Top 10 Scary Doctor Sleep Theories


  1. The hand…I was sleeping in my room,as I move to the corner of the
    Bed I start to feel something touch my head I ignored it but then I felt something
    Pull my leg I woke up at 3:15 that is a very paranormal time I looked next to my door
    Was a hand that had very sharp nails but then I feel something else touch my other leg
    I was very scared because my parents were out of house until 8 AM I looked out then window then I see the same hand that I saw at my door I was scared from know on I sleep with pillows over my head

  2. We all know who is the one true and it won't these top hat wearing weirdos I'll tell ya that much….. the true knots are the one and only SLIPKNOT!!😎😎✊✊👏👏

  3. Could you do a video or a review on this video called "Girl goes psycho during makeup tutorial
    " Also watch it if you want nightmare fuel overcharge 😉

  4. this movie looks too scary for me, and i lvoe stephen king beautiful twisted mind, love carrie,love pet sematary, and it, and cujo

  5. I have really been trying to give abbey a chance but there's no comparison to rebecca. Abbey just makes topics sound blah😓

  6. I've never watched a horror movie or read one of steven king's books but I watched the video anyway because MostAmazingTop10 is THAT amazing :D! But most of the video sounded like jibberish to me. Yada yada… blarney… blether… 2001: SPACE ODDEYSY OoO… yada yada once more.

  7. There's a good possibility that Stephen King does have a special ability of his own that gives him inspiration to his ideas for his books and films or that he has this ability for other reasons and maybe he knows to keep it hidden from the world and he just tells us how he got his ideas but it's a cover up for what his ability is. We may never know but it's possible.

  8. they made her work longer hours and made her not eat and put her through mental abuse to make the movie as real as possible

  9. Shelly has had mental health issues her whole life. I don't think appearing in it lead to her current issues. It's just a progression of her mental illness.

  10. Abby, this is defenetly your Best video to date! I was'ent your biggest fan, but I admit, im getting there. You're more YOU in this one, and Im diggin it 🤘

  11. I like King's interpretation of how all his works are connected with one another. His explanation is a hell of a lot more frightening than these theories.
    Well, yeah. They should. He's Steven King for crissakes.

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