Tony Robbins: OVERCOME DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY (Motivational Video 2018)


  1. I am 36 years old and live with my husband in our beautiful home. I completed my masters in Human Resources in 2011 and have worked in HR ever since. However, I have not been lucky enough to secure a role where I can develop or be supported enough from a Manager who will effectively ‘take me under their wings’ and progress. I am the ‘type’ of person who likes to get things done quickly and that comes with mistakes as I have learnt over the years. This is something that I am currently working on but even working slowly I have found I still make silly mistakes. For example, I would type raod instead of road on a HR system that does not have spell check.
    The level of roles I have secured previously are at administration level and I really want to secure a HR Advisor role where I am supported by a Manager. I keep getting told as I have the education I should be aiming for higher roles such as HR Business Partner etc. However, when applying for such roles I get rejected due to lack of experience. Then it is full circle I have to then apply for HR Administration roles, my previous roles have either been contract or I have been made redundant. I have also found that in some places I have worked my colleagues will talk about me behind my back of which I have caught them out on and really demoralises me. My personality is very closed book and I do not like to talk about my personal life as I feel people become jealous. From a young age I have been told not to trust people and that stuck with me ever since I was in high school. I find it very difficult to trust people as I feel they are judging all the time. My current employment is a prime example, any employee who comes to seek help from HR as soon as they have left the office the team are either bitch or judge. I am not of that nature and it really upsets me which is why I do not engage in conversation with them.
    My current role is contract which comes to an end in August and I am basically the same level as someone who is 50 years old. From the first day I met her I knew she didn’t like me, I have worked there for almost 4 months now and only today she tells me that she wants folders a certain way. The company has 300 employees, which means I now have to go back to every folder and amend the folder to certain way that she likes. This is the kind of treatment I deal with on a daily basis. She also like to have the last word on everything and when I do something wrong she huffs and puffs and goes on and on about it for hours in front of everyone. I do not know why she is treating me like when I am not taking her role I am leaving soon. I really really want to become a better person and reading all the self-help books available and just want to work in a place where I can at least get on with people without being fake and develop my career. We are looking to get pregnant which is another thing that plays on my mind all the time, if I secure a permanent role and then get pregnant I have a feeling I will be kicked out.

    I am feeling emotionally and mentally drained

  2. 9 years ago my marriage ended due to a heroin addiction in the family I had to leave because my wife at the time did nothing to stop it..I had to leave or I had to take care of it…I chose to leave ,taking care of it was what that person wanted .so I did not go to his level ,once therewhe won't come back was for the best ..but we still have a wonderful relationship my ex and i… and yes he's still an addict to this day 25 years old and living in a basement,,I'm a little better now but I wish it was delbt with in time before I lost the love of my life …now karma is doing her thing..

  3. I love how stimulating this talk is and the belief he has on the ability to change! 💯💪🏻😃

  4. I just heard this and it made me more aware of what needs to be done in my life.. decision, decision, decision!

  5. Thank you I needed that I can remember 2005 probably the roughest year of my life Shadow Man in the head waiting on my mother out looking down the barrel a 40 years thank God I had two counts aggravated assault intent to kill I just made promise to myself I'll Spotify I made the guards my friends the sheriff of the county sing the good works that I was going but I was going to church every time the pastor come praying to God to deliver me from this I lost my way I walked through that got out 5 years probation met the love of my life had two beautiful boys but that cycle start back over I got hooked on pain pills I lost her the love of my life and I know so you know how till I started to look up about depression and that's what I stumble over your videos I watch my first one today I remember seeing you in that movie Shallow Hal and I just wanted to give you a lesson I want to tell you I want just tell you Tony thank you the deepest part of my heart I can't see out I'd love for you to reach back out if not you secretary or somebody I can't wait to hear your next video

  6. Back in October 2018 I was a solo rider of a motorcycle and was involved in a collision with a speeding car and was hit at over 80 mph. I had to undergo many hours of surgery to extensive injuries such as broken collar bone, both legs broken, a break in my lower spine and 3 fingers on my left hand torn off. My life was changed that day but more importantly my wife and children's lives were changed. I became severely depressed I hated life I hated people through to jealousy I was a wreck and my life was over. Then 1 day my eldest child who is 10 said something to me that changed my perspective, what he said was " dad atleast you are alive and more importantly we still have a dad" those few wise words from such a young man changed my life and outlook. I guess what I'm trying to say is no matter what is happening in your life someone needs you someone loves you. It's now been 8 months and a lot of physio and heartache and pain but I'm improving and getting stronger everyday. My legs r now healed and the surgeon was able to support my spinal column with a rod and plates and I'm now walking. My collar bone is made from titanium plates and screws and held with a false ligament and I can now lift and hold things but will never lift my arm above my head. Never give up you will be surprised at what the human body can over come and YOU are awesome

  7. I lost my son 17 years ago in June. There were several things that helped me get through including my relationship with God, now I'm in a place that I'm trying to get out of depression again. Learning positive thinking helped me change my life with that experience and I ended up writing a children's picture book that teaches self care tools for kids that I wish I would have had when I was a kid. Thank you for the encouragement Tony to make new choices.

