Tips to Reduce Pain with Weather Changes, Menta Chiropractic LLC in Milford, CT | Dr. Franco Menta

hey guys dr. Menta here with another
menta be well minute it’s getting cold outside and people are complaining and
they’re asking me this question hey Doc is there a connection between my pain
and the weather now after reviewing the research I can tell you that there is no
direct proof that this exists however scientists have a theory and that theory
is that our bodies are similar to balloons now as there is a drop in
barometric pressure the air inside that balloon is going to expand this is
similar to the joints in our bodies that are arthritic or inflamed now as the
soft tissues expand they trigger pain unfortunately this happens to such a
small degree that it cannot be recorded by science and that’s why this is still
just a theory now as a doctor who has observed this phenomenon for over 20
years I can tell you that this is real for every single one of my patients that
notices more pain with weather changes now if you too are suffering from
increased pain when the storm rolls in listen up I have a couple of tips
hopefully this will help you first I want you to try to reduce the amount of
inflammatory foods in your body that is red-meat fried foods and other starches
and simple sugars next I want you to try to alternate ice and heat to the joints
that aren’t inflamed or painful 20 minutes 9 20 minutes off and lastly move
your body more when you exercise you’re going to feel less pain so now I hope
that this was helpful please like and share with your friends family and loved
ones and until next time I’m dr. Mendte be well

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