TOP 5 HEALTHY MEALS – Easy Ideas + Full Recipes!

what's up you guys my name is Katie choreo and I'm Weston Boucher welcome to this video make sure you subscribe to both of our YouTube channels as we post new videos each and every week so today's video is going to be our top meals that we eat all year long the protein packs they're low fat moderate carbs and we're going to break down all the macros for each meal we're going to show you a little bit of the prep and everything that goes into our diet always and why we eat the way we do yes so without further ado let's get started here we go here's the meal one okay this is one of my favorites so this is the protein packed low carb spaghetti squash so it's a super good option if you are trying to do low carb and you love pasta and spaghetti spaghetti squash you guys introducing this is a pretty small one usually we get one that's literally twice as big as this but it's surprising how much just watch me come out of this little guys these are the ingredients that you'll need we like to use Rio's homemade I don't have the app that sauce because we like spicy so now the macros are pretty good over there pretty good watch here he chopped up half of a yellow onion our 99% lean ground turkey breast so the first thing we did was preheat our little toaster oven to 425 degrees and now it's time to open up the squash the squash does take about 40 minutes to cook so you're gonna want to do this step first careful when you do this for me I don't know what listen how well rather than just going like this this is a risk unless you have like an ax semi so no you didn't have to yeah like this see look at the fingers I don't know there we're gonna go here see ya like that give it good centerline being kind of like this and wah so this is what it looks like on the inside there's gonna be the strings kind of like when you carve a pumpkin during Halloween you just go scrape all that stuff up so now that that it's done the nothing the next step you're going to take is take your non-stick pan put them on your pan you like to season it by just drizzling in small a while over this brush like that crack the belt okay so you're gonna put your squash facedown on your pan and that bad boy it's gonna go into the oven for 40 minutes at 425 degrees and make 40 minutes for a 5 step 2 let's get this turkey cooked we're gonna use our olive oil again well don't dump it in there yet okay next you have to wait for the oil to heat and then add the onions let the onions Brown a bit and then you put the turkey in because that will release the flavors a few moments later now you know let that Brown up just a tad and then you're gonna add the turkey if you know that that releases the onion flavors oh it's aliens looking nice Wow bonus okay all right so as you can see it's browning a bit so now you're gonna add the turkey this is one of your favorite meal time yeah every time we make it you get so excited now normally though I would I solve this a bit with some garlic salt I think about it I personally like all the garlic I can get all right like an onion olive oil just all complimentary then I think it just kind of lightly pop it in there without splashing my face with hot oil as long as it is kind of get this really good spatula when I put it in on the side that I didn't see him I gave the back side okay guys so now that we have our squash cooked so you want to make sure that it cools down bit so you don't burn your fingers because they will be extremely hot what I like to do is weigh it out as I put it in my balls so since we do check micros this is easy way to do it got my bowl on my scale and I'm gonna zero it out and just scrape out the inside of this squash just take a fork and you're gonna come out all these spaghetti squash and as you can see it's like spaghetti it's like noodles so it should come out like this you can see how hot it is cool just does not naturally yeah it's just the fibers of the squash yes so it should if you cooked it enough it should just kind of fall out of the squash with very little bit break and we're gonna do that to the other side and then show you the next step so all of this spaghetti squash is only 15 carbs which is extremely could be it that much pasta it'd be like upwards of 75 grams of carbs so it's time to the sauce when I look here it's just a half a cup for a serving size which is 125 grams so there's two of us so I'm just gonna zero out the scale here with the pot on here already and then I'm just gonna pour in until I get to 250 grams cuz that would basically be two servings all right I'm gonna add got the scale zeroed out even though the squash in there makes sense and I'm gonna go for six ounces because I want a triplet protein there there's not that hard once you get the hang of the scale and searing things out all right six ounces all right so we got the sauce and zero it out to get on the scale and we're gonna pour on 125 grams because that's what it said on the back which will make it a lot easier when you enter into MyFitnessPal to top it off we love spicy foods and any time we can make food spicy here we do so we're gonna add some crushed red pepper to our bowls and some black this is been so hard to do this video today because we got back from the gym a long time and super hungry but I had to like check in on my flight for tomorrow on the phone with like really stupid people on our