Top 9 Cancer-Causing Foods

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all of you who are watching live. So Jordan, we know that cancer is a huge disease
that so many people are diagnosed with it some point in their life. And a big part of that is what they’re eating
on a daily basis. So talk to us a bit about now, what is that
cancer food connection? Why is it or how is it possible that food
can play be so detrimental in terms of causing cancer in our diets today? Jordan:Well, many natural health researchers
believe that the increase in cancer, the dramatic increase in cancer is largely due to our environment. And part of that has to do with what we eat. What’s worse about these foods that we’re
going to talk about is that many of them are promoted and advertised as health foods. You’ve heard the old adage, an ounce of prevention
is worth a pound of cure. And everyone out there has been touched by
this dreaded disease cancer, so you know someone, you love someone, maybe you are someone who
has a history of cancer in their family, who wants to prevent cancer, who wants to fight
cancer, you need to be watching this. You know, there’s some radical steps people
take to prevent cancer. We’ve heard of people that have a history
of breast cancer getting a radical double mastectomy . . . Josh:Oh yeah. Jordan:. . . for prevention. What next, someone who has a family history
of brain cancer getting their head cut off? Josh:Yeah. Jordan:I mean seriously, folks there is a
better way. So today, we’re going to talk about these
nine foods and the hidden ingredients in them that are carcinogenic or cancer-causing. Josh:Yeah. So we’re going to give a shout out to many
of you watching today right now. All right, looks like we’ve got Michael Johnson
watching in Eugene, Oregon. Hey Michael, thanks for joining us here today. Brady Bennett, watching from Victoria, British
Columbia, Canada. Celeste Bradley from San Diego, California. Alex Vital watching from London, UK. Hey Alex, thanks for being here with us today. Sarah Galloway watching from Cleveland, Ohio. Susan Tinkman watching from Fort St. John,
British Columbia. Melanie Gaels watching from Las Vegas, Nevada. And Gwen Wilder watching from Atlanta, Georgia. And Francisca Cortez watching from Zamboanga
City in the Philippines. Jordan:Zambaonga City, everyone knows where
that is. Josh:Okay, got it. All right, so let’s go ahead and jump in here,
and start talking about some of these damaging foods, Jordan. One of the number ones here, why don’t you
start with here, charred meats. Jordan:Now, this is tough because a lot of
us like to barbecue. So many of us love good grilled meat. When you cook over an open flame using charcoal,
the meat begins to get charred and it really is across caramelization and it creates various
carcinogens, including something known as advanced glycation end products or AGE. So it doesn’t only cause a carcinogenic reaction
which is causing unhealthy cells to grow, but it also causes you to age faster. So charring meat till it’s black has been
shown in laboratory studies, and indicated in humans to cause a carcinogenic reaction. So when you prepare meat, I always say this,
the less you cook it, the better. Josh:Yeah. Jordan:In fact, the meat has a, particularly
if it’s grass-fed, we’ll talk about that in a moment. Grass-fed organic has a lot of great properties,
but the more you cook it, the less bioavailable the proteins are. And we love broth, so what we know now is
when you cook meat, and people say I’m dumping the fat out, that’s not fat. That’s serum soluble proteins that are coming
from the meats. So the drier and the more cooked the meat
is, the less health-giving its properties. So I would limit, cut down on charred meat. When you barbecue hotdogs and it’s black,
that’s what we’re talking about. That is definitely something that you want
to avoid in your desire to prevent, and even overcome cancer. Josh:Yeah. And the next thing here really goes along
with this, and that’s conventional meat products. You know, conventional meat is given more
antibiotics and more growth hormones than anything else out there today. When you look at conventional meat today,
all of the feed that they’re fed, typically, its GMO corn and soy and other by-products. Jordan knows this, and owning of 5,000 acres
of certified organic land, working with cows that are all grass-fed certified organic. But on the other end, Jordan, there’s these
conventional cows today that are literally pumped-full of hormones, steroids, antibiotics,
and other chemicals as well, other medications on a regular basis. And so, we know that these byproducts or these
chemicals are damaging to not only the animals’ health but our health when we eat their tissues. A principle Jordan and I always talk about,
you are what you eat, what they ate, and not just what they eat but what they’re given
as well, thinking about how toxic animal meat is if it’s conventional. And again, we’re not saying that wild, organic
isn’t good, because Jordan and I eat wild organic grass-fed beef, wild-caught salmon. We eat things like that every day. But again, these conventional meat products
