Top 22 Technologies Shaping The Future of Medicine – The Medical Futurist

From surgical robots to artificial intelligence.
Medicine is about to dramatically change. This is Bertalan Mesko and you are watching
the channel of The Medical Futurist. I wrote my new book, The Guide to the Future of Medicine,
to create a compilation of all those trends and technologies that I think will shape the
future of medicine. With these, I think it is possible to establish a relationship, a
balance between using disruptive innovations and still keeping the human touch in medicine.
Let me give you a quick summary of all these main trends and concepts shaping the
future. First e-patients, empowered patients will
lead the way to the future of healthcare. How we will use genomic information about
our DNA to predict diseases? How we will measure any kind of health parameters at home from
EKG to blood pressure and saturation? But now such devices, medical laboratories are
coming to our homes. How we will gamify healthcare to make sure we can live a healthy life? How
we will use nanorobots in our bloodstream to predict and diagnose diseases in time?
How we will use surgical robots or cognitive computers such as IBM Watson to help us in
medical decision making. And then the whole society will change based
on these trends and technologies. As you can see, amazing times are coming but we are not
prepared. And the only thing we can do as patients, medical professionals or even decisions
makers is start preparing now. I hope that you will join the global discussion on the
Facebook page of the medical futurist or use the #medicalfuture hashtag on Twitter. Thank

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