customer service if anybody who knows Weston they know that he gets angry irrational all right that's it I can't team packed low-fat spaghetti squash what's going on guys hey it's lunchtime lunchtime and that means it's Tuesday yep oh yeah so this is our favorite I think whatever I think our top favorite recipe yes the one we eat them all is so good healthy low carb tacos made instantly almost super easy very quick very quick so first I'll kick off with the type of meat we're using today which is none other than Laura's lean ground beef 96% lean 4% fat so super super lean ground beef what I love about Marceline is it's no nitrates added no hormones ever annoying a biotics it's the it's all organic it's the best quality meat you could ever ever buy and you can get it delivered right to your doorstep so with the link for this will be below I highly recommend it it's so so good it's awesome in most grocery stores noveria scottson and even so amazing beef jerky yeah so go ahead no you're still too much meat so we cooked our beef and we seasoned it with this taco seasoning from Trader Joe's I actually just read on the back from a sub product of a South African Christian Wow I want their last year that's one yeah you both do oh yes so anyways we cooked it in this seasoning just to give it that extra taco flavor and it's low-sodium it's only 260 milligrams serving a lot of taco seasoning this can be no graciously high in sodium so alright so after we cook the beef we did it in a wok and it was just real simple and you just sprinkle a taco seasoning on pretty straightforward I think you guys can figure that out the next thing is the all-important el paso taco shells with the stand and stuff these are the best we were doing tacos for quite a while without having done know these existed and if you've made tacos before they are so easy to break because they don't have this widths added in they're flat on the bottom so they literally stand up like this yeah and you can put stuff on it standing stuff yeah so that's a real nice now for our base shell and then we have some fresh chopped onion and then we have some avocado as well and then the sour cream alternative oh is go for is a nonfat plain Greek yogurt this is very very high protein 22 grams of serving which is pretty gnarly and then the the green dragon sauce from Trader Joe's if you don't have a chair Jose near you I'm sorry trying it's the best it's worth it yeah so the next thing we're going to do is pop these in the toaster over and get these nice and crispy all right so these are ready pull out of the toaster oven but I did want to mention that these are super low carbs so there's two shells or only 16 carbs total and you get to Pyke again great okay let's go Steve ready it smells so good Wow Christian to be honest um I don't recommend doing this with your fingers but I'm kind of savage so all right next step we are gonna teach you how to make these like professionals so take your stand and stuff taco take your Greek yogurt and you're gonna coat the entire inside of the top of shelf in Greek yogurt why do we do this because this acts like a glue and it keeps all the stuffings from falling all over the place when you take your first bite and so on so yeah don't don't mess up this step or it's annoying next all right Stephanie we're out of those we're going to take our beef that we cooked and stuff your tacos with beef i am counting macros so i'm going to make sure that i only have three ounces of beef because that's what i counted for so i put my plate with my taco shells on the scale and zeroed it out and put it on the ounces and now i'm gonna measure i'm gonna fill it in till it says two ounces it's three ounces by the way you can do that same approach to do the Greek yogurt just put the shells on there with the plate does your dog have a yogurt until you get to the amount of grams per serving or whatever you want to be my process yep so each ingredient if you are measuring and grouper ingredient just zero it out in between each one cool I don't know if we mention it yet in any of the recipes but my fitness pal app is totally free there's alternatives I've heard of as well I can't think of the names right now but they all essentially do the same thing it's just really great even if you don't want to do this all the time just try and do it for a day and then try a week and just see where you weigh-in out maybe you're way over on calories anyway under maybe you're taking in way more carbs and not enough protein it's just a good way to kind of get a reading on kind of higher here overall yeah food anything is aware yeah don't wait you're still are you're gonna do it just um I'm gonna eyeball it I'm not a chute like in the next like a few days so I'll be fine all right well he's eyeballing I'm gonna add my onions too you know what I'm gonna layer this one actually might be professional eyeballing by the way YouTube like I could put this on a scale I bought you okay maybe okay so the fresh onions are really gonna add a lot of flavor to the beef and it complements the green dragon sauce a lot by the way if you want to do your onions professionally don't act this did you know guys that if you put your onions in the fridge they will not make you cry as much this is a tip I write for my mama all right all done let's hear the crunch the real test it's a lot harder to get through these recipes – cameras – okay