Tom Barnett – NSW Richmond (Byron Bay) Candidate for Involuntary Medication Objectors Party

what I oppose is mandatory and forced medications of any kind particularly when coercion is involved while facing ecological and economic collapse human rights are being eroded at an alarming rate our policies protect our internal and external environments more than anything we stand for basic human rights the right to bodily autonomy the right to live in a healthy environment and the right to live above the poverty line I have the guts to stand up for the most contentious of issues and I won't back down to corporate interests I know that a handful of cash is useless when we don't have our health or a vibrant environment I've worked on organic farms and helped reverse many serious health conditions as a practitioner my message is that giving up our rights to a government is a slippery slope that we will later regret voting in the known quantities who are well past their use-by date does not reflect what we want in our country inform yourself don't allow a media owned by dubious corporations to inform you or they'll form in your mind their view of reality I'm Tom Barnett for the Imo P House of Representatives for Richmond authorized by Michael O'Neill involuntary medication objectives of vaccination floor IPA Bellbrook New South Wales

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