Tips to Reduce Panic Attacks and Anxiety

millions of Americans deal with feelings of anxiety or panic attacks on a daily basis we have a few tips they won't necessarily prevent these feelings from happening all together but they may just help reduce some of the symptoms and dr. boxer your first tip for us yeah and actually even have a prop here so this is ice and so one way if you're feeling incredibly anxious is just to grab ice because it distracts you it'll take your focus away from whatever pain or anxiety you're feeling and the idea is it actually activates something called your parasympathetic nervous system what that means is it's the response we all have to rest and digest so it slows your heart rate it kind of calms you down interestingly increases your intestinal activity but I love that also get moving you know what get all that adrenaline going and can leave you feeling a bit anxious going even for a 10-minute walk especially you can get outside you use up from that excess energy people go outside just to take a few moments to calm yourself down and what's cool is those who regularly exercise have 20% decrease in anxiety symptoms and it doesn't have to you don't run a marathon it's literally the active moving can play a big role yeah and I have one more tip you can use comfort items like a weighted blanket with when you do something like that it provides deep pressure stimulation and it feels like a firm hug or a swaddle and then that can have a positive impact on your mood and just make you feel better overall


  1. I will try it when im home and have a bout of anxiety i dont really like having my hands cold but i will try it

  2. This helped me back in the day! Ice! I discovered this by accident a few years ago but to each it’s own 

  3. Very good but how is a person suppose to carry ice with them when they are outside or inside outside because that's when anxieties happen

  4. The silliest anxiety tips I've ever heard. I can tall you folks NEVER experienced PA. There's a lot more efficient to do than holding ice.

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