come closer to the camera so we can hear it really good yeah well you just put that whole entire taco in your mouth well guys it's Arlene b13 all right guys spicy turkey chili this is one of our favorites to make it's super easy the full recipe will be below it's super high protein low carb and literally one of the easiest meals to make you can make it in advance eat it throughout the week that's what we usually do and it's so easy to do so we have red bell pepper here diced tomatoes this is spicy tomato sauce we like to use the spiciness one chopped onion and then our protein is the 99% lean turkey beans were using for this one is gonna be cannellini beans kidney beans and black beans now you can add or subtract any ingredient from this it's you can add sweet potato or corn or literally anything carrots celery whatever you want to make it yours do it because this is basically totally customizable to get them like golden brown and then the seasoning for the turkey it's alright guys we're just doing stuff all of our ingredients the crockpot wall occurred he tooks to the querque took by the way are you sick because you sound easily yeah I'm trying to save you from troll comments no she's just sick of all right okay so to ensure that your chili is not too dry you're gonna want to add water and sauce until the wetness level is just at the top of all the ingredients see how the water levels at the top that's the perfect amount of wetness for your chili once you have it like that you're gonna put the top on cook it on low for about 8 hours well not even eight hours probably four to eight hours you'll be able to tell when your L smells good seems accurate yeah either twice the time or half the time and one last final ingredient that you must for the flavor is to add one standard route okay to clear up the hit time of cooking if you guys only have like four hours before you want to eat it cook it on high if you have the whole day if you make it in the morning you want to eat it that night cook it on low all day you'll be fine six hours they tell all right it's ready to go steaming smells amazing we got a half cup scooper so if you want to track this you can enter the recipe you know one at a time in my fitness appel as you do it or you can copy the one we have in the description below for exactly what we used and you know the amount of Turkey and whatnot so what we did here is we put the bowl in here we zeroed it out and now we can add the toppings we want and calculate those so you just want to do this based on what you like and how much your macros will allow based on your goals all right you guys we are gonna show you now one of our go-to meals for lunch which is the albacore tuna melt or unfortunately healthy version yeah this is something we make every week we always make and keep it in the fridge and eat off of it through the week so it's a great thing to do really easy meal prep idea if you have a busy schedule like us if you want to like pre make your or lunches to take with you to work or school or whatever this is a really good option and it's super high protein very low carb and very very tasty and at the end of each of these like we've been doing we're gonna show you the macro breakdown so you can see exactly what's in it and why we choose these certain ingredients okay so we have the fat-free cheddar obviously if you're not cheese person you can sub some other type of alternative so there's two bad options but these are pretty much just competitors and they're great because I think that overall carbs are only like 18 grams maybe for two slices it's crazy obviously we have avocados that's gonna make it so it's not as dry as as essential because the tuna can give you the little dry sometimes we were almost Miracle Whip light if you don't like Miracle Whip you find some sort of sub I oh yeah like a Greek yogurt okay yeah okay I like the Dijon mustard if you're not a fan I think it adds a lot of flavor alright add the sweet pickles because it adds a little crunch it cutting up really tiny and I just like the pickled tastes with the two-minute compliments it really long we also are big spicy people so we are gonna put some pickled jalapeno peppers I look they up there I'm gonna play your peppers in there and then to season with salt and pepper and then we have our tuna here we get this off of Amazon fresh actually you can get it what it forever these are the big cans too they're not the regular small one so I'd recommend this one this brand is really good and if the ones in water and low sodium that's what we usually get yeah none of the oil ones yeah you don't get the oil ones okay this cracker might look cheesy but it's really really good low fat really low carb for the amount of practice that you get to eat so it's a little hack that we found full recipe below we are gonna show you with the time-lapse how we make this all right so you guys do it in the right stages so you got this mix and now we're gonna prep the bread with that and once this is all on here we can add the cheese and then we'll put in the toaster oven for that first stage of getting the melt you don't want to put the avocado on or the Dijon mustard before the toasting process or it's gonna get kind of weird and you don't really want hot avocado right actually we've had a fried avocado slices in Germany once remember how good it was oh that's true maybe we'll show it next