and also they’re fed grains or not grasses. When cows are fed grasses they’re higher
in CLA which Jordan and I believe, there are some studies on CLA having some cancer-fighting
properties, whether that be in vitro or on animal studies. Also omega-3 fats, you know, they’re higher
in Omega-3s which are anti-inflammatory in nature which could have anti-cancer benefits. So again, stay away from the burnt meat, stay
away from conventional meat. Those are two biggies to stay away from. Jordan:It is. And what’s sad is, this looks really good. So if you’re seeing, this is a tenderloin
or tender filet medallions, it is well done, it’s burnt or charred, and it is of course
conventional meat. So you want to stay away from it. Even though it looks so good, the old slogan
“Beef, it’s what’s for dinner,” beef is what’s for dinner but make sure it’s grass-fed
organic. Avoid charred meat and conventional meat. Number three, this is a big one and ubiquitous,
sugar. Now, we don’t have a pile of white sugar here,
because you know what that looks like. The problem is, Josh, people consume sugar
in so many forms and so many ways. Sugar can be labeled in one bread as dextrose,
cane syrup, sugar, sucrose, corn syrup. So we have examples of sweetened beverages,
but also, this is a big one. So I love when I eat meat, ketchup. I love it. Ketchup, I’m just reading this right here,
so one tablespoon, and if you’re going to have . . . I love making homemade oven fries,
and I use a lot of ketchup. Josh:Well, you just used a tablespoon, that’s
. . . Jordan:Right. So that now, this is an organic ketchup, so
I’m not saying that ketchup is only bad if it’s conventional. But I’m looking right here and I’m seeing
five grams of carbs, right. And sugar’s four grams. One tablespoon of ketchup, now, it does have
some antioxidants in it but that’s four grams of sugar. If you eat three tablespoons of ketchup on
your burger, with your fries, in any type of recipe, you’re looking at 12 grams of sugar. Soft drinks are loaded. Josh:Huge. Jordan:What it is, and I don’t drink soft
drinks, but I think 12 teaspoons of sugar in a normal can of soda and in this . . . and
I know people that will drink an entire liter or two. Yeah two liters. I’m so out of the loop with soda, I don’t
even know what we’re talking about anymore. Folks, you have to cut down sugar. Sugar feeds cancer. That’s a fact. That’s a fact in conventional medicine or
even developing therapies to target cancer cells using sugar and insulin, because they
know that sugar feeds cancer. You’ve got to cut down sugar. It’s so easy to look at labels today, and
the regulations and legislation is going to make it even easier but look at the number
of sugars in the nutrition facts, not just the ingredient list. Because sugar from fruit, sugar from sugar,
it’s all sugar. So you want to cut it down when you want to
prevent or even reverse cancer. Josh:Yeah. I mean, Jordan’s totally right here. Again, getting sugar out of the diet is key,
and especially as we’re talking about those processed sugars. Corn syrup is a big one that we’ve all talked
about that is genetically modified or comes from a GMO food in some cases, which can be
major, obviously can be a major cause of cancer as we’ve seen. And hey, if you’re enjoying this live training
right now and you’re excited about being aware now of cancer-causing foods, take a minute
right now, punch that “share” button, click that “like” button. There are so many people that don’t know that
these foods cause cancer. I mean, how many people are sitting down having
a meal, a burger, conventional meat that’s charred, having a soda, having some fries
with some ketchup . . . Jordan:And we haven’t even gotten the other
ones. Josh:. . . and we even haven’t gotten some
of the other ones, I mean. And then we could hit on what do they have
for breakfast and some of the others. So, a lot of people may have this cancer causing
foods every single meal during the day and we wonder why cancer is growing so rapidly. So thanks for being on mission with us here,
as well. So number four here, artificial sweeteners. What’s the only sweet thing worse than processed
sugar? It’s artificial sweeteners, major, major
problems today. So whether we’re talking about sucralose or
aspartame, these are actually neurotoxins. And, you know, there’s actually a great documentary,
specifically on aspartame called “Sweet Misery,” I remember watching years ago. You may check out one of those documentaries
there online. But, you know, these artificial sweeteners
are so highly toxic today. You look at the rise . . . remember that documentary
between aspartame and tumors, and other sort of neurological diseases. These are very toxic to the body. And Jordan, I remember reading a study, this
wasn’t too long ago on sucralose and its effect on gut microbes, and actually killing off
beneficial microbes, aka probiotics in the gut. That was one study. And another study showing it actually may
cause diabetes or be diabetes causing, and Jordan has talked about this for years, about
