Tom Peterson: 3rd Year Medical Student

I came straight to Drexel from college I
went to Penn State University I’m planning on going in the family medicine
just because I like the continuity of care and following up with my patients
so much I’m going to be serving in the Army after I graduate from flexo as well
so I’ll be an army family medicine doctor I actually went to college thinking I
might want to be a forensic scientist but I volunteered in a hospital in just
the relationships with the patients made me change my mind and that’s when I knew
that I really wanted to become a doctor the aspects of Drexel that I found most
rewarding are the ways that were able to give back in medical school being able
to work with the underserved populations and identifying their medical problems
and seeing what we can do to help them at little to no cost has been one of the
most rewarding things I’ve been able to do in medical school I feel like I’ve
been personally embraced by Drexel I feel that I’ve really been able to make
my mark on this program and make Drexel part of my own the tools that Drexel has
given me throughout my three years in medical schools so far are really going
to help me in my future career both as a doctor and as a person what I really
learned is how I want my career to develop and what’s important to me is
forming relationships with patients and being able to treat them it’s not just
patients but as individual people these three years have allowed me to grow as a
person to figure out what exactly I wanted to do with the rest of my life
and allowed me to have a lot of fun along the way

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