tips for increasing sex stamina without medicine

Hi guys, welcome to natural cure tips. my today’s video is especially for my subscribers. because today i am going to give you some
very important tips for increasing sexual health. if you apply these tips in your routine life,
then after some time you will be healthy through all aspects.
and remember, when you are using my herbal formulas, then you must care about these things. 1st of all, please don’t do masturbation.
if you are doing this bad habit, then leave this, if you want to increase your sexual
power. our youth is already die from sexual health
by doing masturbation. Masturbation badly effect our penis. because
the skin of our hand is too hard, and the skin of vegina is too soft and thin. masturbation kills the muscles in our penis. due to this, penis growth stop and it remain
short, and it bend to down side. you face low sperms quantity and quality also. at the end, you become a permanent patient
of erectile dysfunction. 2nd tip is this, whenever you eat, do not
eat too much. every time when you eat, give some space to
your stomach to do function. if it will be full, it cannot work properly. same like the blender, if you put too much
stuff and want to blend, it will not. so guys, when you eat, remember these things. 3rd, try to eat fruits more. there is a one fruit that can boost your sexual
power and stamina, this is water melon. water melon is very best fruit for boosting
sex drive. almost this is a second viagra. Try to eat water melon 20 minutes before breakfast
daily, or 3 times in a week. 4th.
do not wear tight underwear, tight underwear is a big cause in penis small size. i already made a full video on this topic,
how badly tight underwear distroying our sexual health. If you want to watch that video, then right
now, click on the suggestion tab, top right corner in this video. 5th. keep your blood on stable temperature,
do not make it hot. because when our blood temperature will be hot, we will discharge
early during sex. drink juices as you can, sugar cane juice
is best for stomach heat. sex stamina is on your hand, it depend how
you take care these things that i told you. keep in mind all these tips. i hope you will like this video. i will come back with new information. good bye and take care.


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