just got to have or I'm dead no meaning no worth what is it that I just feel like I've absolutely got to have and the second question is what is more what is functioning right now more is my real Savior than Jesus Christ I mean that's it's the map of your life now your lover God's now how are you going to deal with them there's a wonderful program there's three things we're told three things still have to be kind of brief but I want you to see them if you want to overcome these fatal attractions if you want to get freedom here's how you do it the first thing is personalize your understanding of sin read verses 1 to 3 with me or actually just 2 and 3 I remember the Lord says the devotion of your youth how is a bride you loved me and followed me through the desert through a land not sown Israel was holy to the Lord the first fruits of his harvest all who devoured her were held guilty and disaster overtook them now here's what I mean by Co cab you Larry here's the vocabulary issue if you understand sin as only breaking the law of God if that's your basic understanding of sin here's what you're gonna do you're gonna be a scold a scold SC o LD you're gonna scold yourself when you sin and you're gonna scold others when they sit you're breaking the law and yours well there's only thing I know about scolding is this anyone you scold about doing X wants to do more of X than he's ever wanted to do before even yourself you scold your heart and your hearts gonna want to do it more and some of you that's all you've ever done over the years you've got these things you want to overcome you've got these things you want to change and all you ever doing is scolding your heart you're breaking a law of God this changes our vocabulary I should say it enriches vocabulary because here's what the text is telling us sin is breaking the heart of God one of the most vivid ways I can put it is like this some of you have been through what all the counselors will tell you is the ultimate psychological torture the the worst thing the most stressful thing that can happen to human being is divorce even you know that right especially when the person that you've given yourself to you've made yourself vulnerable to them rejects you turns away from you maybe even puts him or herself into somebody else's arms now that kind of suffering I think is probably the worst kind of suffering there is but even though we do not want to wish this on anybody that's a terrible thing and I know there's people in this room who've experienced that but you know what we know we're learning here that's exactly how God feels if you've been through that kind of marital suffering you get insight into God until you understand that that's how God feels about sin you don't understand sin until you understand this language this honeymoon language you know what verses 2 & 3 he depicting his relationship to us as two lovebirds in fact it's almost it's almost disrespectful you see because in the one he depicts us as a young bride who didn't care the fact that she's marrying somebody with no money and they're gonna go live in some little hole in the wall some it doesn't matter and he's even look at verse three he's depicting himself as a sort of young man and he's just gonna deck anybody that even looks cross-eyed at my girl and you look at this and you say these two lovebirds it doesn't matter nothing matters but that they have each other and now why in the world would God use in a sense such an unworthy illustration because that's what his heart is like the Bible is telling us that even though God is utterly holy and utterly majestic and in his being he does not need us we're told that God has voluntarily done the exact here's the other side of the sexual imagery he's made himself vulnerable to us he cares for us he's bound up his heart with us he in a sense he's given his heart to us and when we live for anything more than God we are doing exactly to him only far more than what people have gone through when their spouse has walked out on them you're not just breaking his law you're breaking his heart you're stabbing him in the heart whatever you don't put him in the center because he's put he's put you in the center of his heart do you understand sin like this here's what here's why I want you to know this for some of us the reason we've never really been able to change is because all we ever do is scold our heart but this will melt your heart you have to look you have to look down until you see that what God has done is he's given his heart to us and you know what since he's infinitely more powerful than we are infinitely more loving than we are infinitely more you know wise than we are that must mean he he suffers infinitely more than we do to I mean I've seen some people I've had some very close friends have been through this this kind of rejection where you've made yourself utterly vulnerable you put stuff in the arms of somebody else and they have rejected you they've gone somewhere they put themselves in the arms of someone else it hasn't happened to me when I see what what other people go through it's devastating even even to care for somebody like that and yet God says I'm going through something infinitely greater than the worst experience of that and if you've been through that at least you know a little bit about how God sees us he cares for us He loves us until you personalize your view of sin your heart will not be melted the offertory when you listen to it's about this melt your heart with a person that with the personalize your understanding of sin secondly remember grace look at verse 5 and 6 verse 5 says this is what the Lord says what fault did your father's find in me that they strayed so far from me okay but then verse 6 they did not ask where is the Lord who brought us up out of Egypt let us see the barren wilderness through a land of desert and risks a land of draught and darkness a land where the reason they got into idolatry was that they had they had spiritually forgotten their salvation they weren't constantly saying let me remember what he's done for me the second way you can deal with lover gods is you have to spiritually make real what what Jesus has done for you there's a place in Lord of the Rings my favorite novel where the Hobbit Pippin is standing at the gate of the city and in