Toni’s story about Mental Health First Aid

since coming to Australia from Nigeria I’ve become a lecturer a senior pastor of the church and a community leader transiting from Nigeria to Australia was a very big experience for me it came with its own challenges and so uh that that stirred up in me a passion for me to be able to support people who are also experiencing such culture shock and those shocks they are not small they’re they are really big things they’re things that can affect people’s lives in diverse ways in the family setting in the workplace and even in their relationship with the wider society and so being able to to do the Mental Health First Aid training has been able to help me reach out to such people and and sort of get them out of that situation and get them into the outcome that they desire for themselves being able to listen to these people non-judgmentally how can we help you support you to come out from where you are at to become the best in their new environment that you are in you don’t have to be a doctor you don’t have to be a psychologist for you to have a mental health first aid so you can become a mental health first aider by just simply training for it as as simple as that anybody can be a part of it and anybody can do it and help to make Australia a better society I’m Tony I’m a senior pastor and I’m a mental health first aider I am one I am one I am one I am one b12 [Music]

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