1. Do you have a list of those common topics …like those you mentioned in your video. Eg: portal hypertension?? If would be great if you can share.

  2. Sir , the contents which are given in Mathews ,are they derived from Harrisons ?
    Can we accept whatever contents given in Mathews is a same as Harrison? Or it is similar to Davidson?

  3. Mine final year classes r gonna start and I have heard some scary thing about final year , lil bit freaked out … 😅

  4. Hi ! I liked your video. Can u tell me how to approach small subjects like radiology, dermatology anesthesiology ?

  5. Thanx 🙏 sir will you please help in which books of surgery should i prefer? For learn GIT & Urology?? Manipal or naseem or s.das textbook? Suregery reading is so confusing rather than difficult.. Help me out sir..

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