TIME'S UP Healthcare Allies Launch Video #####

I've been in practice for 10 years 14 years 30 years 45 years I'm a pediatric allergist a chair of Psychiatry student nurse attending surgeon OBGYN resident clinical pharmacist I have both a wife and a daughter in health care I see my female colleagues effectively penalized for having a family I've seen my female colleagues affected by sexual harassment I've seen patients groping both female nurses and doctors and I've seen my female colleagues have to avoid sitting next to a senior man at a work dinner for fear that he would touch them under the table I've seen them receive my hugs kisses and compliments about their figure I've seen two different attending physicians tell women not to get pregnant while they're on service I watched my female colleagues for thieve aggression and threats in the workplace this is particularly true for women of color and for female international medical graduates and I've seen women face major barriers to their promotion I've seen female medical students and residents be ignored there is no place for gender discrimination especially in health care we need to stop giving a pass to men who treat women as sexual objects we can't treat sexual harassment like harmless flirting I spoke up and excuses were made I didn't know how to speak up I spoke up and nothing happened I spoke up and behavior stop for that moment I was punished for speaking up I spoke up but it happened again and again I didn't say anything I felt powerless same patterns of behavior keep repeating themselves we can't just sweep under the rug this systemic issue this culture that exists Healthcare cannot afford to continue to treat women this way Healthcare can't afford to have toxic environments health care needs to hold leadership accountable for their culture healthcare needs to look inside health care can't afford to lose great doctors nurses and staff our patients deserve the absolutely best and the brightest working at the highest level of their abilities in a safe welcoming environment health care needs to create policies that are effective enforce the policies that we already have we can do better health care needs to increase the number of women in leadership we'll fight for these changes health care needs to wake up as a man I pledge to use my voice to call out iniquity when I see it to call out harassment I pledge to be an ally as a man I pledge to hold us all accountable for discrimination inequity and harassment as a leader I pledge to do everything I can to eliminate gender bias discrimination or sexual philosophy as a man I pledge to never be silent again I won't accept silence this affects all of us in medicine our patients our colleagues our loved ones this affects us all this matters to me my patients and 12 of us I'm in the product of a strong female and because of that the time is up time's up time's up Saffy neat time is up ha


  1. Serves as an important reminder that only men are harassers. I think that point sometimes gets overlooked

  2. this will only work if men support and speak up. as the video says, everyone has seen this, but nothing has changed. until now.?

  3. A sad truth is that discrimination isn't just against female health care workers. Female patients are systematically discriminated against: especially by the Mental Health field. It's been so life destroying for me, I'm no longer able to trust any medical professional, and quit MH long a go

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