time honey fine so it ended up being in a good six minutes probably you want to make sure it's toasted enough so it's crunching there's nothing worse than a tuna melt with soft bread cheese melted so next step is coming there's a flavor blast these aren't really strong it's a lot in my opinion but not for everyone avocado I show you both options caveman style and for the ladies last but not least won't ever Sjogren's my look like I said is really good and I think this is a huge game changer all right so now it's that one the macros and the recipe breakdown all happy on the screen what's going on guys good morning well for us at least for this meal we're gonna do our open-faced breakfast sandwich which is still high protein it's floats around some more like 27 grams of protein if you do the two eggs and the two pieces of turkey bacon and if you want to do something that's more low-fat you can do the egg whites it's like I think I'm gonna do some egg whites and one egg we'll see ya so besides that yeah we got avocado we got tomato and then we have these light hunter calorie English muffins so these actually aren't too bad in terms of carbs there out 25 grams for one muffin and then Katie likes the option of using the bread that we also show with our avocado tuna toast this is two slices for only 18 carbs so if you are lower on carbs you can totally do two slices of this bread to save a bit and then these Morningstar sausage patties are like an alternative they're a veggie version you can do that also instead of the turkey bacon maybe if you want a different option yeah just a cigarette the protein is pretty good these are 9 grams for one patty and then some people are weird about spray butter they just don't like the idea we don't care I like the way it just kind of gives at least the s and so no matter having a little flavor so we'll spray it out at some point before put everything together alright let's get started let's make this thing I'm starving okay so I decided to actually do a lower fat low carb option just to show you the variation so I did all egg whites for my sandwiches but the trick is to cook them so they're pretty flat so you cook them and then you like bunch them together and then press it down to your spatula like this to make them fly right into this is one cup of egg whites because I'm about to pieces of the low carb bread I'm doing one for each piece Fred did you want this on your thing before oh oh so just so you guys know I do have a morning start patty over there on one side I'm gonna do thinking on this side and my eggs are done already is over easy and he's nice and toasty it's good enough for you yeah this is definitely one of the best turkey bacon I found it doesn't just end up being I don't know thin tiny little pieces I don't think the jennie-o one is very good honestly compared to this obligate Naturals pretty solid so we finished my avocado because I do attract Makris so we're gonna weigh it out so it zeroed out the scale and I'm gonna do about a quarter of an avocado on this side that's it 44 grams all right these are ready to eat so if they're all layered as you can see we got the turkey bacon at the base and then the avocado the tomato the egg you can arrange it however you want because it can be kind of slippery if you're not careful but we're going to show you all the macros as promised and yeah this is definitely one of our favorites for breakfast go ahead take a bite alright with pleasure oh my god oh wow yeah the trick with the egg is you gotta cook it a little bit more than you maybe normally would see that it doesn't get super messy and obviously you can add a little drop of hot sauce on the top if you want you can totally customize these as much as you want well not exactly well you know they can if they want to do like other ingredients and they put them in their micros yeah I just don't recommend like tablespoons of mayonnaise or something Oh obviously not bad okay good job yeah well guys I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you loved watching us make all of our favorite healthy go-to meals if you want to try them all the recipes and macro breakdown will be below in the description box so please let us know if you do chocolate comment and let us know how you like them yeah and be sure you subscribe before you go as both of our channels are gonna have new videos each and every week like we said there's tons of free info we talked about health fitness I talked about style and all sorts of other things as well and we both respect we have different health and fitness related ebook products in case you want to go more in depth on diet and training oh yeah okay pretty much we'll see you guys next time


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  2. Hi Katie and Weston. Katie I've always loved your videos but this one is 1000% my favorite. The recipes were all great and ones I'll be trying soon. Very informative and easy to follow. Thank you. 🙏 All the best for your comp coming up, I'm sure you'll smash it out of the park!!!! 😘

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  5. For a quicker method of cooking spaghetti squash you can also poke holes in it and just microwave it for about 10-12 min. But make sure you poke some holes or it will explode in your face…trust me lol. Then let it cool some, slice it, and shred 😘

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