TIps for First Semester Nursing Students

hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is brandy for those you who might be new I have been that way for a while but I've noticed that between my last nursing video and this video that's coming out I have getting quite a few subscribers so for those of you who are new my channels name is being brandy and it's about me brandy and showing my life as a single mom and in nursing school I'm focusing heavily on nursing school and kind of dipping and dabbing into motherhood but I have more things planned for motherhood in May so stay tuned tell your friends and let's go ahead and roll right into this video this will be just some tips for your first semester nursing students and these are things that I have learned this semester that have kind of helped me when it comes down to like adjust things and things like that first tip that I have for you guys is to eliminate distractions yeah and you want to eliminate your distractions throughout the whole entire semester like once school started in January I just completely turned my phone on violence I only get the notifications like I get all my notifications I just can't hear them so if I have my phone face down and I'm studying Mormon clash yes my text message is a cost and still come through but I won't see them until after so it's just because when I am focusing on something I need to focus on something you know well like I said I am a single mom so for others who are parents while in nursing school sometimes your kid can be a distraction and for me then studying it helps for me to get out of the house and go to like the narrow bread go to Starbucks just get somewhere where I am away from Riley just so I can really really focus taking a lot of the information for like two or three hours number two which this is so big and you never know how important this is until you get into nursing school but study with a group find your study group and you guys set the time weekly every other week the week before test whatever and study together but the trick are the key to study groups is to study first like if you go to a study group and you don't know anything it might be beneficial because then you'll feel like oh you guys know all of this now I'm gonna go home and I'm gonna study but trick to nursing school is once you have studied and reviewed once you get to your study group that's when it's time to talk about things and it's time for you to like teach each other things because if you can teach it you can test on it you can pass if you can teach it you know it tip number three and this is important which is why put it in the top three but it's the practice self-care how simple right no seriously though nursing school can be very exhausting it can be various dreaming and then when you're nursing school you're not just in merciful they life doesn't stop so things in our world are continuing to happen and your extra exhausted in your extra drain so you need to practice self-care you don't have to always be in a book 24/7 like I promise you people tell you that like nursing school is go go go go go and it is they are not lines I'm always a constantly on the go there's stuff for me to do right now but you have to know when to shut it on shut it off you know I'm saying it's important to take those breaks hey girl the tip number four is to attend all your classes attend all of your labs and obviously go to Senegal but for class and lab you want to prepare prepare ahead of time and you want to go to all like just last class I had a professor who was like there's any of you guys in this classroom there should never be a time that I count and I only count 65 I was like cuz I haven't missed a day of class yet so I'm like what y'all doing cuz I didn't get the memo where was my invite but yeah and that's true like you shouldn't miss class there are marshal times where you feel like okay in this class was a wasting my time I could have been at home shutting like we've had that conversation I've had that conversation with my lab group I've had that conversation with my friends we've had a conversation with one of the lab instructors but yeah so there are some times lab that you're going to are in class or you'll be like wow this is with stock and I've been five times and like health assessment lab where I'm like just three hours of me just doing this health assessment oh my gosh but I promise you guys like in the end when you're at the test and you're like wow because I wasn't class I really understand this or she said this in class and they just practice like birthday time like if you get lucky like that where she literally talks about something and it's literally on the test you have to wait for those gym moments and they do happen it's not the whole test just helpful test like for your first semester you're both get your friends your bookies your friend but going to class it's beneficial it is important to come just as prepared to laugh because some of those things they expect you to know we everything they expect you to know when you walk in and they're not fine to me number five and this one is like just uh just uh morale kind of thing like did you who raised you don't be a nursing school bully don't be one like that's ridiculous think about you terrorizing well maybe not terrorizing that might be a very strong word but just think about you putting down your fellow nursing students are the ones who aren't doing as well as you like think about you're putting them down and then going into a profession where it's supposed to be caring and compassionate and taking care of people in their most vulnerable times of their lives to me that makes absolutely no sense but there are nursing school bullies I have a real in my lab group who like she had some friends and they were like well you sure didn't you as bad as so-and-so and I was like wow it's just like dang that's really harsh especially when this is our first semester and literally the content is not hard in your first semester but you're still getting used to how these tests are you're still getting used to being in nursing school you're still getting used to balancing three schedules you have a class gift you have a lab get you have a clinical schedule you're still getting used to all of that and then in the midst of it while you're juggling all of that you have your own personal life and then you have nursing school chests yeah so I really laugh at nursing school folios because like I said if you're going up to such a caring and compassionate profession within you're mean to each other number six don't be caught up in your grades don't get caught up in your grades this is something I had to tell myself because I made she was a passing rate but it wasn't like my nineties and I'm like wait a minute I like making 90s in above baby this one lady told me she was an LPN and we had made friends in my psychology was and she was like they want you to do they want you to at least make 80% throughout the earth in school because it's proven that people do like if you were to like to compare their in Flex grade to their like nursing school grade people do five points lower so like if you are 80% nursing student then you'll make like 75 on the in class that's what she said obviously I don't know how true that is but but she was like you know 75 percent is still passing the NCLEX that's why they saved my eighties in nursing school I don't know you don't need to get caught up in your grades as long as you're making that 80% as long as you are understanding the material and you can talk about it and you can teach it you can apply it well my last tip tip number seven is actually to the family of nursing students and for you guys it is important to make sure that you are being supportive and that you're offering help and that you're being understanding nursing school is stressful for all of us just because you're not the one who's going to school and lab or clinicals every day does not mean that you're not gonna be stressed out because we're gonna watch your love was that your child your girlfriend your boyfriend whoever you're gonna watch your loved ones go through it like no time they're going to times when you're gonna watch them like literally want to brush their hair out so there's gonna be times when they're gonna tell you no they can't do something and time will be sacrificed just be patient be understanding and be there to offer help what do that means they need you to help them write some flashcards before they need you to help them test on the flashcards just offer help all right guys so that wraps up the end of this video and those are the last of my tips if you're a first semester nursing student and you want to add something that I maybe I missed put it in the comments below and don't forget to Like comment and subscribe thank you guys for watching bring her big car seat


  1. I wish I knew #3 when I was in nursing school omg lol. It would have made such a difference. And #6 I stopped worrying about grades the last semester 😂grades doesn’t get you the job, NCLEX and that degree does. (Also, idk how true that is with what your classmate said about whatever score in nursing school you have, you’ll make 5 points lower on NCLEX) NCLEX isn’t graded so she wasn’t accurate lol. Loved this video boo! Great tips ❤️

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