when you’re tasting something sweet, just because it doesn’t have sugar, doesn’t mean
it’s not going to affect your pancreas and your small intestines, and other organs in
the body, right? Jordan:Absolutely. Artificial sweeteners or diet sweeteners,
I use to say this is kind of unfair that they can call it “diet.” I’d rather they just cross off the “t.” Bottom line, there are documented case studies
of artificial sweeteners causing addiction that is worse than recreational drugs, worse
than alcohol, worse than tobacco, and even pain medications. So get off the artificial sweeteners, sugar
is even better if you can quantify that, which is absolutely crazy. Now, I want to talk about refined grains. So now, this is interesting. When you go to a restaurant and they say,
“We have multigrain toast,” how many times have you been with someone and they’re like,
“Oh, multigrain toast, I’ll have that.” Well, I actually, recently asked the restaurant
to tell me what was in it, of course the waiter couldn’t. But then he went back and he read it, and
the ingredients were unbleached flour, wheat flour, those are both refined. Not only that, non organic wheat and other
grains may not be genetically modified but they are actually sprayed with glyphosate
which is the compound in RoundUp, and that is radically destructive on your gut. But think about it, when they stack up the
grains, when they thresh them, at least that’s what they used to do, they don’t want them
to mold, and they don’t want pests to get them. So they’ve got to spray them so that the pests
won’t eat them during the time they leave them in the fields. Refined grains, also turn into sugar, but
what’s even worse, they’re made up of disaccharide starches which a compromised gut can’t break
down which cause an overgrowth of bad bacteria, insulin spike. It’s really awful. So I believe that refined grains are some
of the worst things you can consume. Now, I will say this because some people watching,
Josh, are thinking, “Well, you’re just ruining everything. I can’t go out to eat. I can’t eat at friends’ houses.” I will say this, I am not a fan of any refined
grains, but if there’s one that I think is least damaging is probably white rice. White rice has been consumed for a long time,
it’s not nutritious, don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer brown. I prefer black, which is my favorite. But if you have a choice of a refined grain,
white rice can’t be genetically modified, it usually doesn’t have glyphosate. You’re better off, especially if you combine
it with some healthy veggies, some fish, and some healthy meat. But refined grains are a no-no. They turn to sugar. They help poison the body with glyphosate
residue, and they’re bad on the gut. That’s a triple whammy negative. Josh:Oh yeah. Jordan, we got a question here from Alicia
Austin here. She said, what else besides Ezekiel bread
is okay, or would you eat? Jordan:Now, Ezekiel bread is a brand, but
it’s a term that denotes sprouted bread. Now, Josh, as much as I love sprouted bread,
some sprouted breads, if you read the ingredients they add gluten to it, and it’s not sprouted
gluten, by the way. So there are brands though of sprouted bread
that do not have gluten added. I would recommend that. My favorite type of bread to consume would
be more of an heirloom grain like a spelt or one of the sort of wheat alternatives that
is more pure, like Emmer, and some of the others. But what you want to look for is either sprouted
that has no gluten or better yet whole grain sourdough. The only ingredients for example, would be
whole grain spelt, water and salt. So what they use is, a starter culture with
the probiotic yeast from the air that predigests. So that’s some of my favorites. So look for whole grain sprouted or whole
grain sourdough gluten-free, excuse me, no gluten added. And then the other, more of like Essene bread,
the brand Manna bread. Josh:Right. Jordan:They’re more like a cake. But those are really, really sprouted and
really, really good. And then if you’re looking to go away from
gluten grains, there are some millet breads etc. But honestly Josh, for many people, especially,
if you’re concerned about cancer, I would ditch the bread. I mean, I know you make sandwiches for kids’
etc. Sprouted and sourdough’s good, but bread
is typically not super good for people. And I will throw in a plug here. You and I were talking off the air about one
of our favorite brands, it’s a Simple Mills. Simple Mills has a bread that you can bake,
like a bake mix, and they use cassava flour, almond flour, sunflower. It takes a little longer, your baking it,
but at least you’re not grinding it. That’s a gluten-free bread. It isn’t as much a sandwich bread but that’s
really, really good. Josh:Oh yeah. Yeah. I love Simple Mills. Great stuff there. Here we go with number six, GMO foods. You know genetically modified organs, they’re
not found in nature. These are things that we have cooked up in
a lab. We’ve wired in the DNA of other things that
