Tips on preventing the flu from Physician Assistant faculty member

Speaking of the flu here to
give us some tips on how to avoid getting the flu in the first place from
the University of st. Augustine for Health Sciences is Graham Danyleyko,
Graham good morning thank you for coming. Good morning. I want to acknowledge your 25 years of service in the United States Navy and tell you how much we appreciate it. Thank you very much Okay we just heard about the H1N1 virus
what is your take? So you know Jason you’ve got to get the flu shot. we know
that many people are have some apprehension towards getting the flu
shot but the best way to prevent getting the flu is to go out and get the shot. Now we were talking off-camera just a moment ago a couple of months ago I got a flu shot because a grandson was on the way you know and shortly thereafter I
got pretty sick is that a standard response? I don’t usually get
flu shots, so and I don’t know if I’m gonna get another one, but tell me why I
should write so many people commonly think I don’t want to get the flu shot
because I’m gonna get sick? What happens is when you get the flu shot
your body may respond lightly, I mean to this the shot, but you’re not
gonna get sick, it’s not gonna make you sic. It’s to protect you from getting you
know the flu, The shot covers different
viruses two A’s and two B’s, and this year we have the H1N1 that’s covered and
the H3N2 so you’ve got all these covered with the standard vaccinations. Yes okay
what if somebody doesn’t get vaccinated? There are people who have the version
two flu shots but we still want to give them ways that they can avoid catching
the flu right so the best way is to you know if you see someone that’s sick you
need to stay away. If you’re a sick person stay home okay you know but you
wash your hands with soap water in warm water or you can use your you know the
alcohol-based hand wash. Those are okay to use? Yes absolutely so those are the things from getting it of course when you’re in a workspace or
an area where you have people that you come commonly come in contact with you need to make sure that you protect yourself you’re touching doors and
different things like that and TV remotes and all the different things in
handshakes just if you see someone that has some form of illness or complains of
it your protection your best protection is just to do your hand wash, make sure you get lots of rest and make sure you drink lots of fluids and that
should help prevent. You know in a lot of work environments people share our
keyboards and computers that are those Clorox wipe effective? They are, if you use a bacterial wipe in between that’s a good way to do it
just remember that you know they’re pretty toxic so you want to keep your
hands protected as well if you’re doing that, usually once a day or a couple
times a day is good enough. And how about dietary measures other things we can do
eat different foods this time of year that’ll help keep it away? Nothing
that’s different than maintaining good health, so you want to eat foods that allow you to keep your immune system working and running so if you’re
not sleeping enough drinking too much coffee, not eating breakfast and lunch
and dinner and having those regular dietary needs then then your immune
system could be down and then you’re more susceptible to getting the flu. I
see but in your expert opinion we go back to the beginning it’s the flu shot
that everybody should get and that’s probably the last thing we can do to
avoid right? We know that throughout the county, and in
pharmacies and everywhere, there the flu shots out there you know it takes a
couple weeks for it to kick in so we know that the numbers are rising in the
county and we know the numbers are rising in California and they’re rising
across the country so get your flu shot now you’ll be protected. We know in the
next couple months that there could be a big rise and so you’ll be ready and
protective. Good advice Graham thank you so much for coming in this

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