  8. Tony gave lots of talks about how to keep your marriage alive then left his wife and three kids for an 18 year old. His ideas are stolen from others! Fraud!

  9. The 5 Remedies Against Sadness Used By Extraordinary Happy People


  11. Next Level: Combine physical movement with listening to motivational videos. Even if it's the eyes (research "EMDR") or a finger or whatever (research "The Art of Everything") connecting inspiring and uplifting messages with intent driven physical activity may better convey and imprint the information…just taking a slow walk in nature and being kind to yourself can work miracles…teachers don't have much to lose at this point teaching people via forest walks…

  12. Thank you , have helped me in so many ways growing up without parents and not much guidance about life this helped me get to the truth

  13. The lady at the end did not seem like a role model for anyone. Why in the world did he say that at all?

  14. You need to figure out how you can minimize the uncertainty that occurs throughout your life and outline a detailed plan of action to get over it and move forward in a better way.

  15. All I can say is THANK YOU! Unfortunately I’m dealing with Parent Alienation and being an #erasedmom, But you are educating me on a whole new way to deal with this! And Btw my son Jordan Boich looks just like you. I saw it for the first time today. That’s awesome. He turned 21 April 17 2019 tall 6’4 at ASU, I’m so proud. So ty and I will continue my teachings through your videos. You are a blessing from God

  16. 3 months ago I tempted to Assault elderly manager lady which caused me to loose my home, my car and cannot get hired by anybody in my county have no money no car cannot afford local bus transit. Trying to find away to turn things around but its very steep hill

  17. Relationship is hell for me I wish mind better choice in my life I have been thought life hard all this happened in the 5 year said when all has happened the I looking up to Lord ask my life change and I had to work on it every day of my I push thought it and maid it time and when change to get handle on my life it broke loose and lost my I had move out of house because live Landlord was sale the house so move and move to New state and live motel in and out of my five year now all happened I guess push thought all of this but was to do

  18. I Suffer From Depression Blood Pressure And Anxiety . It Be Sometimes I Rather Be Dead Everybody Hates Me For No Reason . It Sucks That The World Is Harsh . 😔🔫

  19. This has opened my eye, ive been overthinking,over worrying, thinking i dont deserve anything…im wollowing,ive been through shit before and i got out of it, i need to get myself out of this too & i will! So help me, i bloody will!

  20. I am one of the numerous people who got depressed and it occurred to me years ago after separation and divorce. an actual low point when I got this depression therapy “fetching kafon press” (Google it) and my self-confidence was broken. My self-esteem went back after days of days of reading your book..

  21. I'm more paralyzed by codependancy than anything else. I'm a 34 year old male, Iraq Vet and everything I do, all day everyday is, if I'm alone, I think about how much better this or that would be if the love of my love was doing it with me. I want to be around the woman I'm with so much that it drives them away. About to lose a 7 year relationship with someone I've held on a pedestal for all 7 years. Every waking moment has been about her. Now we are in the verge of breaking up. Can't seem to agree on anything, she doesn't like being around me, I'm too needy. But I feel like if she just showed more love and affection I wouldn't have to be so needy. She only gives tiny amounts every once in awhile and it's not enough. Feels like It's always a double edged sword. Like I am the woman in the relationship. Which doesn't make sense bc I am actually very alpha. I don't like partying with just the guys, not that I have many friends anyway, but am the type of guy that would ask to bring my gf to a bachelor party bc I think she's awesome and love to hang out with her. Always trying to make her love me more and more by doing so much for her, but it never works. I am going through a cold winter right now in the Midwest. Depressed and feeling so Alone. The only way my relationship keeps working is if I completely be a slave and just keep giving. As soon as I want anything she's just like, oh, we shouldn't be together or I need a break. Drives me nuts. I wish I could be happy on my own. But I crave being with a soulmate. Being with the one person I'm meant to find and I always tell myself that the person I'm with is the person I'm meant to be with forever. So try harder and harder even if you're not happy. Such a vicious cycle. I want to be happy even when alone.

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