comes the great witch King the demon king and he comes through the gate and he's about to destroy the city and all of a sudden off in the distance horns the horns of the cavalry basically the horns of the the Riders of Rohan and they have come and even though the king of Rohan rides to his death that day the city is saved and we're told that for the rest of his life Pippin could never hear a horn off in the distance without bursting into tears why because every time he heard a horn in the distance it really it really can the memory of his salvation and the memory of the one who died for him now how do you listen to a distant horns what are your distant horns the sacrament when you take the Lord's Supper Christian friends coming to worship but unless you get into the arms of love or gods when you stop saying where is the Lord who did this in this in this when you you need to remember grace you need to find ways of making it spiritually real to you you need to find ways of doing that you can't just we can't be passive first-five happened because verse 6 didn't happen so first of all personalize your view sins secondly remember grace but then lastly look in the mirror verse 32 this is an amazing verse in germ I couldn't possibly have known what we know about it does a maiden forget her jewelry a brighter wedding ornaments yet my people have forgotten many days without number now what are the what's the function of your wedding dress Brides on your wedding day you want to be perfect and the fact of the matter is you're not perfect on the wedding day you want to be just the right size you're not the right size on the wedding day you want to be you know flawless you're not flawless but there's something about wedding ornaments and wedding dresses and the makeup that has never been an imperfect bride and that's the reason why they're so important but one thing I've never seen in all my years of doing weddings I've never seen a bride get to the top of the aisle and say I didn't put my makeup on and everybody says oh you're right heck no you know why because if Brides always looking in the mirror I mean all day you're looking in the mirror yeah I mean can you imagine you imagine a bride getting to the top of the aisle I forgot to look in my mirror I don't have my veil on or I don't have this third eye that doesn't happen now God not only says gosh God doesn't just say just as you use your wedding ornaments to hide your physical deformities and make yourself physically perfect looking so I will give you something that will make you spiritually beautiful and spiritual he doesn't say I'll give you something what does he say there's a maiden forget her jewelry does a maiden forget her wedding ornaments yet my people have forgotten me now he's saying this here's my promise I can make you spiritually perfect and beautiful the reason you're out there working so doggone hard the reason you're out there so upset the reason you're the reason you want your children to be perfect the reason you want somebody to love you who's perfect the reason you're working so in your career is you're trying to you're trying to cover yourself you're trying to put their ornaments you're trying to make yourself spiritually beautiful spiritually acceptable and God actually comes so far and says I'm not just gonna give you something that makes you spiritually acceptable I am that I can be that for you and only Jared Jeremih couldn't have understood what we know and that is that Jesus Christ did not just come and die to make us forgiven Jesus Christ came we're told in Ephesians 5 to present us spotless and radiant a bride he came to be perfect for us he says that John the Baptist today is getting baptized on the Baptist says you don't need to be baptized you're not sinful and John what does Jesus say he says I have to fulfill all righteousness of course he's not doing everything perfect for him he's already perfect he's living a perfect life for us so that when we believe in him his beautiful record is put upon us and the reason we're going to love our gods is we're trying to convince ourselves were beautiful spiritually and God says if you look at yourself in the mirror if you're willing to see what I have done for you if you understand how beautiful you are in my sight because of what my son has done for you you'll be free from your Lisl ever gods forever you know the song that goes like this you see I will arise and go to Jesus he will embrace me in his arms in the arms of my dear Savior oh there are ten thousand charms go learn what that means let's pray thank you Father as we look at this passage for the profound analysis of our souls that it gives us and for the complete program of renovation and restoration it gives us we thank you that it's possible now for us to have our hearts melted by the knowledge of your love for us to have our hearts maintained and and and and changed by the remembrance of your grace for us and most of all to be completely changed by the knowledge of what your son has not just done for us but what your son is for us we Lord these things are very very they're deep they're wonderful some of us have never heard this before since if some people here today have never even heard this understanding of Christianity and we pray father that that those of us who have heard it many times before that three early Spirit it will become active in a way that it's never been before and for those of us who have never heard it before that this is just the beginning the first step of a journey and that it will end in your arms now father give us give us what you want to give us give us yourself we pray this in Jesus name Amen for more of the series and other resources from Timothy Keller and Redeemer Presbyterian Church please visit


  1. It is no longer I who do it but sin that lives in me. Confess sin and you will confess sin as Lord. Confess Christ as Lord because He is Lord in spite of indwelling sin.

  2. Thank you for increasing my understanding of Jeremiah chapter 2. I thought I new it all, only to realize I was guilty of it all.

  3. The part he says about verse 20 doesn't say "spread your legs" in Hebrew. It says "bend over like a whore" (את צעה זנה) and that's pretty much how it's translated in the NIV and ESV.

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