have caused it to become really dangerous for our own health. And so, whether it’s GMO corn, GMO soy, you
know, GMO alfalfa, there are a lot of GMO products out there, canola. So staying away from things that are genetically
modified, and looking for that label, that non-GMO certification or certified organic
labels that mean these foods are not GMO. I think it’s important to look for as well. And there are studies, some, Jordan, have
been retracted at this point, but you know when you look at these GMO studies, still
that they’ve done on animals, specifically rats, I mean they’re pretty convincing if
you will look at what happened over a period of time to kidney function to liver function
to tumor growth, it really is scary when you look at genetically modified foods. So our recommendation is absolutely going
completely free of genetically modified organisms. And I have a question here from somebody,
“What about sugar from fruit or eating fruit, is that cancer-causing as well?” That’s from Paula Bennett. You know, my thought is this, is that, you
know, sugar in small amounts of eating a whole food form, that’s natural for the body. Your body is going to process those. It’s when you have excess sugar that stays
in the bloodstream or you’re causing certain organs to compensate and overwork. And if you have too much sugar those things,
how they’re going to affect your gut microbiome and cause certain things like yeast overgrowth. So again, sugar is not a villain unless it’s
over consumed, which 90-plus percent of the time it is. I’ll just give you example, if you were
going throughout your entire day and for breakfast you had a cup of blueberries, and a scoop
of protein powder that came from bone broth. And then for lunch, you’re doing a big salad,
and maybe there’s a tomato on there. And for dinner, you’re doing some organic
meat, and maybe a salad with a few dried cranberries, and that’s it, that’s fine, right? But it’s, when we start consuming sugar, that
four tablespoons in ketchup is 20 grams of carbs, 16 grams of sugar, plus the bread,
plus we had a piece of cake at night, plus we had cereal for breakfast, so on and so
forth. The sugar really starts adding up there. So that’s my end to that. Jordan:Right. And I think if you’re going to eat fruit,
I always recommend adding fat to it. Now, fat and fiber are your friends when it
comes to limiting the sugar effects. So what sugar does, it triggers a blood sugar
spike, which means insulin comes in to push the blood sugar down, and it often stores
that blood sugar for later or it can cause damage to hormones, your brain, etc. Some fruits already have fiber. So for example, eating an apple with the peel
is great. And it’s funny, some people are going to peel
the apple, so do I, except I would eat the peel instead of the apple. But eating high fiber fruits such as oranges,
mangos, or even bananas, they are good for you, but consume it with almond butter or
make them a smoothie with coconut milk. Better yet, consume low-sugar fruits, such
as, Josh mentioned cranberries, blueberries. All berries are pretty low in sugar. Green apples, are on the low end of the spectrum,
grapefruit, etc. I always say, if you’re wanting to prevent
or fight cancer, limit your fruit to two servings a day. Josh:Yeah. As Jordan’s talking about, getting fat with
your fruit, two of our favorites are coconuts and avocados, what families do those fall
in? Jordan:Coconuts are one-seeded drupes, and
avocados, I believe are fruits. But you know, honestly, we got to figure that
out one time, because I’m so confused, is tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Then there’s mushrooms, which is really a
fungi, but thank you for getting me on that “rabbit trail.” Josh:All right, here we go, conventional dairy. Jordan:Conventional dairy is a secret soup
of . . . Josh:Poison. Jordan:Yeah. I was going to come up with something more
alliterative. But what we’ve got here is the ultimate antithesis
of health. So we’ve got dairy from grain-fed cattle,
likely genetically modified grains. A percentage of the cows would be given bovine
growth hormone which is a genetically modified hormone to increase their milk production. They are given antibiotics. Typically, they don’t let you milk them right
when they’re given antibiotics. And the industries are getting better because
your voice is being heard, by the way, but we’ve got that. Then, we’ve got pasteurization, which destroys
the enzymes that will help you absorb the calcium. Then, we’ve got homogenization which creates
xanthine oxidase, which is an enzyme that can be destructive to your arterial walls. Josh:Wow. Jordan:I’m getting fired up now. And it’s skimmed. Folks, I got to tell you this. If God wanted fat-free or skim milk, he would
have put a cream separator on the udder of a cow, sheep or goat. Folks, conventional skim milk is not a health
food. It is a health villain. There are many dairy products that we do like—sheep
milk yogurt, goat milk yogurt, amasi from cows that are fed grass and that are not containing
Beta-Casein A1. This is allergenic, it’s one of the top allergies. It can disrupt your gut, your brain, your
