Tips to avoid harm and minimize damages from Typhoon Tapah

well thora tees are taking stringent
measures to minimize the possible damage from typhoon Thapa but to help you and
your family weather the storm our canyon will have of several tips the Korea
meteorological administration says strong winds and heavy rainfall are
expected in the nation through Monday as typhoon Thapa approaches the southern
regions of the korean peninsula if you’re in the storm’s path it is advised
to keep your smartphone close and follow the news on television or radio to aid
your preparations stay indoors if possible but if you have to go out keep
away from construction sites and traffic lights when a typhoon hits flooding is
the most common hazard so it’s important to check the sewers and drainage to make
sure they are working properly but if your property becomes flooded do not go
inside even if the water is drained you should get help from the authorities as
the presence of home appliances post dangers of electric shock if you live in
an area where there might be a lance fire or a flood you should refer to your
community’s local evacuation plan and learn how to get to the closest safe
house it’s also important to have a first aid kit handy in case of an
emergency if you’re driving slow down and do not take Rose next to streams or
rivers as they can become quickly flooded by a storm surge anything that
the wind might blow away should be fastened securely according to research
taping the windowpane can do little to protect them in case of strong winds so
it’s important to fast in the window by taping its frame if you apply a safety
film it can also minimize the damage from shattered glass there’s no way to
stop the storm from coming but we can reduce the damage by preparing for the
worst and following the advice of the
emergency authorities conn-young Arirang news

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