immune system, its glue. It is glue because you know people used to
eat glue . . . milk is . . . why do you think there’s a cow as a logo on the glue? Josh:Oh, yeah. Jordan:They use milk protein. Josh:Right. Okay. Great. Jordan:Do they even use glue anymore? I mean I don’t . . . Josh:I haven’t used glue in long time. Actually super-glued . . . my shoe is coming
up. Jordan:But I mean glue, like in the . . . remember
we used to have tests in school . . . Josh:No . . . oh yeah! Of course, Elmer or whatever it was. Jordan:No, not going to mention brand name. So get out your glue and people would eat
it and I always wondered why, but maybe because they were protein deficient. Josh:It could be. No way. Jordan:If you eat glue . . . I’m just kidding. Josh:All right, burnt toast here. Next one here you can see, we talked about
this earlier with chars and charred meat and when you overcook something to where it’s
burnt, really you start producing these, as Jordan talked about, these cancer cancer causing
you know oxidative compounds and they also cause you to age faster. And so these are carcinogenic when you burn
toast. So again, a little bit of that there, that’s
okay. This sort of burntness, that’s not okay when
we’re talking about grains in general. So charred meets, burnt toast that’s burnt
has cancer causing materials. Jordan talked about typically the less cook
stuff is the better in many cases. So again, eating whole grain breads that’s
lightly toasted, that’s fine. You don’t want to do the charred meets there
as well. Jordan:And you know burnt toast isn’t good
because when you’re playing football or basketball and you leave someone sort of behind, you
say they’re burnt toast. Josh:Yeah, I just burnt you. Jordan:Yeah you’ve been burnt. So, they knew it was bad. I love the etymology of words and phrases,
I always like to figure out cat on a hot tin roof, it’s raining cats and dogs, throw
the baby out with the bathwater, I’ve got a million of them. Josh:All right, next here, Jordan, last one,
hydrogenated oils. Jordan:Why are you giving this to me? Folks, how many of you remember seeing one
of your favorite TV moms promoting an oil as we were growing up as super healthy? Folks, partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated
oils from GMO crops like cotton seed, corn, even the sunflower and safflower which is
highly refined. This is not how oil looks when it comes out
of a seed. It’s high in omega-6 but worse, hydrogenated
oils, in my opinion, are the most carcinogenic substances. They are damaged fats and when you damage
fats, you damage nutrients in the body that can’t be easily eliminated. Fats are not eliminated the same way water
is. This is what’s even worse, this looks like
a good yummy sort of nut butter but some of these nut butters inside them, even brands
the choosy moms choose, have hydrogenated oils. Look for hydrogenated oils and run the other
way, they are absolutely carcinogenic. I don’t care who’s promoting them, I don’t
care what moms choose them, you need to choose to not consume them. This brings up a good point, when you eat
in a restaurant you got all these stuff. You’re getting oils that you don’t know about,
you’re getting nut butters, you’re getting ketchup, folks, and you’ve got to be proactive. And if you want to learn more about some of
this information, go to There’s an article on virtually every topic
we’ve covered today, and more and we did a series of videos with GMO expert Jeffrey Smith,
author of “Seeds of Deception” and “Genetic Roulette.” Check those out on this same channel. And folks, we’re here every Monday through
Thursday, Ancient Medicine Today, 10:30 a.m. Central Time, giving you information on what
foods to eat, how to use food as medicine, and how to avoid franken foods or poison masquerading
as food. Folks, if you love this information, make
sure to punch that love button and more importantly share this information with someone you know
and love. They may not believe everything we’ve said
and I know it’s hard with your family members, they eat this stuff, they don’t believe sugar
is bad. The American Dental Association, the American
. . . look folks, planting a seed is the ultimate way to transform health. You and I have both been touched personally
with cancer, with family members, or our own bodies. And we know that avoiding these foods is paramount
to keeping a strong and healthy body to run and win the race of life. Josh:Yeah, so remember these tips: stay away
from charred meets, stay away from conventional meet, get off the sugar, get off the artificial
sweeteners, get rid of the refined grains, get rid of GMO foods, conventional dairy,
burnt toast, hydrogenated oils, and eat real food. Lots of fruits, lots of vegetables, lots of
wild organic meats, and lots and lots of herbs and spices on a daily basis if you want to
fight cancer naturally. Guys, this has been Jordan Rubin, myself,
Dr. Josh Axe, with Ancient Medicine Today covering the top nine cancer causing foods.


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